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    Try that, it's what Fuzze's version uses.
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    Post this part of your config.properties

    edit: I saw you did already, use what I have above. Your speed is set to 1
  3. Set to 5000 - still not working. :/ (Unless /townyadmin reload completely fails...)

    edit: Yeah... Did a restart of the server and working fine now :p
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    Yeah you cannot /reload or /ta reload. Always fully stop and start the server when you alter towny's files.
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    Was wolves crashing the server due to Towny ever fixed?
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    Never heard of this, how do I replicate it?
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    Amazing work guys :D
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    Cool thanks alot man! Good luck with the wedding! :p
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    would it be possible to make upkeep has a setting when I can make it based on your town size. I.e more people / chunks available = more upkeep cost.
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    Actually, I'm not sure... I had issues with my server crashing when wolves were released... Someone attributed it to Towny and so I disabled wolves and crashes disappeared. I guess this isn't great evidence that it is Towny... =/
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    I have two suggestions :)

    1 - Need the possibility to belong to more than one town :D

    2 - It would be great to integrate a guild system in towny : guilds would be groups that could settle in one town or more by buying a plot with a command like /plot guildclaim ( if the player belongs to the guild ), offer services to their members ( + with '/t set perm' permissions ), with their own chat, etc.

    Moreover, an integration of NPC plugins like Citizens would be awesome ( having the idea of Guards in mind ), with fightback and bounty on criminals that hit other players
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    You guys talking about residing in more than one town or guilds, look at how towny uses nations.

    Towns can set special perms for other towns within their nation, using the ally perm. This is the easiest way to belong to two towns, join them into a nation, or just add a non-resident as a town-friend.

    If you want a guild/town to have plots within a town, have the mayor unclaim the plot(s) and have the guild/town mayor claim an outpost in the unclaimed plot(s). Other towns from my nation have plots of land within my town for their shops (my town is the economic centre of the world.)

    This stuff doesn't need to be in-built to towny, it's there already if you use it correctly.

    Edit: I vaguely recall the wolf issue, but never used the build that was bugged. It hasn't been an issue since then.
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    Will you think about putting in support for BOSEcon?
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    There are taxes and there is upkeep. Upkeep is taken from a town bank and if there isn't money in the town bank, the town is deleted. Taxes are collected by a townbank from plot holders. There are two commands to turn on taxation.

    Mayors can type "/t set" for a list of /t set commands. In there will be "/t set taxes" and "/t set plottax"

    I would assume "taxes" is for a flat rate for all residents, while "plottax" is a per-plot tax system. (I do not use taxes myself.) Residents who cannot afford their taxes lose their plot, making this system difficult to adapt to.
  15. - Mob removal is working, if you use the correct names.

    # Animals, Chicken, Cow, Creature, Creeper, Flying, Ghast, Giant, Monster, Pig,
    # PigZombie, Sheep, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Squid, WaterMob, Wolf, Zombie
    mob_removal_entities: Monster,WaterMob,Flying,Slime

    - Reset your mob removal timer, else you are going to kill your Java through a stack overflow. You will also be loading the crap out of your CPU.
    - Creeper protection will make it in. It's something I want to add myself.
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    I am aware of how it works.

    My suggestion is that upkeep be determined based on town size. Or have it as an option. So a town of 3 people doesnt pay the same upkeep as a town of 50.
  17. In my list of things to do.

    Remind me if I forget though ;)
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    Thanks so much for this i would love to thank you in anyway for this Plugin!
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    *eagerly waits for a 1.7 update*
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    Hey, i got a question... is it possible that a town can set if they want monsters to spawn or not? I saw on shades page that this is in development, but is it possible right now? If yes, can u tell me how?
  21. It doesn't prevent them spawning, but it does remove them if they do, and if they wander in. Almost instantly.
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    Yeah, but i want to disable it for some towns... can I?
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    Monster removal cannot be set on a per-town basis, it is either on or off.
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    So anyone know if Towny works with 1.7.2? Or when an update for towny will be released?
    Thank you.
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    It works with 953 and there will be a new version in the near future.
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    Hey I'm using this (Towny for 935) with Permissions 3.1, Bukkit 953, Mc 1.7.2

    None of my players can build/destroy in the wild even though i've added the permission node to their group. I've even tried added it to specific users to no avail. No console errors or anything, and myself, the admin, can build/destroy so players shouldn't be having the issue.

    What's all this?
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    Pastebin.org your permissions file(s).
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    Nice plugin, but how can i create "street" in my town ?
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    make a 15x15 block of land then outline the last of the 16x16 block with wool, bricks, woodplank, etc.

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