[INACTIVE][SEC] GriefAlertr 0.3 - Logs & Record Block Interaction [210+]

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    [​IMG]GreifAlert was a fantastic plugin created by the rather jolly smart fellow Relliktsohg, however it seems after a while waiting that Relliktsohg may not have time himself to port it so I have started that process, and will be inject some of my own flavor as well. Parts of the code in GriefAlertr are from GriefAlert so all credit goes to Relliktsohg whom of which you can donate to via his hMod topic, never the less here is the information!

    GriefAlertr reports and logs when certain blocks are destroyed, interacted with or used. To do this it takes a list of what to monitor (watchedBlocks.txt) and then decides if it should just log, report in game, or do both.

    • - Fully compatable with the Original hMod GriefAlert watchedBlocks.txt
    • - Low memory footprint
    • - Does not spam up chat. (Only 1 report per block user at a time)
    • - Logging and in game reporting
    • - Permissions plugin enabled
    • - Set users or groups to not trigger GriefAlerts (such as staff, or even VIP)
    • - Version 0.1: First release
    • - Version 0.2: Now correct manages onUse, added onPlace
    • - Version 0.3:
        • - Fixed the watchedblock file not creating itself! Silly mistake by me there
        • - Fixed onUse not showing correctly.
        • - Added Stealth in from Original GA.
        • - Added in deny which stops the event from happening, eg block TNT. (griefalertr.avoidblock added)
    • - Read the originals /gcheck functionality [urgent]
    • - Frontend Log Viewer
    • - More Checking Hooks

    Copy the GriefAlertr.jar to your plugins folder then reload. The plugin should have now created a new directory called GriefAlertr within the plugins folder, and inside that directory one called logs. You will need to setup permissions before the plugin works, to do this you need the permissions plugin. The permissions nodes are:
    • griefalertr.view [Shows the Alerts to players with this permission]
    • griefalertr.ignore [People with this permission won't trigger alerts]
    • griefalertr.avoidblock added [Will be able to place blocked blocks!]
    • This is the first version and while I've done some testing (thanks to AGMC members Spataan and for helping me by allow me to bug them to place TNT Postman1300) it's not going to be perfect. There will be issues, all I can say is I will solve them as soon as you let me know.
    • If enough people need it I will make a permissions free version, but I'm not in favour of doing that.
    • I really would love it if you posted if you are going to use this plugin, or even why you're not so I can judge if it's worth going on with it's creation.
    • OnPlace covers all blocks
    • OnDestory covers all blocks
    • onRightClick covers all blocks
    • OnUse covers items such as:
      1. 325 = Bucket (Empty)
      2. 327 = Lava Bucket
      3. 259 = Lighter
      4. 261 = Bow {See Wiki For All Weopons)
      5. 319 = Pork
      6. 320 = Cooked Porkchop
      7. 321 = Painting
      8. 324 = Door

    Am I talking to much? No. Now we have that out of the way, lets link to the download

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    is there somo issues with build 409?? because this plugin doesnt work for me, it does nothing actually... not the commands, the warnings or the blockin.. i´ve used it on hmod and i have imported the txt..
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    How do i disallow 259 flint and steel? I tried both that and lighter
    dosent work ingame, still let someone use flint and steel, please tell me
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    I have rewritten this entire plugin from scratch except for a few components in order to improve upon both its performance, and extensibility.

    Do I have your permission to release it, as long as I give you proper credit?
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    Of course Gandalf.
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    Moo Master

    sooooooo anyone got one i could use until this is updated? UPDATE PLOX (Hides his noob mask in the closet for another day)
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Only thing you need to worry about is new config.

    Many, many improvements.

    I am currently asking permission to take over development of this plugin.
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    Moo Master

    the config on that is kinda confusing, can you put it into a spoiler or something with enters, because with it being all jumbled up i am kinda confused.
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    please do i dont know how to configure D:
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    Dosent work for me :/ Im using the second latest craftbukkit and running a 1.3_01 beta server

    edit: Gandalf, how to configure? Its confusing for me too =[] and I dunno if it works anyway
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    We need an updated build for b600+ very soon! no longer will it alert or log blocks! OMG NOOOOOOO. but it wills stock my diamond blocks from being broke.
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    Where can i chance the color of the text there comes? Mine says &6you have been..... There need a space :)
  13. It will not load the config file for me i just get this error.


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