[INACTIVE][SEC/MECH/FUN] Electric Fences v1.4.1 - Shock your intruders [928]

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    So yeah, I looked around for a plugin like this and could not find anything close to it!
    So I decided to make my own and submit it here as I thought I should give something back to the community. This is my first submission to Bukkit.org, so please don't flame me for it!
    Working on the latest builds, no issues found as of yet, but if you find any, don't be afraid to shout!
    If you have any requests, post them here and I'll be sure to let you know.

    • Configurable Damage (See config files)
    • Picks up a current from up to two blocks away.
    • Does not cause spreadable fires.
    • Electric fences can be up to 10 high.
    1.4 Beta Features
    • Electrocutes players near the fence for a customizable amount of damage.
    • Option for a specific block the have to be under the electric fence (For example Iron Ore as suggested by a user)
    • Changes to the configuration file

    If you're having issues with the video loading (EG Country content restrictions) then use this link:

    Review by the user jamescosten on the 1.1 release (Highlighted issues contained have now been fixed as of 1.3)

    Example Usage of Fence:
    A current can be acquired up to two blocks below, or one block on any side and then running a current through.
    Then, just wait for someone to try and get through your fence!

    - First Version
    - Fences cannot be broken, unless using a super pick
    - Fires from the lightening do not spread
    - Actually stopped the fences from being broken
    - Added XML settings to allow the user to change the damage dealt.
    - Fences are now electrified up to 10 blocks high from the point of the redstone wire.
    - The configuration file is now automatically created for you, and is found at /plugins/ElectricFence/ElectricFence.conf
    - [BUG] Permissions have been added. If you have the permission ElectricFence.bypass or you are an OP on the server, you can now avoid being damaged by the lightening and can destroy the electric fences.
    - Removed permissions section due to bug issue, expect it to come out in 1.3.2
    - Electrocutes players near the fence for a customizable amount of damage.
    - Option for a specific block the have to be under the electric fence (For example Iron Ore as suggested by a user)
    - Changes to the configuration file
    - Fixes OP/Player shocking permissions
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    It would be awesome if there was a configuration to make the fences also target mobs!
    Cuz i'm personally looking at this interesting plugin for defense against mobs more than PVP'ing players :p

    Note: no mater how many times I try, the plugin's config is made empty when created and that is possibly leading to why the fences work but do no damage for me o.o
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    How do you open the config file? No idea what a .conf file should be opened as. Great plugin though.
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    Hey dude... not trying to be a spoil sport or anything... but well there aint any damage with the lightning.. why not upload a config file since the config file ain't generating well..
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    It just turns out as a blank file.
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    can u maybe make it configurable on instead of killing the player maybe make it lose half there health?
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    #Tue Jun 21 18:09:18 BST 2011
    See last post for the config file, every 1 is a half heart

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  9. electricfence.conf inside the folder.
    cant edit any dmg or such there coz its empty.. that file..
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    So this still isn't working... even with that config. i'm starting to think the developer gave up on this plugin. Sad. Could've been a great plugin
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    lloyd menzies

    Please fix this plugin ;(
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    From his profile
    Last activity
    Today at 9:45 AM

    His last message
    I consider this NOT abandoned, asking for a fix won't make it happen faster
  14. this just does not work.
    My fence wont do any dmg, it does strike ppl around it (why it wont strike mobs? could this be possible update so it would hit all? or could you make a command which could choose between: Striking mobs/animals only, striking players only or striking animals/mobs/players all?)

    i got EletricFence folder in my plugins after jar is loaded, inside the folder is ElectricFence.conf <-- file.
    Which is EMPTY
    i added damage=5 <-- there so it would do 5 dmg but it still does not make any dmg at all no matter how much i try hit or walk into the fence :D
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    Is there a way to change the text messages? I would like to translate them into German!
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    It's being worked on, uninstall it if you have such a problem with it but it isn't doing any harm just sitting there
    ...and I've just realised the irony of that statement
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    Works for BC #953 :D but, sadly even using damage=100 in the config file will not hurt the player.
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    Hopefully this plugin will be fixed soon -- Really looking forward to using it! :)
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    ok so idk if its just me or wat but i keep getting blank config file any suggestions can provide more info if needed
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    if you read above people have been complaining about this already so its not just you. It's just the config file is not working right at the moment. Hopefully it will be working soon tho
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    How to set up the damage?
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    Not sure if this has been said yet, but would it be possible to create such a function that @JamesACosten was talking about in his video (where he thought actually going in to the fence would get you electrocuted)? I would like an extension of this, say – I build a 1 block high fence. When someone tries to walk into it, OR tries to jump over it (builds a tower next to the fence so you can skip over it) they get electrocuted and thrown back from where they come from.

    Would this be possible?
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    Hey for some reason when I set the fences up and all it shoots the lightning and everything but it does no damage... can you please help me with this problem, I looked in the code to try and fix it but it was blank
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    yes this has been the case for a while now sounds like the developer is working on it but untill he gets it worked out there wont be any configurable damage.
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    Does this work on mobs?
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    G1R Productions

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    He is doing it as fast as possible so relax
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    Um, When I open the Config File it is blank... the size of the file is also 0KB so what do I do?.
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    If this helps u mister developer fences placed by ops do damage to other players but fences placed by others do not?
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    G1R Productions

    Doesn't seem like he is to me.
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    Mate thanks for this, this has got this awesome plugin working for me!

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