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    AntiGrief v1.2.1 [Download]
    AntiGrief is a Prevention plugin with multiple aims:
    • Prevent potential griefers.
    • Control who can do what.
    • Give the server owner complete customization.
    • Define limitations based on in game created zones.
    What this means is you have complete control over who can do what on your server.
    • You can allow guests to visit your server without being able to do anything.
    • You can prevent certain actions from being used by anyone or certain groups.
      • This can be done by action, or even by item.
    • It is up to you as the server owner, you can customize every element.
    • Prevent/allow any action.
      • Prevent/allow any action with specific item customization.
    • Prevent the use of TNT/Explosions/Fire/Lava/Water.
    • Prevent Mob Targeting (I.e. Prevent griefing via lured creepers).
    • Prevent players from damaging other players.
    • Prevent players from receiving damage in multiple ways.
    • Prevention of the usage of vehicles.
    • Prevent on a per-world basis.
    • Prevent via user defined polygon zones.
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Compiled with 818

    Version 1.3 [coming soon]:
    • Zones now have enter and exit messages
    • New zone commands to add enter and exit message and command to delete zones
    • Ability to prevent explosions in a zone
    • Ability to prevent creature (by type) from spawning in a zone
    • Fixes to zone creation and visualization (unable to break visualizing blocks)
    • Users can only modify the zones they created
    • Ability to modify the area of a zone
    • Can modify points while creating a zone
    • Ability to set default actions allowed inside a zone
    • Slight modification to the main configuration file (prevent_nodes is nodes.prevent again and allow_nodes is nodes.allow again) - this way nodes.prevent/allow follows the same logic as prevent/allow when preventing/allowing an item based on a certain action
    • The ability to disable an item completely outright or by group/user
    • Other fixes/enhancements
    Version 1.0.3:
    • Fixed a logic error dealing with preventing items (<node>.prevent)
    Version 1.0.2:
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Fixed zones - they now work properly and match main configuration format.
    • Changed some nodes around
    • Some changes to config format.
    • Prevent item use added back
    • Fix for door interactions
    If upgrading to 1.0.2+ it is recommended that you let AG re-create your configuration files. I know it is a pain, but the new changes/increase customization required some shuffling/creation of settings that need a new format (mostly re-naming).

    AG requires GroupManager or Permissions although GroupManager is recommended for use with AG!

    Report Issues

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  2. I just switched to your plugin, but i can't get it to work at all.
    My Default group as build:false, and i am just using your plugins default configuration.
    The only other plugin i am running is groupmanager to handle my permissions.

    Default group members can still place, destroy etc. stuff, even when i change the config from "lowest" to "highest"
    no errors are given either, not ingame, in the console or the server log. And it does say that the plugin is loaded

    changed the wrong user to Default group, it DOES work :D
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    I love this plugin! What would make me love it even more is to be able to prevent placement of lava. It's basically the most common grief tool, and I don't know of any other way to prevent it per-group.
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    Thank you for awaring me of GroupManager, so much nicer than permissions, seamless upgrade! awesome! Also, thanks for Antigreif, its fantastic as well :D
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    Regarding permissions 2.1, I will look into adding an option for it by this weekend, but my first attempt was giving me errors.

    @Fuzzylightning - you know somehow I completely skipped over lava use, I will support it next update.

    Glad it is working out for you guys :)
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    yay, tested on groupmanager and works great!

    Many thanks for this plugin, it is very usefull, even if you dont need a actual anti-buiuld plugin. Me for example, im seting now groups with skills, and those null damage thingy are just what I was looking for.
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    this works with essentials group manager? Or is this another group manger ur talking about?
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    Essential group manager is the same as anjo caido's group manager. They started to assemble it.
    If it doesnt work with the essentials one, just download anjos, there shouldnt be much diference.
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    ^_^; Does this mean I'll be able to use AntiGrief with permissions 2.1? (cause I really can't switch to something else for the time being)

    I found this plugin, desperately needing an alternative to AntiBuild, since that's not really working anymore.. Only to realize the latest version doesn't work with Permissions 2.1. T_T
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    Same here!
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    Isnt permission 2.1 full of bugs and is incomplete? D:
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    Using Bukkit and latest AntiGrief and I have weird problem:

    New (noob) player cannot destroy anything, ok, just like it should, but when I move to them to vip- class (build:true), they still cannot do anything, even relog doesnt help.

