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    AutoRegionGuard- 'Players' protect regions simply by building
    Version: 0.5

    This is my first go at java and I welcome any input other developers might have on my plugin. I hope you guys like it!

    AutoRegionGuard is different from traditional protection plugins because players don't need to use any commands to gain its benefits. Players can 'claim' a chunk (16x16 square of blocks sky to bedrock) just by placing 16 blocks within that chunk. This protects their structures and chests from grievers/other players that they have not added to their 'friends list'. One of the hopes I have of this plugin is that mods will need to do less intervening and can instead focus on other things. Also includes /god.

    • Claimed regions are protected from other players placing/breaking blocks/lava/water
    • Unauthorized players cannot open chests in claimed regions
    • Automatically claim a chunk by placing 16+ blocks in it
    • Prevents creeper explosions if they would affect a claimed region
    • Godmode
    • Ops/Mods bypass protection
    • Right-click with 'String' (now configurable) to get chunk info
    • Right-click with 'Feather' (now configurable) to unclaim a chunk (arg.bypass allows unclaiming of others' chunks)
    Latest Jar

    Permission node

    /arg toggle
    Turns on/off(default) autoclaim

    /arg claim
    Claim the chunk you are standing in

    /arg info [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>]
    Get info about the chunk you are standing in or specified

    /arg unclaim [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>]
    Unclaim the chunk you are standing in or specified

    /arg friends
    Displays your list of friends

    /arg addfriend [playername]
    Adds a friend to your friends list

    /arg removefriend [playername]

    Removes a friend from your friends list

    /arg save
    Saves Regions.txt and FriendsList.txt

    /arg load
    Loads Regions.txt and FriendsList.txt

    /god [player]
    Enables/Disables godmode


    Version 0.5
    • fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when adding/removing friends
    • flint and steel can no longer be used to claim
    • fixed /arg toggle problem that involved typing the command twice to truly toggle
    • added explosionprotection(true/false) as an option in arg.properties
    • added protectchests(true/false) as an option in arg.properties
    • added /arg give <playername> [<world> <chunkx> <chunkz>]. Must have arg.player(and arg.bypass if you dont own it). Gives <playername> the specified chunk.

    Version 0.4
    • added fire protection for claimed chunks(fire won't spread or destroy blocks in claims)
    • /arg [removeplayer, save, load, checklastonline] can all be used from the console
    • added properties file to change many different settings such as autoclaim being on/off by default
    • added a maximum for owned chunks (configurable setting, bypassed by arg.bypass)
    • fixed /arg claim permission issue
    • added /arg unclaim [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>] for long distance unclaiming
    • added /arg info [<world> <xvalue> <zvalue>] for long distance info
    Version 0.3
    • /arg removeplayer [playername]. Must have arg.bypass. Removes all claims [playername] has.
    • scheduled saves (every 30min)
    • ARG now creates LastOnline.txt. Format [playername];yyyy/MM/dd/HH
    • expire regions for inactive players
    • /arg checklastonline. Must have arg.saveload. Manually executes code to expire players.
    • Changed permission node for /arg claim to arg.claim
    Version 0.2.1
    • Fixed incompatibility with EssentialsChat (Thanks iggiiggi)
    Version 0.2
    • Added chunk info tool. Must have arg.user. To use right click a block while holding
    • Added /arg info. Must have arg.user.
    • Added unclaim tool. Must have arg.user (and arg.bypass if you dont own it).To use right click a block while holding feather.
    • Added /arg unclaim. Must have arg.user (and arg.bypass if you dont own it).
    • Added /arg friends. Displays your list of friends. Must have arg.user.
    • Fixed a error when using /god on other players
    • Added /arg toggle. Must have arg.user. Turns on/off(default) autoclaim.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
    Big thanks to @Sammy and @Samkio for their awesome tutorials and posts.
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    hey there.. new to the minecraft server setup and all.. first want to say thx for the plugin! works great, I did have just one small minor request if posable? anyone know how to turn off the blocking of explosions? Maybe can we have an option to disable that protection? .. it's somewhat nice, but I have requests to turn it off, for mining large areas of items. Thanks either way!
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    @Temil2006 Read the thread.
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    Really like the idea behind this! I'll be giving it a shot on my server. I really like the idea of notices when entering a claimed region especially since I don't have mob on mine and string is hard to come bey for non-admins.
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    messages when entering/leaving someones claims will be in the next update
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    Can you give us the option to edit the text that is displayed in game?
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    Loving this plugin, it's solved quite a few land issues for sure!
    One minor suggestion, this has been this plugin's only downfall. Though it's a very small one at that. :p it has toggles for everything except door use... (pressureplates included)
    Umm, if you can... could you make it so everyone can use doors/pressureplates (or a toggle to allow this) in claimed areas? I've got a plugin called lockette, that keeps people from accessing doors if necessary...
    Puts a little bit of a bind on everyone when you have a protected city, and no one can enter any of the buildings. :p
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    Will this work without Permissions? I hope so!
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    I am pretty sure this addon needs Permissions to function correctly.
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    What about an admin permission node? It works great, but I am wondering if we can get it so that there is a permissions flag that makes it so admins/mods cannot bypass protection. If we can get that, this will be the new staple!
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    alright i have a few questions. First, is it possible to set limits on the amount of stuff a player can claim. second (not sure if it was there or not) charge a player a set amount per block claimed or chunk. 3rd how are things stored, and what kind of server resource usage are we talking? I currently use ownblocks
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    1. - Yes, each player has a set amount of chunks they can claim, definable in the config file.
    2. - This plugin does not have iConomy integration, so no chunk charges/cost.
    3. - Everything is stored in 3 files: Config file, a "last logged in" file, and the regions file. The plugin is multiworld ready, as it recognizes different worlds within the file.

