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    Olof Larsson

    Factions - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief :)
    By Olof Larsson and Brettflan.

    Current version: 1.1.7
    Download: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Factions/tree/master/releases
    Source: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Factions
    Read the full userguide here: http://mcteam.org/plugins/factions

    This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war.

    The goals of this plugin:
    • The players should be able to take care of anti-griefing themselves.
    • Inspire politics and intrigues on your server.
    • Guilding and team spirit! :)
    Fork me on github!
    I would be glad to code on this plugin together with you :). Please fork me on github and do a pull request. Read more here:

    There will be cake if you join me in the coding [cake] :)

    Read the full userguide here: http://mcteam.org/factions <-[cake]

    The chat console command is:
    • /f
    This command has subcommands like:
    • /f create my faction name
    • /f invite my friends name
    • /f claim
    • /f map
    • ... etc
    You may also read the documentation ingame as the plugin ships with an ingame help manual. Read the help pages like this:
    • /f help 1
    • /f help 2
    • /f help 1
    Note that you may optionally skip the slash and just write
    • f
    1. Download: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Factions/tree/master/releases
    2. Put Factions.jar in your plugins folder
    If you have Permissions installed you will need to configure it. Read more here.

    Current ToDo list:
    1. More admin controll, for example reassign faction admins.
    2. Command to reload config file.
    3. Give factions a limited number of separate territories. "You may only claim at the border of your territory". Purpose of this is to stop players from claiming land in a scattered way. Factions will be more stationary. This will encourage factions to build one main town.
    Version 1.1.7

    • Package structure changed to move it out of com.bukkit.* namespace (Olof Larsson)
    • Removed Help plugin support as that plugin is not updated. (Olof Larsson)
    • Changed name for No Faction to Wilderness (Olof Larsson)
    • New unclaimall command (/f unclaimall) to unclaim all of the faction's land (Olof Larsson)
    • Safezone claiming command now has optional radius input (/f safe [radius]) to claim a larger safezone area at a time (Olof Larsson)
    • Added check to make sure chatTagInsertIndex is valid before using it, to prevent triggering an exception (Brettflan)
    • Players who aren't currently in a faction should no longer get "Person left your faction" messages when others join a faction (Brettflan)
    • Attempt at simple workaround for error related to NPCs from Citizens plugin (Brettflan)
    • Placement and removal of paintings is now prevented if you're in another faction's territory (Brettflan)
    • /f map has been updated to fit inside the new Bukkit line-width limits (39 tiles wide instead of 49) (Brettflan)
    EDIT: by the way, you do need to have build 726 or newer of CraftBukkit (RB 733, for instance) since the painting events were added then.
    More changelog:
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.1.5 (By Brettflan)
    • Fix for left-clicking on wooden doors not being detected
    • Fix for null faction home location when loading factions data
    • Added "factions.adminBypass" permission which will allow players with that permission to bypass the building/destruction and usage limitations inside faction territory
    • New boolean config options territoryBlockTNT (default false), safeZoneDenyBuild (default true), safeZoneDenyUseage (default true), safeZoneBlockTNT (default true).

