[INACTIVE][SEC] AntiGrief v1.2.1 - Anti-Build+Anti-Grief Measures with Polygon Zone Protection [818]

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    AntiGrief v1.2.1 [Download]
    AntiGrief is a Prevention plugin with multiple aims:
    • Prevent potential griefers.
    • Control who can do what.
    • Give the server owner complete customization.
    • Define limitations based on in game created zones.
    What this means is you have complete control over who can do what on your server.
    • You can allow guests to visit your server without being able to do anything.
    • You can prevent certain actions from being used by anyone or certain groups.
      • This can be done by action, or even by item.
    • It is up to you as the server owner, you can customize every element.
    • Prevent/allow any action.
      • Prevent/allow any action with specific item customization.
    • Prevent the use of TNT/Explosions/Fire/Lava/Water.
    • Prevent Mob Targeting (I.e. Prevent griefing via lured creepers).
    • Prevent players from damaging other players.
    • Prevent players from receiving damage in multiple ways.
    • Prevention of the usage of vehicles.
    • Prevent on a per-world basis.
    • Prevent via user defined polygon zones.
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Compiled with 818

    Version 1.3 [coming soon]:
    • Zones now have enter and exit messages
    • New zone commands to add enter and exit message and command to delete zones
    • Ability to prevent explosions in a zone
    • Ability to prevent creature (by type) from spawning in a zone
    • Fixes to zone creation and visualization (unable to break visualizing blocks)
    • Users can only modify the zones they created
    • Ability to modify the area of a zone
    • Can modify points while creating a zone
    • Ability to set default actions allowed inside a zone
    • Slight modification to the main configuration file (prevent_nodes is nodes.prevent again and allow_nodes is nodes.allow again) - this way nodes.prevent/allow follows the same logic as prevent/allow when preventing/allowing an item based on a certain action
    • The ability to disable an item completely outright or by group/user
    • Other fixes/enhancements
    Version 1.0.3:
    • Fixed a logic error dealing with preventing items (<node>.prevent)
    Version 1.0.2:
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Fixed zones - they now work properly and match main configuration format.
    • Changed some nodes around
    • Some changes to config format.
    • Prevent item use added back
    • Fix for door interactions
    If upgrading to 1.0.2+ it is recommended that you let AG re-create your configuration files. I know it is a pain, but the new changes/increase customization required some shuffling/creation of settings that need a new format (mostly re-naming).

    AG requires GroupManager or Permissions although GroupManager is recommended for use with AG!

    Report Issues

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    Could this plugin be used to protect a set area such as the Spawn from PvP? So for example, a player has to be X blocks from spawn (Or be outside a defined area) in order for PvP to work?
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    The Guest group is still not being ignored by Creepers with this default.yml:
        prevent: []
        prevent: [49]
        prevent: ['damage',
        allow: []
        allow: [64, 70, 72]
        allow: []
          prevent: ['ignite']
          allow: ['ignite']
          allow: ['ignite']
          allow: ['ignite']
          prevent: ['ignite',
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    Is this what servers use to create giant protection rings in the sky?
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    Just popping in... i'll try to answer the questions and get a new version out sometime... finals and then graduation for me so quite a busy last few weeks.

    @EnigmaticMiner - Not sure what you mean about protection rings... but you could create protected areas...

    @crazydog - the creeper node has been changed to target_creeper, I added targeting nodes for each entity.

    @supermatio12312 - short answer: yes, long: you can define areas and then prevent players from inflicting damage on other users

    @Bipen - make sure your config is allowing the use of these items, or you are not accidentally preventing them somehow

    @Jessicadawn - I have not had the chance to test, so I don't know if anything in the new version of bukkit would break it... I assume it does, unless someone says otherwise (Have had no time to test/check for myself)
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    Hi, are we OK for 733?
    I'll test it on my server, unlucky users tonight if it doesn't work, and lucky griefers... :p
    Backup time!
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    This is not working for me on 733 bukkit update. I can't create points and my regions are not protecting anymore. Please fix!
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    I just tested with 733 and everything seemed to be working for me...
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    My apologies, all is well as of now. Thank you for the great plugin!
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    It works for me, the block break/place part that is, I didnt check items/interactions, but thats OK for me for now.

    Ohoh, this becoming a real WG competitor, and I only want it for the Anti-block-create/break + Anti-item-interaction (that last part not offered by AntiBuild as of my knowledge).
    Can you make this (optional) worldwide? so I can dump the HigherExplosions plugin (LESS plugins for a change). I only want all explosions be able to do damage to players, and not blocks, thats it...
    Hmmm, soon I have two complete zone protection plugins, WorldGuard and AntiGrief, I'll only use WG though.
    Could you make the entire AG zones feature be turned on/off to reduce server load? Or wont it matter as long I dont use any of those features?

