[INACTIVE][SEC] Friendlies v1.2.1: A Permissions-based monster whitelist. [766]

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    Download the latest: v1.2.1(Requires Permissions)
    Older Versions: v1.2, v1.1, v1.0

    Creepers bugging your server? Skeletons killed you and spiders spawn gank you? Fear the night no more with Friendlies, the monster whitelist. Simply add the desired permission node to the groups you want protected, and the monster will never bother you again. Simple and easy to set up, Friendlies is perfect for those who want the added ambience of monsters without the bother of dying from them.

    • Drag and drop setup - simply edit permissions nodes to use.
    • Stops mobs from attacking you.
    • Multi-world support - now with added customisability.
    • Mobs can attack back if you hit them (must set permissions nodes).

    Permissions nodes are simple and easy to set up.
    Simply use friendlies.[mobtype].ignore to stop monsters from attacking a particular group.
    Use friendlies.[mobtype].ignoreattacks to stop monsters from attacking back once you hit them.
    Use friendlies.[mobtype].* to do both at once!
    Mobtype is the lower case name of the mob you want to stop killing you.
    Multiworld support is like so: place a variable under the info node in your permissions config.yml.
    Simply put the name of each of the worlds you want Friendlies settings to apply to in the variable.
    If a world isn't included, Friendlies settings won't do anything in that world. If you can't be
    bothered putting the variable in, then Friendlies settings will affect all worlds.
    To do per-world friendlies settings - simply use another permissions variable.
    The variable name should be friendlies-perworld-[worldname] - worldname is the world that you want
    to override permissions for.
    Look in the examples spoiler for an example usage.
    Example (open)

    build: true
    friendlies-worlds: world,otherworld,newworld
    friendlies-perworld-otherworld: friendlies.skeleton.ignore,friendlies.creeper.ignore
    friendlies-perworld-world: friendlies.*
    - 'friendlies.creeper.ignore'

    In this example, three worlds are defined for friendlies to apply to - world, otherworld, newworld. In this case, only newworld will use the permissions nodes. Otherworld's friendlies settings are being override, to add skeleton ignoring. Note that to include friendlies settings in the permissions section, you must retype them out.

    In world 'world', every monster will ignore everyone. If I created a new world called, 'aworld', friendlies would not apply unless I added it to friendlies-worlds.

    • v1.2 - added customised multiworld.
    • v1.1 - added multiworld, mobtype.ignoreattacks.
    • v1.0 - initial release.
    As always, post your thanks, suggestions or criticisms (preferably in that order :p).
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    Oh very nice!
    Will this stop creeper from blowing at you too? Or only normal mob damage?
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    It stops them from targeting you. It's like you don't exist :).
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    Well, if i have * in permissions, all of them ignore me?
    And can you make it like this - If i hit the zombie he will hit me back? Not just ignore me.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm could you make it configureable differently for different worlds? at least when the world issues has setteled down?

    I would like to run a creative server and a survival world, I think in the future you can decide which world will have mobs and which not... but having mobs in the creative world too could be a nice thing.

    like I said... don't know if you can do that, but I think we also need to wait for the world issues to become fixed first.
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    If you put friendlies.* then yes, everything will ignore you. I could add in multiworld support via a permissions variable... I will try to do the hit back - I did try to do it before, but the monsters forget the target too easily.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 11:32 AM ---
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    Haha, this is awesome! Now I can finally have friendly creepers to hug. :)
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    Hey, i'm getting a message saying it can't find the permissions plugin. I've got the newest version of the exact plugin you link to installed... Any ideas?
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    Can you post your server log?
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    Is it possible to do different mob behavior for different worlds?
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    True, guess I didn't think of that :/. I'll look it up tomorrow.
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    I have friendlies.spider.ignore but spiders still attack everyone.
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    Can you post your config.yml? I'll do some tests tonight.
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    I'm having the same problem using 'friendlies.*.*' but I think this from the server log is part of the problem.
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    This is pretty good, you can make money out of this plugin, by giving acces to people, who hate those monsters
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    Try redownloading - both issues fixed (hopefully).
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:56 AM ---
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    Er, I'm not ready to upgrade bukkit until a LOT of plugins get fixed. Will this new version work with CB 357?
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    No. I'll do a special build for you though.
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    Wow! Thanks. :D
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    Well, now creepers ignore me... but that's not what I configured. Zombies too.
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    Could be a bug with the latest update. I will try to fix tonight. Does 1.1/1.0 work?
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 1:40 PM ---
    Also, has your permissions config changed from the one provided before?
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    Tried with 1.0. All the monsters attack, including spiders. Same permissions.
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    I have tested your exact settings on the default world. Spiders don't attack me. Are you on another world name? That may be affecting my results.
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    I assume it's the default world name, "world".
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    Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. Everything works on build 405 except ghasts still attack when 'friendlies.ghast.ignore' is in the permissions for any player. Also when the player has a wild card '*' . The ghasts are in a different word but the zombie pig men do as they are told (will never attack with the ignoreattack permission). They definatly got the jump on me XD.
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    Okay, this is really bugging me. If I'm in the admin group on my server, which has permissions as '*', how would I go about disabling 'friendlies.*.*' for myself without having to go through and add permissions one by one, excluding that one?

    Also, for the group that I have 'friendlies.*.ignore' enabled monsters are behaving more like 'friendlies.*.ignoreattack' and I am using v.1.2
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    Those are issues with permissions itself, I believe.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 2:27 PM ---
    I don't think I can stop ghasts since they aren't regarded as monsters :/
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    I'm using GroupManager in place of Permissions.

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