    What gives?
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    Default users can still erase the text on signs by breaking them once. The sign automatically re-appears, but it's blank.
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    Does this have any known conflicts with WorldGuard?
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    This is a client side issue. Reconnecting fixes the sign.
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    So, is this updated?
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Has anyone noticed the fact that people with build:false can still remove and place paintings on the wall? This is most annoying with visitors who can't control themselves from trying to break stuff...
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    @Fuzzylightning - you know I did some testing, and AntiGrief already cancels lava use - I believe it is canceled as part of the player use action.

    @Pr4w - I am looking into a way to prevent this.
    Currently I don't plan to move back to permissions, an update for GroupManager should cast permissions 2.1 allowing plugins developed for 2.1 to still work.
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    2011-02-25 12:14:03 [INFO] A plugin cancelled the block start break event
    This is spamming my log anytime a visitor clicks a block in any way. I have hundreds of this message in my log. I'm sure it has to do with CB and not your plugin since it never happened before I had to update for 1.3, but if you know of any way I could fix it please let me know.

    Thanks for all your work and help. I love your plugin!
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    Updated to 0.6!

    A few notes on the changes. The configuration file has been restructured again. You can allow it to rebuild by deleting you current configuration or make the following changes:
    level is now priorityLevel
    affects is now buildFalseNodes
    canInteract is now allowInteract
    AND a new parameter allowItem has been added

    The new node player.damage.cause has been added allowing you to prevent a player without build rights (or added as a custom permission) from damaging another entity.
    ALSO all the entity.damage nodes have been renamed to player.damage.take!

    See plugin information and changelog for more info!
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    Ah I see. That's great! Do you mean the player.item node? I.e. would I use antigrief.prevent.player.item on the usergroup, and then use allowItem to determine a list of non-objectionable items? (with lava obviously omitted)

    The outcome I'm trying to achieve is a usergroup that is able to build, destroy and use doors and chests normally, with the exception of not being able to use lava.
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    @fuzzy, yea that would do exactly as you are looking for (at least it should :)) let me know if there are any unexpected issues.

    @Etalyx - yea I think it has to do with Bukkit, as I am not adding those messages... as of now I know of no way to prevent them :/
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    Thank you so much for updating this. I sure hope it works.
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    Kevin Forte

    I have one question, and that is does the build:false still function or do I change that to build:true and then add in the appropriate nodes to prevent building?

    Also (I apologize for the double post) but can you post the update source for this plugin here? I was told by my cmd prompt to tell you that haha. (The link is to the plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate, apparently plugin update checks have been added)

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    Build false is the main goal of the plugin :D, what it does is it checks the buildFalseNodes in the AntiGrief config to see what nodes to prevent on that user. Adding permission nodes is an extended feature in case there is extra customization that you want to add to a specific group/user.

    And sent message for CraftBukkitUpToDate.
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    Kevin Forte

    Ah, alright, and thanks! One annoying message that will no longer clutter my cmd :p Lastly, s it possible in the future for this to be usable with Pheonix's new rebuild of Permissions?
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    Soul Reaper

    what would be cool to implement is to have one area where you could unprotect where havoc can run amok.
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    @Kevin, yea next upgrade i'll look to support both.

    @Soul, could be in a future update :)
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    hello, it's possible to :
    allow my user to build on world1 but don't allow that on world2 ?

    Thank you !
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    Hi ! Thanks for your plugin. It's a very good job :)
    But how to send a message when a guest is not allowed to build please ?

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