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    PasswordProtect - Password protect your server
    Version: 0.3
    CraftBukkit Build Tested: [766]

    PasswordProtect forces non-ops to provide a server password that you set before they can move around, build, use commands, do stuff on the server.
    You can set a server password using the /setpassword command, and set a "jail" area they can walk around in by going somewhere and using the /setpasswordjail [radius] command.

    • Protect against griefers and unwanted people by setting a password to your server
    • Users won't be able to move outside of your jail area, build stuff, break stuff, use items, drop stuff, use any commands etc until they've given the password
    • Password can be changed without reloading the plugin, and commands work in the server console, of course
    • Ops will be asked to set a server password when they first join after installing the plugin (or when one isn't set). Default "jail" will be the spawn block, with no room to move around
    • By default, ops are not required to give the passwords themselves. This can be changed using the /opsrequirepassword yes|no command
    • New: Support for TheYeti's Permissions plugin
    • /setpassword <password> - change the password users must use to play on the server
    • /password - used by non-ops to give the password when they join, tells you the server password if used by a server op
    • /setpasswordjail [radius] - set the area that users will be stuck in until they give the server password. This will be where you are currently standing, with an optional radius of blocks in all directions (allowing people to eg. walk around in a house without touching anything, before they're allowed to build)
    • /opsrequirepassword yes|no - set to yes if server operators should have to give the server password before playing/using commands, too
    If you're not using TheYeti's Permissions plugin, PasswordProtect will use the built-in op/non-op for permissions. Only ops can set the server password, change the jail area, and retrieve the password using the /password command. Only users are required to give the password when they join (configurable with the /opsrequirepassword command)

    Otherwise, the Permissions nodes are as follows:
    • passwordprotect
      • passwordprotect.setpassword - can set server password
      • passwordprotect.nopassword - is not required to give the server password to play
      • passwordprotect.getpassword - can get the server password using the /password command after logging in
      • passwordprotect.setjailarea - can use the /setpasswordjail command to set the spawn jail area
    Screenshot of the plugin in use (1.3_01 shown in screenshot, but works on 1.4):


    - Download now (PasswordProtect.jar)
    - Source (Github)


    Version 0.3
    • Support for TheYeti's Permissions plugin (still works with stock op/non-op)
    Version 0.2.5
    • Updated to work with the latest CraftBukkit recommended build (612)
    Version 0.2
    • New feature: Optionally, server operates may be forced to provide the server password, too (see /opsrequirepassword command)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Anyone here, who can develop this again?
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    considered inactive
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    I just tested this and it's working perfectly on 766 - what's the problem?

    Apologies for not replying - been busy - but this plugin is still working, I've been testing it >.>
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    Adding this would be really easy instead of having to deal with permissions (which I don't want to install).

    Could I suggest a few things?

    1. Make certain parameters optional (Ex: They can move around anywhere on the server but not build until password is set).
    2. People who have typed it once get added to a white-list and no longer require a password.
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    This concept is very nice. I dont think the jail is working though. No matter what radius i set, the jail is still very confined.
    Also i noticed if you reload server, all players who is on it, and have not typed password will suddenly be able to build. Also there is some teleport function that sometimes results in kicked players for moving to fast. I guess its to do with the borders of the jail. I dont need a jail, i want guests to be able to move everywhere(I have borderguard, so im not worried they will expand the map), and the anti-build etc. is very good in this plugin. The blocks come back instantly, doors, chests etc. cannot even be used. excellent.

    btw i am on cb766 and im not using any permissions plugin
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    Very nice plugin :p Is this multi-world? Would be great if so, for my test world on my server.
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    @po5: Hmm, I think you're right. The jail area seems to be limited - must be because of some change in a recent build On my server, I don't need a password (/setopsrequirepassword off), and so haven't noticed it. I'll fix that tonight. Also, with reloading the server... I was aware of that when writing the plugin. 'Fixing' that would require some form of persistence, but that seems like overkill, no? What do you think? Is it worth 'fixing'?

    @Mikeambrose3: Yes, this is multi-world, but there is one global password for the whole server. You can have a different jail area in each world, though

    As for the other suggestions... I like the idea of letting players roam around. Hmm. By default, instead of players being limited to the spawn area, they should be able to roam around... And "/setjailarea" with no params should set it to "free-roam" mode, instead of setting it to where you area, with a default 5 block radius. That seems better actually, good suggestion.