    Version 1.1.3 (By Brettflan)
    • updated to work with RB 600/602
    • handled a couple of potential NPEs, one caused when saving faction info, and one where it could try sending messages to a player who is offline or otherwise doesn't currently exist for whatever reason
    • fix/workaround for bucket usage not always being detected if 2-3 blocks away
    • faction-tagged chat messages sent to the console and log now have crufty color tags (like "§f" and such) stripped out
    Version 1.1.2
    • bugfix - admins could not place signs etc in safezones (Olof Larsson)
    • Added some missing instaDestroyItems (painting and flowers) (Olof Larsson)
    • Added ability to load old pre-1.1 data files (board, factions, followers) if they exist and new files don't (Brettflan)
    Version 1.1 (by Olof Larsson)
    To upgrade: Remove you Factions folder
    I'm sorry about that. There just are so many changes to the save files.
    • Permissions plugin support
    • Help plugin support
    • Faction homes
    • Better save file format
    • Inactive players are kicked from their faction
    • SafeZones - PVP and monster safe areas
    Version 1.0 beta7 (by Brettflan)
    • Fix for enemy attacks potentially healing people in their own territory due to armor calculations, instead of correctly just giving reduced damage.
    • Placement/use of these items inside another faction's territory is now prevented: redstone wire, sign, flint&steel, bucket (empty, water, and lava).
      Code is also in place to prevent placement of beds and repeaters, but CraftBukkit doesn't properly detect those yet.
    • Fix for destruction of certain blocks not previously being detected and prevented: torch, redstone torch, repeater, redstone wire, sapling, crops, sugar cane.
    • Minor spelling and grammar fixes
    • Added options "territoryBlockCreepers" and "territoryBlockFireballs" to configuration file (conf.json). These both default to disabled. If enabled, they will respectively prevent creepers or ghast fireballs from destroying blocks if they explode inside faction owned territory. These can prevent griefing by way of luring creepers into another faction's territory.
      Note that both explosion types will still hurt nearby players and mobs, they just won't destroy blocks.
      Also note that "territoryBlockFireballs" only works in CB build 557 and higher, where fireball detection was added.
    Version 1.0 beta6
    To upgrade:
    Factions now use world name instead of world id for the board files.
    Nothing will be claimed when you start the server. Change the board file name(s)
    from something like 234978619762348768.json to something like world.json.
    • Updated to work with Craftbukkit 493 (by Brettflan)
    • Paginated faction listing (by Brettflan)
    • Single jar install (by Brettflan)
    • Board files now use world name instead of world id (by Olof Larsson)
    Version 1.0 beta5
    • Updated to work with Craftbukkit 450, which means Minecraft 1.3 compatibility :)
    • For now messages like these are removed: "Playername tried to use Wooden door in your territory". They could be used for chat spamming.
    Version 1.0 beta4
    To upgrade: Start and stop the server once with the new jar. Paste the content from board.json into the newly created file in /plugins/Faction/boards/. After this you can delete board.json.
    • MultiWorld support.
    • Faction chat is now something you turn on and of.
    • Arrows are now included in the friendly fire filter.
    • Some stability fixes.
    Version 1.0 beta3
    To upgrade: Delete conf.json and rename the "name" field to "tag" in every faction.json file.
    • Greatly improved chat and messaging system! :D
      Cooperates well with other plugins. Tested with Essentials and iChat so far.
    • New faction chat command
    • More config options
    • Bugfix: You can now claim land from enemies :p
    • ... and a lot of other fixes
    Version 1.0 beta2
    • There is now a config file where you may alter chat colors, dynamics of war etc.
      I will add documentation on the config soon...
    • Made the color formating a bit more understandable.
    • There is now a broadcast when a new faction is created.
    Version 1.0 beta1
    • The first release
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    Just a note, unmark mapheight/Width as transient. Being able to configure those would be really nice.
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    Whats with Bukkit 766?
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    i fix it by removing the entry in the board.json maybe will be better to add WE API so we can select area with Wand and not by cliamg chunk!
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    You use the /f claim command, and a 16x16 chunk of land is claimed for the faction which you're part of (so you could join their faction temporarily, if needed). That's really all there is to it. Go around claiming 16x16 chunks until all the desired land is claimed. Of course, the power limits come into play; you should follow the link in the first post to the full userguide for more info.

    Are you using 1.1.8, or are you using 1.1.7 or older?

    Why would you need to configure that? I'd think having it as tall and wide as possible while still fitting onscreen (since it's done as chat text) is for the best since even then it doesn't cover all that much area. Further, having it configurable would be just one more thing people could mess up and have unnecessary trouble with.

