[INACTIVE][SEC] AntiGrief v1.2.1 - Anti-Build+Anti-Grief Measures with Polygon Zone Protection [818]

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    AntiGrief v1.2.1 [Download]
    AntiGrief is a Prevention plugin with multiple aims:
    • Prevent potential griefers.
    • Control who can do what.
    • Give the server owner complete customization.
    • Define limitations based on in game created zones.
    What this means is you have complete control over who can do what on your server.
    • You can allow guests to visit your server without being able to do anything.
    • You can prevent certain actions from being used by anyone or certain groups.
      • This can be done by action, or even by item.
    • It is up to you as the server owner, you can customize every element.
    • Prevent/allow any action.
      • Prevent/allow any action with specific item customization.
    • Prevent the use of TNT/Explosions/Fire/Lava/Water.
    • Prevent Mob Targeting (I.e. Prevent griefing via lured creepers).
    • Prevent players from damaging other players.
    • Prevent players from receiving damage in multiple ways.
    • Prevention of the usage of vehicles.
    • Prevent on a per-world basis.
    • Prevent via user defined polygon zones.
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Compiled with 818

    Version 1.3 [coming soon]:
    • Zones now have enter and exit messages
    • New zone commands to add enter and exit message and command to delete zones
    • Ability to prevent explosions in a zone
    • Ability to prevent creature (by type) from spawning in a zone
    • Fixes to zone creation and visualization (unable to break visualizing blocks)
    • Users can only modify the zones they created
    • Ability to modify the area of a zone
    • Can modify points while creating a zone
    • Ability to set default actions allowed inside a zone
    • Slight modification to the main configuration file (prevent_nodes is nodes.prevent again and allow_nodes is nodes.allow again) - this way nodes.prevent/allow follows the same logic as prevent/allow when preventing/allowing an item based on a certain action
    • The ability to disable an item completely outright or by group/user
    • Other fixes/enhancements
    Version 1.0.3:
    • Fixed a logic error dealing with preventing items (<node>.prevent)
    Version 1.0.2:
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Fixed zones - they now work properly and match main configuration format.
    • Changed some nodes around
    • Some changes to config format.
    • Prevent item use added back
    • Fix for door interactions
    If upgrading to 1.0.2+ it is recommended that you let AG re-create your configuration files. I know it is a pain, but the new changes/increase customization required some shuffling/creation of settings that need a new format (mostly re-naming).

    AG requires GroupManager or Permissions although GroupManager is recommended for use with AG!

    Report Issues

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    Can't wait for this to be updated love it :)
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    Any idea when you will have an update?
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    Please update this plugin to 617+
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    Thanks for all your hard work on this. Looking forward to the update for 617+ :D
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    Any news?
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    Hopefully soon! :D
    I'v been in the process of completely restructuring the way AG configurations work, this way you can fully customize every element (i.e):

    - prevent building of certain blocks and prevent destroying certain blocks, but having these values be different.
    - better customization of individual groups and users (no more permission nodes, instead you define them in the specific world config, and have full control over each element).
    - A fuller global prevent of specific items.
    - A new hierarchy of prevent/allow, this way you can global prevent something, but if it is defined for a specific group/user as allowed, then they can still use it (and vice-versa).
    - And with this I am working on the system so it can read your old values so the transition is a smooth one, even though there might be some bumps since the new method has so much more customization.
    - And hopefully all done in a way that is logical and easy :p
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    I'm kind of confused on how to use this plugin. Is there a way that I can only prevent the use of flint and steel (or any igniting of blocks) and buckets for a single user group?
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    I take it that means 'soon' :D, very nice.

