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    Part of the ZeroBox
    Profiles and Player interactions.​
    Download Latest Version here
    Old Versions: -
    Everything, everywhere in this plugin is case-sensitive.
    Features (open)

    <...> = Needed Options
    [...] = Optional Options
    Syntax: (Short form for /profile = /pro)
    Edit your Profile
    /profile edit <FIELD> <VALUE>
    Available fields and values can be adjusted in the config.yml.
    If you want to edit a Calendar field, you not only need to tell the numbers, but also the format.
    Here is an example of how I adjust a birthday which is displayed in the format D.M.Y:
    /pro edit Birthday 9:1:1995 D:M:Y
    Now is 9 = D, 1 = M, 1995 = Y.
    I could also do this:
    /pro edit Birthday 9:1:1995 M:D:Y
    Now is 1 = D, 9 = M, 1995 = Y.
    Watch others/your Profile
    /profile list
    Lists every field and the available values for them.
    /profile show <NAME>
    Available Names: Any, of course. If the player is logged in, you don't need the fullname, else you do.
    Zero9195 is online.
    /profile show zero - Will work
    /profile show Zero9195 - Will work
    Zero9195 is offline.
    /profile show zero - Won't work
    /profile show Zero9195 - Will work

    Upcoming Features (open)

    1. Add some Interactions.

    config.yml (open)

    With the new system, there is a new config. First, delete the old one.
    This is the Standard config.yml. If you don't have one, copy this code to your config.yml.
    header: ~~~Profile of NAME~~~
    footer: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Name: true
        Gender: true
        Location: true
        Birthday: true
        LastVisit: true
        Something: false
        Male: true
        Female: true
        Alien: true
        Birthday: D.M.Y
        LastVisit: D.M.Y h:m:s.ms
        Birthday: D:M:Y
        LastVisit: D:M:Y:h:m:s:ms
    You can enable/disable fields by simply changing the true to a false or the over way around.
    Now, you can add and delete profile fields as you want to. Follow these steps to create a new field:
    1. I will use the example field "Something". Add this line of code to the fields section in your config.yml.
                              Something: true
    2. If you want the People to be able to write everything into this field, you are ready. If you want to limit the values you can choose, add the following lines:
                              Something: true
                              Boring: true
                              Some: true
                              Thing: true
      Now people can choose either "Boring", "Some" or "Thing" for the field "Something".
    3. If you want a field to be a calendar, which means a date, a time or soemthing else involving days, months hours, minutes etc., add the lines of code:
                          SomeTime: true
                          SomeDate: true
                          SomeTime: h:m:s.ms
                          SomeDate: D.M.Y
                          SomeTime: h:m:s:ms
                          SomeDate: D:M:Y
      In this example I'm adding to new fields, "SomeTime" and "SomeDate". SomeTime is a time, which displays the time with the format h:m:s.ms. SomeDate is a date which is displayed with the format D.M.Y.
      You have to the calendarformat twice. First in "Calendar:", which is the display format, and then in "CalendarSaveFormat:", where you have to add all values (D, M, Y,...) in the same order as in the display format, but separated by ":".
      Applicable arguments here are:
      • "D" = Days of a Month
      • "M" = Months of a Year
      • "Y" = Year
      • "h" = Hour of a Day (24h) (AM and PM may follow soon)
      • "m" = Minutes of an Hour
      • "s" = Seconds
      • "ms" = Milliseconds
    4. In the standard configuration LastVisit is enabled. LastVisit tracks (what else) the last visit of the player. You can adjust the format if you want or disable it. I just like the Feature :D
    5. You can edit the header and Footer of the Profile page. Just edit the values in the config. the string "NAME" will be replaced with the players name, so make sure you use it.

    • v2.0
      • Complete Redo of how the Profiles are build. Many other bugfixes.
    • v1.0
      • Initial Release
    The ZeroBox Project
    I started the Project myself. I will create Plugins and will unite them all in this Package. As soon as I have more Plugins, you can download them all at once with this link (There is no link, I said later ;) ) Maybe you want to contribute to this Package, then just PM me.
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    This can definitely be done. Not sure about a .txt file being used but technically a .yml could be worked around for this purpose. But it would appear only in the chat area... However thanks to Spout server side and client side (both are required) its possible to let a box pop up in the screen with this text in it. Would need the Spout API to work around this.
    But really great idea! ;D

    edit: its functionality would actually be quite basic as it would need a listener for the block that was set. A listener for triggering when player interacts with it. And the bukkit API currently has these types of listeners :D
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    It would be really cool, if you add Spout with a GUI.
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    Right now, I'm coding other Plugins for Land Of Legend. When I ever have Time, this plugin here will be my first one which I will improve and I will try to add a GUI with Spout, because I am a Spout-Lover ;)
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    Hello! Is there anywhere that you listed the plugin commands? It wasn't working for my server. XP I tried /zsociety and a few other things. I looked around but didnt see them.
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    I get a 404 error when I click here.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /ZeroBox/zSociety/latest/zSociety.jar was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at moonsblade.com Port 80
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    @Shooty @ZenithV
    Fixed the Link. The plugin will work, but I don't have time to m aintain it anymore. Sorry :(
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    Thank you so much!! :D
    You're a life saver!
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    Can't you :( ?
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    Please update and add the GUI ^^
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    Can you add the feauture, that you can right click someone, than his profile will be shown ?

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