    What about it? Unless you have a specific problem to report, there have been no reported problems related to it. I run Factions 1.1.8 on RB 766 on my server with no apparent problems.
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    What exactly are the permissions nodes? In the OP link it only lists 3 nodes, on some of the comments I've looked at, I can see at least 2 more.
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    Hello! Long time user, works fantastically on our server and never had any problems! On our server there are many, many wars and raids and we were hoping that it might be possible for factions to give support to LWC. Here's what I mean:

    People use their faction land as a safe zone so use lwc to lock their chests. Considering our server is very heavy on pvp it is a common occurrence for factions to lose land to other factions. When this occurs there is often a lot of locked chests left over from the defeated faction. We want to give the players that took over the land access to these chests. So basically the idea is that as soon as a factions land has been taken over, all of the locked chests in the land that is owned by players of the defeated faction are unlocked.

    The reasoning behind this is that it gives players more of a reason to attack and raid other factions. Plus it makes it a lot more exciting!

    I'm pretty sure that it's possible, anyway, I hope you consider what I've posted. Thanks a bunch!
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    The SQL component of this plugin needs... review. Escaping your queries is cool.
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    Or, they become locked for the faction leader. That way people can't just join the faction, unlock some chests and leave.
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    Found how to take safe zones out. You open the board.json and delete anything looking like this (below) according to the factions tab safe zones are -1 and each guild is given a number. So with that I found anything with -1 in the board is safe zone territory.

      "5,-4": -1,
        "5,-5": -1,
        "5,0": -1,
        "5,12": -1,
        "5,13": -1,
        "5,14": -1,
        "5,15": -1,
        "5,16": -1,
    If you do this and the last line is a safe-zone you are deleting make sure you take the comma off the next time you are making the last line. If you don't you will get an error and it wont be saved.
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    I just had my server migrated to a new box, and now suddenly, every faction on my server has max negative power. Why did this happen?
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    What's new in 1.8?

    Is it stable?
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    Thank you, this is a great plugin
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    There doesn't seem to be a method for removing safezone land ingame. Could you please fix this as soon as possible? Thank you.
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    as the admin just do /f unclaim and the land reverts to unclaimed land.
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    hurp durp I am dumb, please disregard.
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    That only does one at a time if you want to do more there is no command. Though I did post an easy way right above the post of the guy asking about it...
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    As of 1.8:
    factions.participate - participate in a faction
    factions.create - create a faction
    factions.manageSafeZone - manage safe zones
    factions.adminBypass - access /f bypass command to bypass claimed area restrictions
    factions.reload - access /f reload command to reload data from files on disk
    factions.saveall - access /f saveall command to save all data to disk immediately
    factions.lock - access /f lock command to lock/unlock files from being written to by the plugin
    factions.disband - access /f disband [faction] command to disband other factions

    So, add support to this plugin to change/remove ownership of chests locked by the LWC plugin? Not too likely, particularly since I don't use that plugin. Not sure whether Olof uses it or not, but I don't think he does. Of course, the source for this plugin is available and others are welcome to add in such features, and if it's done well enough we'll probably pull it into the main plugin.

    Which SQL component would that be? Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe you're posting to the wrong thread. SQL database support would be nice to add for storing the factions, players, and board data, though.

    And yes, escaping SQL queries is vital.

    Fair question, but not one I think I can answer. Missed some files in the transition? Clock time/date changed drastically between servers?

    The changelog is posted with the download for it.
    Seems to be stable.
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    Looking for some help if I could please :)

    I have set up Factions which is working brilliant. My members love it, as do I so keep up the good work!

    The issue im facing is with Safe Zones.

    Currently the only 2 people on the server that can build in them are myself and my other admin with '*' set as our permissions.

    Im looking for Mods and another rank to be able to build but cannot seem to get them access no mater what I try?!

    I have added factions.adminBypass & factions.manageSafeZones to their permissions with no effect. I have even tried reloading Factions in game with /f reload to see if this helps.

    After no luck with the above, I thought I would be clever and just make them an admin then! This also had no effect..... all thier permissions had changed to admin and could use all the commands on the server appart from the Factions ones. It gave them a message saying they do not have permissions for it even though 2 admins the same rank can?!

