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    LockChest - Chest Locking & Picking:
    Build: 5
    Tested Bukkit Build: 803
    Permissions Support: Yes! (Partially)
    MultiWorld Support: Yes!

    This plugin allows a player to select a chest and lock it's contents from other players and even being broken. The other functionality within this allows players to 'pick' a Locked Chest.

    b4 fixes some sort of chest bug when placing chests on water, snow or similar; Allowing for Multiple/Stackable Chests in a line.

    To utilise this you will need to use the commands:
    • /lockchest enable
    • /lockchest disable
    • /lockchest lock (Automatically add the selecting player to the lock)
    • /lockchest lock [extra players] (E.g. /lockchest lock player1,player2)
    • /lockchest unlock
    • /lockchest current (Displays current selected Chest)
    • /lockchest adduser [extra players]
    • /lockchest removeuser [extra players]
    Want to see this Plugin in Action?

    Since this plugin was made for Olympus Minecraft you can come over and join the community and check out this plugin!
    IP Address: login.olympus-mc.net

    To setup this plugin, You need to be running some sort of Permissions/GroupManager type plugin, Then just simply use the in-game commands.

    Command Information:
    • enable - After using this command, Click the Chest with nothing in your hand! to select it
    • disable - Deselects the current Chest.
    • lock - Locks the Chest
    • unlock - Unlocks a selected Chest (If you have access to it)
    • current - Shows the location of the currently selected Chest
    • adduser - Adds user(s) to a selected accessible Chest
    • removeuser - Removes users(s) from a selected accessible Chest
    How to 'Lock Pick' a Chest?:

    To lock pick a chest you simply need to use a hoe. Each hoe has a different success rate;
    Wooden -> Diamond, Wooden of course, easiest to obtain, hardest to use. Diamond has a success rate of around 5-7 times on average.
    CAUTION: Each time you use a Hoe to attemp to gain access to a chest, You WILL loose it.

    • Allows you to Lock Chests
    • Pickable Chests
    • UnBreakable Chests
    • Toggable Picking
    • Custon Items as Pick
    • Permissions Support (See Nodes below)
    Permission Nodes:
    • lockchest.break (allows people to break chests)
    • lockchest.enable
    • lockchest.disable
    • lockchest.lock
    • lockchest.unlock
    • lockchest.adduser
    • lockchest.removeuser
    • lockchest.current
    • lockchest.pick
    • allowops - Allows ops overall access to chest
    • allowpicking - Allows Picking of Chests
    • The rest are the id's of Items for Picks.

    Build: 5
     * Added lockchest.pick
    Build: 4
     * Fixed: Chest Bug?
    Build: 3
     * Added MultiWorld
     * Configurable Success Rates
    Build: 2
     * Added more configuration, fixes and nodes
     * Built for #766
    Build: 1
     * Initial Release
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    more permissions nodes? otherwise AWESOME will get.

    p.s. IM FIRST!!!!!!!!!
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    I see the meaning of it. Nice plugin keep it up.
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    - Could you please give a quick explanation of these commands?

    - Is "Lock Picking" always allowed or can it be turned off?

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    Aw shoot. I can't use without Permissions or Groupmanager? =<
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    Well it's only Build 1 guys, still wanting feedback! :p
    I'll add more detail to thread now ;)

    I will also add it to be toggable for picking, Via a config.
    More permissions to use commands, or even hoes, etc.

    Might even try for without Permissons/GM
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    Clancy Dawson

    I like the lock picking idea, definitely considering this as my chest protection plugin. Could you include doors, furnaces, etc, with lock picking?
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    Me too, yeah if this becomes availiable for doors etc then i would definately consider getting
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    I could do, as All it would consist of is the selection method, just for doors. etc.
    Ill try looking into it when i get back later.
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    nice! shoudn't this be in anti-griefing
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    Clancy Dawson

    Also config for what the lock pick is
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    Might be able to, Atm, it is hard coded in for wood, iron, diamond etc.
    But i beleive the values should be configurable

    Hmm, Possibly!
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    This looks great! If you could add a "maximum locked chests" variable in a config file, I would download this straight away! I need that node, as I am setting up an 'anything-goes' server with towns, and I need regular players to only have one locked chest, and town owners to have 5, while still allowing you to raid the towns. This makes this plugin almost perfect, apart from this. Also it would make it great to have configurable success rates, so it harder to pick a lock. Other than these little things, this is looking great!

    [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] to you!
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    I should be able to start work on it tonight; Managed to setup some things on Github yesterday..

    Updated for #766
    And fixed the configuration not generating, added 'allowpicking', and Custom Picks.
    Also a major fix that I forgot to add a check in for people locking, Now it detects if they have access to that chest so the ycan lock it.

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    Sounds good! All we need now is the max locked chests per player and configurable success rates! :D
    Looking forward to the next build!
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    I'd be able to switch to this over LWC if I could set a max number of locked chests per player as well. Also I'd like an option so a user can just lock a private chest only they can access, and not be able to give access to other people as well.
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    You can do that by not allowing picking, and locking for yourself...?
    Unless you wish for both.

    And i'll be adding the max soon, Although it will be a pain as for how i've made it...

    I've finished true multiworld support and finishing double chests support for locking (instead of doing both sides) now.

    b3 Up, Multiworld now works.
    Just copy the Old chest.txt -> 'plugins/LockChest/Worlds/<mainworldname>.txt'
    And Now configurable Success Rates.

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    I wasn't clear enough. I don't want users to be able to allow anyone else to access it.

    For example, disabling the commands:
    /lockchest lock [extra players] (E.g. /lockchest lock player1,player2)
    /lockchest adduser [extra players]

    Would be fine, I see I can restrict access to the adduser command with Permissions, maybe doing the same for adding extra players would solve my problem?
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    Ah, Sorry I see now. I can make a second command that sends a '/lockchest lock' (Easier and less code :))
    Literally hardest part would be determining the command name '/lockchest ?'


    What i could also do, In the config is do a 'allowmultipleaccess', If false, it automatically removes any extra users,

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    Very cool. Could you add locking/picking doors?

    Also can you add a lockchest.pick permission?

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    Is there a way I can give one group the ability to protect only a certain number of chests?
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    Might be adding that shortly...

    I sure can.

    I can try, Not today though...
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    Either one would be excellent. :)
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    this is the best
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    There should be a mode where you can occasionally make the pick "Break" every now and then, requiring the user to use another one. Also make it vary between pick types ex. Wood picks would be easily breakable whereas diamond picks wouldn't break as often.
  26. I hope this plug-in evolves into a more advanced locking solution, because I really, really like the idea of being able to pick locks. Good job :)
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    Is there a way to check to see if your chest is lock or not? Like punching it to get info (coordinate/owner/lock/unlock) on that chest?I was in the middle of locking my chests and my phone went off. After that conversation, I couldn't figure out which chest was lock or not.
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    Just lock the ones you are unsure about again, and then it will definitely be locked!

    EDIT: Theres no download link! :'(

    EDIT2: Ignore me - I'm stupid sometimes. There is a "Download?" subheading I completely ignored....
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    Updated to b4, Some sort of Chest Bug I was told of, So This should fix that...
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    Could you implement a configurable per user limit in creating locked chests?
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