[INACTIVE][SEC] BlockBlocks V12.6_01 - 'I don't want TNT and lava!' etc. [Permissions] [1000]

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What blocks should I block?

  1. Portal(91)

    72 vote(s)
  2. Sponge

    20 vote(s)
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    Liam Allan


    Version 12.6_01
    Supports Permissions!
    Made by Liam Allan!
    700+ Downloads from 07/08/2011!
    Have a look at the brother plugin! BlockLog
    I don't know if it works for PermissionsBukkit
    This plugin is getting handed over to NeoSilky!

    This plugin will stop certain blocks being placed.
    Anything todo with redstone will not let you
    place that item next to TNT
    here's the blocks that will not let be placed.

    Tnt, Lava, Bedrock, Fire, Mob Spawner and Natural Portal.

    When you place a block in that list, It will kick you
    and give you a message "You have been kicked for . . ."
    There are more details on the Wiki. Link is above.
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    Very nice for your first plugin :)
    Just one thing: you need to add a download from an external site such as mediafire, dropbox etc. (Non registered users cant download attached files from the thread :p)
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    Liam Allan

    Ok, Glad you liked it!
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    Maybe a configuration file? Permissions for bypassing?
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    Can you set it up so the Owner or Admin of the server can change what is blocked.
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    You mean like WorldGuard or SimpleAntiGrief? Without configuration this plugin isn't all that useful..
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    I like the idea. It just needs a config file so you can block stuff and in game commands with it. like /b 46
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    Liam Allan

    Ok, Guys! I get the idea that you want a config file with setting's in them.
    Since I'm new to bukkit plugins (not java) I'm not sure how it works . . .
    If anyone wants to help out. Let me know.

    Guys, Re-check the post, Sourcecode is now avalible!

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    ok cool. but i dont no java :( so i cant help you there. i wish i could learn.
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    Liam Allan

    I can give you a phew tips
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    Ok. that would be cool
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    Liam Allan

    Add me on skype "liamallan12345"
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    I will as soon as im done my call. and i cant talk with my bad internet. thats my problem right now.
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    Liam Allan

    Ok, I'm not fussed. . . .
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    Awesome plugin. I will use it

    EDIT: I read just a little bit = awesome plugin. Read the rest = Super Epic Awesome Plugin

    and can u please add permissions?

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  16. Just use a java.utils.Properties.
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    Liam Allan

    Can you explain how to use this?
  18. This is a slightly simplified version of what I use for my plugin.
    public class MyPlugin extends JavaPlugin
        private Properties properties;
        File storageLocation = new File("plugins" + File.separator + "MyPlugin");
        File propertiesLocation = new File(storageLocation, "Properties.ini");
        public void onEnable()
            properties = new Properties();
            if (!storageLocation.exists()) { storageLocation.mkdirs(); }
            try {
                if (!propertiesLocation.exists()) { propertiesLocation.createNewFile(); }
            catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger("Minecraft").log(Level.SEVERE, "Unable to create new properties file.", ex); }
            try {
                FileReader reader = new FileReader(propertiesLocation);
            catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger("Minecraft").log(Level.SEVERE, "Unable to load persistent storage.", ex); }
        public void onDisable()
            if (!storageLocation.exists()) { storageLocation.mkdirs(); }
            try {
                FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(propertiesLocation);
                properties.store(writer, "MyPlugin properties.");
            catch (IOException ex) { Logger.getLogger("Minecraft").log(Level.SEVERE, "Unable to store persistent storage.", ex); }
    Then, to access a property, use:-
    And to set:-
    properties.setProperty("[KEY]", "[VALUE]");
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    Liam Allan

    So then my BlockListener would be something like this?

    if (block.getTypeId() == Material.properties.get("[KEY]")) {
    player.chat(player.getName() + " kicked for placing " + Material.properties.get("[KEY]") + ChatColor.GOLD + " [BlockLogger]" );
    player.kickPlayer("You have been kick for placing a blocked block.");
    System.out.println( player.getName() + " has been kicked for trying to place " + Material.properties.get("[KEY]")); }

    Is this right?
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    is actually a bad idea, mainly because you set *for example* tnt block to air. Now that would leave ugly marks in water/lava wouldnt it? :p waaay easier to do is just to cancel the event

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    Liam Allan

    Thanks kind
    Thanks kind sir!
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    Np :)
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    Liam Allan

    Sorry. I'm a noob. What do I replace/add to my BlockListener ?
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    you remove the part that sets the block to air

    and insert the setcancelled thing like this:

    if (block.getType() == Material.FIRE) {
                            player.chat(" kicked for placing fire." + ChatColor.GOLD + "[BlockLogger]" );
                            player.kickPlayer("You have been kicked for trying to make fire.");
                            System.out.println(player.getName() + " has been kicked for trying to make fire");}
    Something like this, what it does is IF the player places the block, it cancels the event so it is as IF it never happened. Before the block was placed and then removed, with this it was never placed in the first place.
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    Liam Allan

    Oh. I was right. It was just that you posted "Event.setCancelled(true);" not "event.setCancelled(true);"
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    Well that just not a fixed thing, if you for example put instead of

    public void onBlockPlace(BlockPlaceEvent event) {

    something like

    public void onBlockPlace(BlockPlaceEvent Event) {

    Event.setCancelled(true); would have worked XD I just didn't look at that part before, I was thinking u knew how to use it xD
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    Liam Allan

    Its fine anyway :D And your in the post for helpers :D So thanks very much!
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    np xD glad it worked ^^
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    Could you clean the thread?
    It's very messy and untidy.
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    Liam Allan

    Ok, Ill try :D

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