    So in simple can some one please explain to me how I can allow another rank to build in a safe zone :)

    Ok i seem to have figured out my own problem here. I added my name and some others to op list and they can build now.

    This still leaves me very confused as i dont want people to be op'd and also can't for the life of me see the point in the permissions if the case is that you need to be op'd anyway to do this stuff?!

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    Do you want anyone to be able to build in safe zones? Or only certain people?
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    Only certain people mate. I know you can just change the config to allow everyone to build in them, but yea i just want Admins and Mods to be able to build there :)
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    Thanks for the awesome plugin Olof, I have 2 simple requests that I think would truly be appreciated in your plugin. The first is an option to turn off land claiming in the config file which can be abused too easily and can prove to be a nuisance to admins. Another is a scalable limit of members in all factions like a maximum of 5 or so, this is mainly to prevent huge monopolizing factions that kill the fun of factions. Keep up the good work!
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    I am having trouble configuring the conf.json file.
    changes I make before I start the server do not take effect and when I "stop" the server the file is restored to default.
    Any pointers?

    I'd like anyone to be able to open faction doors and chests... requiring players to use Light Weight Protection plugin commands to secure chests and doors they don't want tampered with.

    I've played on a Factions server and I love it. I'd like to be able to get it going on my server.

    This Plugin rocks! Thank you.
    Have you ever considered the idea of allowing enemy factions to destroy in enemy territory but making the blocks, take a multiple more damage before they are destroyed. This would motivate factions to build functional fortresses and make attacking/defending much more interesting, making ramparts, double thick walls and stone lined basements functional. This would also allow for more creative booby traps (and a motivation to build them). Making the multiple very high so that breeching would be akin to hard work. something like 30X to 50X... maybe even more (of course it would rock if server admins could customize the difficulty of enemies to destroy in faction territory).
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    I would like to see an option to force local chat only.
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    Uh, that's entirely the case. *wince* Sorry about that.
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    when i download it i get a folders with a heaps of .class files and no faction .jar how do i install this plugin
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    I claimed too much safezone and was wondering if I could get rid of all the safezones on my map. Thanks.
  28. You probably downloaded the .jar-file and chose "open" instead of saving it as it is. Download it again and dont open it, just save it to disk.

    If you didn't open the file you might try updating IE or (better) install Chrome or Firefox. Older IE versions seems to have problems somethimes with downloading .jar-files.

    You added factions.manageSafeZone to the moderators permissions group?
    You have checked that the players that you want to be able to build there really are in the moderators group (check for thier names in permissions file)
    You are using version 1.1.8? What I''ve figured out (by plainly reading this page) is that factions.manageSafeZone and some of the other permissionnodes are only for v1.1.8.

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    Whenever I modify the conf.json file I get a "Failed to load the config from disk" message.
    If I do not modify the conf.json file it loads fine: "Loading conf from disk"
    I am using V 1.1.8

    Does anyone know why I cannot edit the conf.json file?
    Should I be looking for help somewhere else?
    All other files load fine when modified.

    I take that back. I cannot edit the other files either, only make changes to them through /f commands in game.
    I am frustrated.
    Anyone? Anybody?
    I am sure I am doing something wrong here. I am sure this is easy to fix, but I have been trying to figure this out for hours and hours.


    Somehow my encoding (when saving) was defaulting to UTF-8 not ANSI
    If anyone is having this problem make sure to use "save as" and select ANSI.

    Hopefully someone new to this like me will find this thread and avoid hours of needless headache If they are encountering the same problem.
    Sorry for spamming.

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    Permissions are completely not the issue. As stated, I even moved the people in question to the admin group which currently 2 admins could already build in safe zones. Even upon doing this they had all permissions access apart from Factions.

    Yes it is currently on 1.1.8.
  31. Well. That sounds strange. And you I guess you restarted the server and everything? They should be able to build, thats for sure. Hmmm...
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