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    @OrtwinS - you can turn AG zone protection off, you won't gain much performance. With it off it skips the check of seeing if the player is in a zone or not (but if no zones exist it does not really mater either way).

    I'll also incorporate the explosion thing as a general setting that AG takes care of.
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    I found a bug, when you destroy a sign it appears again but blank with no info so you need to enter again to the server to see the information of the sign. Using building #714
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    OK, but I wonder how much performance all the zone-features actually cost.
    My primary (only) use for it is to make the 'build: false' for my guests work, so they cant break/build or even pick up items. I
    f all those extra features (in use or not) make the entire plugin more 'bulky' it might be better for me to go back to AntiBuild (which is now incorporating more anti-interaction features, besides the anti block break/build).

    If you can simply say: having no zones defined = near same performance as if the zone features weren't there I'm happy.
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    And I quote: "having no zones defined = near same performance as if the zone features weren't there." :D

    If you really want to see the difference here it is:
    If you specifically have zones turned off this happens:
    if (getValue("settings", "zones.enable").equals(true)) {
    So the zone code never gets called if it is turned off, however if it is enabled, this check gets called:
    AntiGriefZoneProtectionWorld world = worlds.get(player_.getWorld().getName());
    if (world == null) throw new AntiGriefZoneProtectionException("No zones defined!");
    worlds is a hashmap of all the worlds with zones which has O(1) lookup cost... which if no zones are defined then the hashmap is empty and returns null, then it immediately kicks out and zone checking is done. You lose one if check. :D


    @Godwar101 - I believe this is a bug with bukkit or Minecraft
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    Thanks for the reply ...

    Amazing plugin, thanks :)
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    from the Wiki,

    "Now that your zone is created, only you will be able to do anything in your zone."

    Does this include simple 'interactions' like opening a wooden door?.. or do these have to be specifically set?

    I tested this, created a simple zone called test where the yml file looked like this:

    parent: null
    points: ['-16,75,295',
    creator: 'xsol'

    In this square, I put a wooden door and two torches, then changed to my other minecraft account I use for testing;

    I could both destroy the torches , and wooden door. It seems the zone protection does not work? Regarding permissions, the testing account had build = true, so it was not affect by the global antigrief.
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    Cognito guy

    Is there a node for no falling damage?
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    For some reason, noone can build, like members in the "Trial" group.

            default: true
                prefix: 'Spectator'
                suffix: ''
                build: false
            inheritance: ''
            - essentials.msg
            default: false
                prefix: 'Trial'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            inheritance: ''
            - lwc.protect
            - buildtrue
            - essentials.helpop
            - essentials.mail.send
    Default AG Config:

      prevent_nodes: []
      prevent_nodes: ['break',
      allow_nodes: []
        allow: []
        allow: [64]
        allow: []
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    I have my Admin group set to all commands, and i know that works.

    When i first tried making a zone a zone, everything seemed to be working. I made the zone then i deleted it because i thought i did the dimensions wrong.

    Next /ag command i tried didnt work, theo nly one that did work was /ag -r
    I tried reloading and restarting the server but it doesnt fix it...


    Also do you need to make every corner of a zone or just 2 corners like in cuboid or worldedit?
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    CB 670 - inactive
    changelog has to show two latest changes here, the rest can be somewhere else
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    Mind updating the thread title & 'reactivating' your plugin?
    I can report it still works perfectly on RB 766

    Would be a shame if this plugin would be forgotten.
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    Yea, i'll try to do something later tonight... I had planned that big update awhile ago, but then life took over and have not had a lot of time. Don't know if I'll get the new features I planned in, but will at least compile with latest version!
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    hmm yes would be a shame - I use this as my base anti-grief for all newcomers.. =)
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    I am just going to wait until 1.6 is ready and patched before releasing an update!
  25. So crowe, will AntiGrief be reactivated now?
  26. Nice, works with cb 818
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    Updated, note there was some features that I am working on but have not had time to finish... compiled with latest version to get a compatible release out. It is considered BETA, please report any issues!

    (Note I am extremely busy but will be doing my best to keep this up to date and continue upgrades!)
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    Build: false does not work anymore, suddenly realized guests could build and do stuff after updating (no errors or anything)
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    @arthoz - just did a few tests, was not able to duplicate. Note I am testing with Group Manager and have not tested against the latest version of permissions.
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    I'm using groupmanager with groupbridge myself, i'll test some more on testserver to see if i can find whats causing it =)
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    There might be more to your claim... but I am finding it within protected zones (with the opposite effect).
    Rather those who should be able to build can't... lol...
    I'll try to get a fix or updated AG soon... it seems like the previous build worked just fine, so in the mean time if nothing else, just fall back one version.

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