    As for server resource usage, I don't think its too much. OwnBlock seems like it would be more taxing on a machine, considering it is doing it block by block, which is a read/write thread per block placed by each person, whereas this just does a simple chunk check. The world is in a "grid", if you think of it that way. Its quicker for the server to test for an area rather than each block as well.
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    The problem I have with ownblocks is the fact that i catch a nasty lag spike during save intervals. Seeing as the database is already 13mb and growing. it's only getting worse. I've had to set protection save intervals to 30 minutes now because it get's pretty nasty. I need a protection system that will work properly and efficiently as I'm running a 50+ person server. I know it will only get worse as time progresses and new players come in.

    I'm currently looking at this one, and another "banananprotect"
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    Minor note, there was a command he forgot to list, as far as i can tell...
    /arg give <playername> - lets someone give a chunk to someone else. :)
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    Can you intergrate with iConomy?

    timetoexpire means in minecraft or "our" 24 hour time?
    Also does it start counting if player is not active for that chunk?
  16. there is a small problem with this plugin.. it uses /toggle ... Citizens also uses /toggle..
    so they do not work that well together :(
    (i have both on my server)
    can you fix this?
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    I noticed that user has to save everytime or regions will be lost after restart :*(
    I hope plugin is not just dead yet :(

    Can you make it save to file after user has claimed a region?

    This plugin might be dead!
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    Got a question:
    How can i make it that Moderators can place/destroy Blocks in other Chunks?

          permissions: []
          - Admins
          - Moderator


            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - myhome.*
            - arg.*
            - map.*
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - '*'
    So, Admins can build/destroy everywhere but Moderators not. Someone knows why?
    ARG controls the chunks but it has no configurations for the Groups (Who can place/destroy and who not)
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    You should be able to set - arg.bypass
    if i'm correct...

    I've found this plugin to be SUPER handy.
    amazing dev, amazing plugin :D
    needs more configurable stuff though (toggles), doors, etc. item use, maybe minecart placement.
    that kind of thing...

    [edit]: I just realized you had a wildcard set for it... no clue why it wouldn't be working. sorry...
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    Very good protection against pests such as the server ;)
    But could not Claim trees and similar objects :)
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    Using Wildcards

    1. putting '*' as a permission gives that group all commands.

    BUT that is not what i want. Mods r getting all commands if im using this line

    EDIT: Got it... New Mods have to relog before arg.byass is working
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    How does this go along side Towny...

    Say two players are apart of the same town; one is logged on, and decides to build say a statue 16+blocks (Has auto claim on).. he then leaves not realizing he has auto claim on...

    Then player 2 joins, and finds out he can no longer build or even get out of the house, as he doesn't have permission to use/destroy blocks any-more...
    So player 2 would have to wait for player 1 to re-join and remove the claimed area (or add as friend)
    But if player 1 doesnt rejoin for say 3+days; player 2 may pack up his/her bag, and go to another server.


    So is it possible to make it so towny over-rides this plug-in?
    as the concept is great for when players wish to build something out of their city or town, but not have it destroyed.
    And also not to worry if they have the auto claimer on or not.


    Maybe, have the console say : Do you wish to protect this chunk
    Then the player types : /arg yes(y)
    Or /arg no(n) ; but if left alone for a few min, or milliseconds it will auto detect as a no.

    Or an /argadmin unclaim = to unclaim the chunk the another player has created
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    Is there a way to have a City type place protect it but have peoples plots inside the city and also be protected but allow them to build in their plots
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    Wouldn't a block-type whitelist be great for this?

    Like, only if you place 16+ Stone, Plank, Brick etc.
    So that dirtspam doesn't claim chunks?
  25. so wait if i understood this right
    if player builds like 4 x 4 x 4 house, it gets area of 16x16 from sky to bedrock which is protected and the house is about middle of that 16x16 area? this is just beautiful..
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    But this plugin isn't updated anymore.
  27. yes i noticed unfortunately :(
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    Was hoping in the next update you can add a feature to disable ARG on certain worlds. I have a warzone world that I want to allow griefing to happen in, but when people go to build they autoclaim the land. Yes I know they can turn it off, but they forget. So it would just be easier for me just to disable it on a world basis. If you can make that happen it would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am getting /god conflicts so many ppl are adding god mode to their plugins this one is conflicting with essentials god mode can you build a toggle in the config as to use it or not freeing up god mode to be used elsewhere. or change the /god command to /argod or something.
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    i got around the /god this is a really good plugin but the doors and switches and plates problem is killing this plugin.

    Is the plugin dead i haven't seen anything from the author posting in almost a month.
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    just set permissions in your otherworld to diss-allow ARG

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