Inactive [INACTIVE][SEC] JailWorld v1.3 - Jail bad players and stop them bugging you! [1000]

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    out of sight, out of mind


    A player bugging you? Send him to the jailworld!

    • /jail playername
    • /unjail playername
    • if a player gets unjailed before the next /reload or server restart, their inventory is restored
    • players in the jailworld cannot chat, or use any commands
    • v1 - 19/07/2011 - released plugin
    • v1.1 - 19/07/2011 - stopped player from being damaged if in jailworld
    • v1.2 - 19/07/2011 - made jailworld ungriefable
    • v1.3 - 21/07/2011 - added superperms. node="jailworld.jail"
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    Can't chat OR input commands. It's a jail.
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    No offence but i just tried this and im not sure if this waz becuz im OP but i could use commands and chat while in jail. So, was this cos im op?
    EDIT: Yes it was... :p
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    Yes. Wouldn't want the ops getting stuck in jail would we?
    Is most of your playerbase opped? I can give you a custom build that lets ops trap each other in jail.
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    If I try to jail someone who is opped, would that explain why the /jail command gives the message that the command is unknown? Or is it just not working if I get that message? (I'm running Worldguard, in case that is a potential factor)
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    I would also be interested in being able to trap op's or not giving op's permission by default.
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    Ops cant build in the jailworld. Bad thing? And everyone crashes when they exit the jail
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    1 u dont need to build so thats not really a problem 2. u must be on a slow server
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    I have a perfect server. 8 core 2,53 intel i5, 8 gigabytes of DDR3 ram and a 100/100 mbit connection. Dedicated.
    And i need to build cells.
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    y do u need cells? are they gonna g somewhere lol
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    nice plugin how do you make them my skipe is devilfumbulmufin and how do you become
    a plugin develpore
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    For fun
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    You don't need to, you tp to a bedrock room surrounded by lava

    Anyway this plugin rocks
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    is it possible for you to add a feature where you can choose how long they are in jail so i dont have to unjail them because ive accidentally left 3 people jailed for 3 hours lol
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    I second this.
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    can make it such that non-ops cannot destroy blocks? I build a jail in jailworld but ppl griefed it xD. non-ops cannot place blocks but can remove blocks.
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    is there any way that this can use permissions as i want to dedicate only 2 people as jailers rather than all ops being able to use it
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    permissions please?
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    I love this plugin. May I make a few suggestions?

    Would you be able to make it so that the person can be jailed on or offline? So that they are in jail as soon as they log in? Also, so you don't have to argue with the players, would you be able to set a /jail <name> <"reason"> so that when they are jailed it will give them a reason as to why they were jailed.

    And to further expand this idea, can you make it so that you can add a time limit? Like: /jail <name> <time> <"reason">

    Example: /jail rev_zareh 30m "For altering another players creation without permission."

    Then when they enter the jail they will see:

    "You have been sent to jail for 30 minutes.
    Reason: For altering another players creation without permission."

    The time should be able to set for m=minutes, h=hours, d=days
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    does it create a new world?
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    dos this work with build #1240 ? :p
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    Nice plugin i had so much fun editing jailworld i make players suffer there......
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    great plugin works on build 1363 please make a time option on it! i love this ;D
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    Errr how exactly do you download this? its just a bunch of files -_- or do i paste the whole .zip file?
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    Can i send players to jail when they are offline ?
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    is it possible to make it configurable if the players in the jail are muted or not. because i made a full on jail and i have gaurds but as they are not ops they are unable to speak. would be able to add a permission node for speech or something?
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    hand down one of the best plugin i ever used

    i like cats

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    Looks like this plugin is dicontinued. Any way I could get the source so I could continue this plugin?
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    As you know this is now inactive due to not being maintained if it is on Bukkitdev or you wish to revive it tag me.

    Decompile it or ask B

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