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    VAMPIRES v0.1: 'The Thirst'
    Download Vampires v0.1

    This is a proof-of-concept and will be developed over time to be a more complete plugin experience.

    This plugin creates a new race of players with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.
    It can be used with or without an RPG server setting, and only have it applied to specific groups/users.
    Vampires will fear the day, but triumph the night.

    - 4x damage with hand combat.
    - Receive health (suck blood) back when using hand combat or a rose.
    - Receive no fall damage
    - Vampires can use a Rose (right click) to unlight themselves from fire.
    - Mobs don't target Vampires (Not yet implemented, need to put an event into Bukkit)

    - Vampires burn in sunlight
    - Vampires burn in too high of a light level (standing on top of a torch or lightstone block)
    - If a player hits a vampire with a stick, it's an instant kill
    - Vampires cannot go in water (be prepared to build a coffin boat)

    VAMPIRES can work fine as a standalone plugin. However, using groups (with Permissions) can make it even better.

    As a default, using the command /vamp will toggle your vampire status. This works with or without Permissions.

    There are two permissions you can give users/groups.
    vampire.command - Allows the player to switch their group using /vamp
    vampire.vampire - The player will be automatically put in the vampire group
    (and a secret group vampire.notvampire) - Used to stop admins from always being a vampire

    This is a preview release. I wanted to see what everyone thought and see what direction people wanted this to go. So feel free to suggest/comment on what there is.

    Some things I'm planning on adding:
    - Mobs not targeting Vampires, event added to Bukkit
    - Vampire-Resistant items
    - Vampire spreading (after the bite)
    - Sparkly vampires just for @kexus
    - Sun protection (pumpkins?)
    - Custom on/off messages
    - Sending (not spawning) mobs to attack particular player
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    @kexus : I really like that :3 I may start working on that

    @Haerar : Ah, yea, I'll get rid of the food items healing people. And yea, I can further develop how sucking blood works, right now it's equal for any mob that you hit, but I'll change that up.

    @AbsolutePolak : In the next update :) I just added the event I needed into (Craft)Bukkit, so now that's a possibility. I'm trying to decide whether mobs should attack vampires if the vampires attack the mobs, or if they're still passive against them.
    It also made me think of an idea where Vampires could command nearby mobs to attack a specific player (kind of like Dracula did w/ the wolves in Bram Stoker's Dracula). Which I'll also need to add a few things to CraftBukkit to do that.

    @DagDurnick : yea, in the next update I'll put that in, mine are kinda lame :3
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    I definitely see a lot of potential in this. It would be amazing if it became a full races plugin. I had an idea for 2 races, Goblins and Dwarves.

    They would both mine quicker with a pick-axe. Dwarves would have more health, and goblins would deal more damage with swords. Goblins burn in very bright light, but can go out in day as long as they stay in the shade. Mobs ignore goblins. I was also thinking about something like they have a chance of collecting iron ingots from iron ore.
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    great plugin idea, would love a modifiable races plugin like stated before with toggle-able abilities/weaknesses with varying levels. say for water: [water: damage/second (-1(immune), 0 (normal), 1+(damage over time)]
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    I love it. Also, I was thinking that for the vampires, could you add a way to make it so only admins can use /vamp? It might already be there, I'm generally clueless. And if that exists, can you make it so you can cure yourself? I.e. killing 3 players?
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    OK. See? I'm clueless, most of the time.
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    @Vilmos : Yea, I'll be removing the rose thing, and adding that as protection for non-vampires, like you suggested. ;)
    And thanks for the link, I might pull a few things out of that.
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    I had a funny idea. What if when you are a vampire and you bit someone, you "ride" them for a bit (like the pig saddles in-game), like you attached to their neck. Maybe the victim can do something to get you off sooner, of you just stay there for 5 seconds in a "YEEHAW!" moment, but it cracked me up to think someone whipping around, trying to get a vampire off, blood spraying everywhere.

    Ok, I'm deranged :p
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    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 5:52 AM ---
    i cant get this to work, (i have no idea how .class files work so i have been using .jar)
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    Could you add an option so we can determine how often a user can switch between vamp or not? Or permanently disable it so once they switch, they cant switch back?
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    @riuthamus had a great idea! It would be nice if admins would be able to make changes.

    Also for vampires plugins. After you will add the bite option for vampires to spread think about vampires generations. When admins would enable an option in some .yml file the first vampire will be the strongest one and any newer generations of vampire would be weaker.
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    Err; first post, you've crossed off the (Not yet implemented) for the 'Mobs do not target vampires' - Walking along at night, see a skeleton, and I (as a vampire, of course) walk over thinking "Hey, sup? :D" - Skeleton shoots me, and I was only trying to be friendly. :(
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    Could you make a seperate "Race Template" plugin or give me some advice on how I would go about coding strenths and weaknesses?

    This looks fun but the only problem I have is this: users on the server I moderate have started a race of vampire like beings called eternals, these suck life from trees and plants...wish they had gone with real vamprism.
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    Hopefully you didnt forget about this plugin lol. BTW the water thing is sorta annoying. you die way too fast, and people are over using it on vamps in my server. a vamp gets near they place a bukkit of water and they die and lose everything they have.
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    Or maybe Night eye from oblivion so you can see in the dark
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    So can you possibly make elves? Like the opposite of vampires? Better during the day, and they are the "arch enemies" of vampires? Thanks.
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    Btw, im running vampire on my server and no one (including non vampires) are taking fall damage, also, i noticed that in the new craftkbukkit builds u have Entity death event or something like that, this could allow you to make vampires reproduce by killing players ;). It would also be fun if the vampire stats could be modified in a separate text file, so we could edit the damage they do, the ammounts of hearths they gain per hit, how much damage from the sun and water they take. (because its hard to get out of a boat without getting wet)
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    Tried this plugin this evening, aaaand Mobs still chase me :) But everything else is great !
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    Instant Death with a stick? I still dont see this as a reasonable thing.. Maybe Stunned for 2 secs? So players can attack you? but Instant kill?
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    Instead of instant death with a stick, how about a 25% chance of instant death?
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    Good idea.
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    I wanted to try your plugin, but I downloaded it, and it was a .zip, so I unzip it, and I see the normal .jar stuff. So I just rename it from .zip to .jar, nothing really worked, other than a bunch of errors. Am I installing it right?
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    Currently it looks as though this plugin needs to be updated for current CraftBukkit iterations. The JAR is loaded and permissions assigned accordingly, but no errors show and commands are not recognized.
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    Good to know that it wasn't simply me failing to find out how to install it.
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    btw Nuckchorris, your not supposed to rename the zip file into a jar file, ur supposed to extract it (right click and extract)
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    And do what with it? I just said I had no idea where to put it and the inside of the archive looked like the inside of other jars. And thanks, I know how to extract files.
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    Strange. Is anyone else having issues with enemies turning Invisible using this? I've just created a new test server where I removed every single plugin at the time and tried each one single handed- This one was apparently the one causing all the issues. Which is a real pain as I really love this plugin :(

    As there are no errors to report I cannot do that but rather say I'm using #184. The issue appears almost always for each kill for some of my Clients but seldom for myself.
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    Seems like the plugin needs to be updated. Please, please, please keep this one alive. The idea behind this (and the possibility of future races) is awesome! [​IMG]
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    Yea, this won't work with the latest CraftBukkit, I'll be updating it soon hopefully, I've been getting ready and travelling to study abroad, so I haven't had time.

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