[INACTIVE][SEC] AntiGrief v1.2.1 - Anti-Build+Anti-Grief Measures with Polygon Zone Protection [818]

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    AntiGrief v1.2.1 [Download]
    AntiGrief is a Prevention plugin with multiple aims:
    • Prevent potential griefers.
    • Control who can do what.
    • Give the server owner complete customization.
    • Define limitations based on in game created zones.
    What this means is you have complete control over who can do what on your server.
    • You can allow guests to visit your server without being able to do anything.
    • You can prevent certain actions from being used by anyone or certain groups.
      • This can be done by action, or even by item.
    • It is up to you as the server owner, you can customize every element.
    • Prevent/allow any action.
      • Prevent/allow any action with specific item customization.
    • Prevent the use of TNT/Explosions/Fire/Lava/Water.
    • Prevent Mob Targeting (I.e. Prevent griefing via lured creepers).
    • Prevent players from damaging other players.
    • Prevent players from receiving damage in multiple ways.
    • Prevention of the usage of vehicles.
    • Prevent on a per-world basis.
    • Prevent via user defined polygon zones.
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Compiled with 818

    Version 1.3 [coming soon]:
    • Zones now have enter and exit messages
    • New zone commands to add enter and exit message and command to delete zones
    • Ability to prevent explosions in a zone
    • Ability to prevent creature (by type) from spawning in a zone
    • Fixes to zone creation and visualization (unable to break visualizing blocks)
    • Users can only modify the zones they created
    • Ability to modify the area of a zone
    • Can modify points while creating a zone
    • Ability to set default actions allowed inside a zone
    • Slight modification to the main configuration file (prevent_nodes is nodes.prevent again and allow_nodes is nodes.allow again) - this way nodes.prevent/allow follows the same logic as prevent/allow when preventing/allowing an item based on a certain action
    • The ability to disable an item completely outright or by group/user
    • Other fixes/enhancements
    Version 1.0.3:
    • Fixed a logic error dealing with preventing items (<node>.prevent)
    Version 1.0.2:
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Fixed zones - they now work properly and match main configuration format.
    • Changed some nodes around
    • Some changes to config format.
    • Prevent item use added back
    • Fix for door interactions
    If upgrading to 1.0.2+ it is recommended that you let AG re-create your configuration files. I know it is a pain, but the new changes/increase customization required some shuffling/creation of settings that need a new format (mostly re-naming).

    AG requires GroupManager or Permissions although GroupManager is recommended for use with AG!

    Report Issues

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    Can this plugin help me create a zone where only a certain rank is allow to build?
    Want to create a Proving Grounds kinda thing were only the rank Trainee can build. Will this help me with that?
    If so, how do I set it up?

    Thank you =)
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    Yes it will, but I recommend using the second to most recent build. Also I'm not sure if that build has the feature to add groups in game (you will have to do it manually).

    Essentially: /ag -z <zonename> -c < will create the zone
    /ag -z -f < will complete the zone.

    You will then manually have to edit the .yml file created for that zone in the AG folder and add groups: groupname... etc. It should be documented in the wiki.

    once done type /ag -r < will reload ag to accept the changes.

    I plan on a big update, it is just finding the time that is the hard part.
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    Thank you Crowebird =)
    Does this conflict with worldguard? Im happy with worldguard but it doesnt let me create a zone like this.
    I installed the plugin and launched it but it doesnt seem to be working, at all =(
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    this plugin should be compatible. In the plugin config there is a an option about priorityLevel that lets you choose how AG Should run. I dont know exactly where world guard runs on, but if you are finding any conflicts I recommend changing the level AG runs. (Essentially what happens is AG will make a change, and then worldguard (or another program) will alter that change, or vice-versa... with priorityLevel I am letting you choose when AG runs. I'd experiment with the levels if you are having issues.)

    With all that said, I had started an update awhile ago... then graduated college, got a full time job, have less and less time (rather other priorities) and updates to bukkit/minecraft have since come out... I might have broken something during the changes and then tried to push a 818 compatible version. From what I hear AG Version 1.0.3 was still working fine even against the latest 818 (and now 860). If AG is not working as expected, i'd stick with that release.

    Sorry for any inconvenience! But hope you enjoy AG (assuming it works :p)
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    Hmmm ok, I think I got it to work.
    Is there a command for deleting a zone? Cant find one.

    Also, why do I have to select three places to make zone. I dont understand how that works :S Im used to just marking 2 spots. Like with cuboid.
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    My zone protection isn't cuboid based, its polygon based.. The idea behind it is you can define any shaped polygon to make your zone. I plan on implementing a cuboid based version, as well as 3d polygon (height defined) zones eventually as well.

    So to make a simple cubed based area you do need to define 4 points and the protected zone will extend from the floor of the world to the sky (have not worked on height defined zones). In my experience I never wanted just a straight box for protection, always just wanted to define an odd shaped area to only fit certain creations or a large random area, which is why I did polygon protection over cuboid for my first attempt.
  8. Source in the download? Where can I get the source besides GitHub, I hate GitHub. I want to try and update it, and try and keep it updated, since it seems useful.
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    Why is this plugin marked inactive if it is still being developed? :s
  10. Its not, he said he doesn't really have time to develop it further, that why I requested the source, so I could continue it.
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    ? But I am still developing it....
    Just slowly.
  12. Sorry, just mis-interpreted then.
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    Well good on both counts :) Its a good plugin.
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    Hey Crowe, any chance on being able to add other users in game to a specified Protected Zone?

    also looking forward to "Ability to prevent explosions in a zone". Had an idea for a Bruce Lee - Game of Death, tower of mob fights...

    Great Plugin! Keep up the good work! Hope you find some time to code. :p
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    Thanks :D
    I'm slowly pushing out a new update, hopefully around the corner after the 1.7 update.

    I'll set a goal for around 2 weeks, hopefully I can stick to that.
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  16. Current version still works on CB953! Huzzah! Antigrief is fundamental for our greylist.
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    So is crowebird still working on this plugin?
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    This is one of my most important plugins! It's a crying shame,
    that no one update this plugin!

    Ok, it works with #1000, but now the BukkitPermissions System is on.
    (I hate it, I use GM *g*)

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