    Without your plugin I use a whitelist system, but it discourages possible new members...
    With AG, they can enter, awe at our awesome cities and community, so they really want to join.
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    Are you expecting to have it out tonight?
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    afffffffff I need this for my server lol.
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    Sorry guys, birthday weekend, so it mostly kept me away from the computer :)
    I got a lot done tonight, but am having some issues while testing, but have to call it a night. Maybe tomorrow but no promises :X
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    Can't wait, really need this plugin :)
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    Yeah same here my server has like spawn blocked off becasue we have had so much griefing from new players its horrible. Happy birthday and hope its today!
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    I wonder, what exactly is the difference between AntiBuild and AntiGrief?
    I know AG added extras, like the zone protection, but what more? I have Worldguard for the zones (also polygonal now :D), but are there more differences? The discriptions are not that clear
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    affffffffffffff I neeed this. lol
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    Pretty much. Only difference is that Anti-Build only prevents building where as this provides additional blocks. Anti-Build is at the least a decent drop-in replacement until this gets updated.
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    crap, I really need AG, antibuild is not enough, 2 jerks were able to access chests and break stuff anyway...
    that will be a whitelist for the time being....
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    How long to wait? any eta coming up soon?
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    Ok update released :D
    Note this is being treated as an alpha release to get a release out there.
    I have not had the time to transition zones yet, so they have been disabled. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. I am working on them now.

    Second note, I know there is a bug with interact with a door on right click. Got to get that sorted out. Also note:
    NODES HAVE CHANGED A LOT! The program will auto convert paths, but you will need to modify your configuration files.

    Also, permission nodes have been removed, instead you now define everything in the specific world configuration file. This should give you greater customization.
    (Check the first post, I will be updating it with more info as I get time).

    (Note if you just downloaded, I forgot to remove some output debugging, so re-download... otherwise there will be a lot of stuff in your log you probably don't care about.)

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    I was just about to come and moan about that :p
    Thanks a lot, you rock ! <3
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    everytime i try
    /ag zone create [name]
    it tells me to reload the plugin even after reloading aswell as restarting the server.
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    As crowebird mentioned, he's disabled zones for the time being.
  25. Greetings, since the update, just the Admins can bulid, all the other groups can't.
    Permissions hasn't changed and I let AntiGrief create a new configuration file.
    No error output. Just the you can't build message.
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    same here
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    @Hiramas and @Th4natos - hmm, so far I have not been able to reproduce, maybe post config files (note I have not been able to test everything, so I may be missing something).


    Update to 1.0.1a
    I have added back zone protection,
    note I have changed the way zone commands work:
    /ag -z [zonename] -c //will begin the zone creation process
    /ag -z [zonename] -s //will stop the zone creation process
    /ag -z [zonename] -v //will visualize the zone
    /ag -z [zonename] -f //will complete the zone creation process

    /ag -z [zonename] -au [username] //will add user to the zone
    /ag -z [zonename] -ag [groupname] //will add group to the zone
    /ag -z [zonename] -du [username] //will delete user from the zone
    /ag -z [zonename] -dg [groupname] //will delete the group from the zone

    Note this is untested -- please let me know!
  28. The config file is the original created by the plugin. So no changes there. I went through the other plugins we use, but there is none which could be a suspect of messing AntiGrief up.
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    Rich Boos

    Have you updated the entire OP with the 1.0 and higher instructions? I migrated from before the recent big changes and my Stranger's group can break blocks when they previously couldn't. Here is my default.yml:
        prevent: []
        prevent: ['damage',
        allow: []
        allow: [64]
        allow: []
    And here is my GroupManager Permission
        default: true
        - antigrief.prevent.block.damage
        - essentials.kit
        - essentials.kit.firsthome
        - iConomy.list
        - iConomy.payment
        - mcdocs.*
        - SpawnX.spawn
        inheritance: []
          prefix: '&7'
          build: true
          suffix: ''
    Previously this setup let us not have to use a white list because this default stranger group couldn't do anything (unless someone left a check unlocked).
    If anyone has any advice let me know.
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    The permission antigrief.prevent.block.damage won't do anything anymore so you can get rid of that. Also you have build: true for the stranger group, which in your AG config, buildtrue is not set to prevent anything. You need to set that group to build: false inorder for the buildfalse nodes to start preventing.
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    Rich Boos

    Many thanks! I prefer not to use a whitelist because I absolutely HATE that every website these days wants you to register an account with them to do anything. 9/10 ten times I never need to return again.

    So I applied the same logic to minecraft. What if you spend the time to register on a forum, check your email for activation, go back to forums to request the whitelist, wait to be approved... and then it turns out you hate the server and never come back.

    Your plugin allows me to keep our world safe while saving people time in their lives. Thank you.

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