    Tonight I'll fix that jail area bug, and implement that suggestion. Expect an update tomorrow ;)
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    Cant get it working on Craftbukkit build 740... when you log in you spawn in a bunch of blocks and suffocate, would i have to update?
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    No, you don't have to update. That's because your spawn point is located under the ground / within those blocks - maybe you've built over it without realising?

    For new players' sake, you should probably set your spawn point to somewhere sensible, after which this plugin will work nicely. Or, PasswordProtect can use its own spawn point with a jail they can walk around in using the /setpasswordjail [radius] command
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    ive used the "myHome" Plugin to change the spawn and i have built over the original spawn, ive tried the /setpasswordjail but is there anyway of when the player types in the /password <Password> they Teleport to where they last logged off other then just walking out of the jail?
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    Ah, hmm. I'll add that into the update coming soon.
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    Alright Sweet thx
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    Okay, I see you are active again :)
    Could you add the permission to use some commands, even if they haven't entered the password?

    So for example you join the server, see that you have to type /rules for the password and you type /rules
    So you can see the rules & the password in the rules.
    Then you enter the password!

    Would be very great to see this in the next version!

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    This is a great idea, but what about a password protect to join the server. What I mean is, this password is set for every time players need to login. I was thinking of having a password protect for first time joiners. The players would have to visit my website and read the rules and how to play. Somewhere inside the text would be the password, so it would force the players to at least read over all the rules once before playing. Is this a possible idea?

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    is there a way to make people only have to fill in the password once? or at least not make them go back to the spawn everytime they (re)connect?
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    Perfect plugin! Only one thing: I am an OP on my server, and I have set the OpsRequirePassword to YES, but I can still logon and play without typing the password. I have the '*' permissions in the configfile of Permissions... What have I configured wrong? Here is a link to my configuration: http://pastebin.com/Dx7Hsa9L
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    You gave yourself '*' permission, which then includes 'passwordprotect.nopassword', which means you don't need it :)

    Give yourself '-passwordprotect.nopassword', and it'll work fine
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    Is it possible to make it so they don't go back to the jail area everytime they login, it's annoying for people on the server when theyre in a mine somewhere, and when the log back in, they aren't in the mine or wherever they were, and they have to walk back. Something like, they stand where they are, and can't move until they do /password.

    Thank you.
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    when will this be updated to CB818 and i like Murdrums Idea

    Great mod BTW
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    I have the problem, this plugin doesn't work, or I do not know, how to install it - putting into plugins-folder does nothing, also unzipping there does nothing ... im sorry, but I have no java-knowledge.
    If this works, it will be very fine for me ...

    --> Problem solved: just renamed the downloaded .zip into .jar and it works pretty - THANKS
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    This is a very flawless idea! Now I can protect my server without worrying about any griefers!
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    thanks for this plugin
    I have a question:
    How I could make to show the Message Of The Day of Essential with Password Protect ?
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    Hi, it's 2:56 am so i might doesn't have read well all the reply =S.
    But i want to know if you can add several password (one per people in fact).
    I want anybody to be able to join, and build without password, but op/modo permissions have to give their password before using command.
    Each password could be different.
    In fact i just want a plugin that forbid the admin/modo to use command before give their password, and let the user play without password (the default permissions group/non op doesn't need a password, all the others group need one).
    And i'm really sorry about all the mistake that I've done in this message i'm not english and pretty tired.

    Thanks for reading.
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    well, none of my classes has passwordprotect.getpassword and still all the players can use /password to get the password... that kinda makes this plugin useless
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    Is there anyway too add an option to require server passwords on every login?
    My server is running in offline mode as a companion to a creative server, and we have this one griefer who keeps logging in as admin and TNT-ing the map to death.
    Thanks for all the work on the plugin!
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    Hmm I love this plugin, but for some reason the radius won't work, I've tried different /setpasswordjail's with different compinations in order to set any radius bigger that just the block I'm standing on.
    But no matter what, the radius is always restricted to the one block I'm standing on....
    Other than that, the plugin works perfectly!
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    Does this also disable chat until the password is entered? If not, could you please add that option. I want the player to be able to do NOTHING at all until the password is entered, and that includes SPAM.
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    works a treat
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    This plugin looks great! Can you make a plugin version 1.7.3?

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    update to latest build please!!!!!!!!

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