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    Part of the ZeroBox
    Profiles and Player interactions.​
    Download Latest Version here
    Old Versions: -
    Everything, everywhere in this plugin is case-sensitive.
    Features (open)

    <...> = Needed Options
    [...] = Optional Options
    Syntax: (Short form for /profile = /pro)
    Edit your Profile
    /profile edit <FIELD> <VALUE>
    Available fields and values can be adjusted in the config.yml.
    If you want to edit a Calendar field, you not only need to tell the numbers, but also the format.
    Here is an example of how I adjust a birthday which is displayed in the format D.M.Y:
    /pro edit Birthday 9:1:1995 D:M:Y
    Now is 9 = D, 1 = M, 1995 = Y.
    I could also do this:
    /pro edit Birthday 9:1:1995 M:D:Y
    Now is 1 = D, 9 = M, 1995 = Y.
    Watch others/your Profile
    /profile list
    Lists every field and the available values for them.
    /profile show <NAME>
    Available Names: Any, of course. If the player is logged in, you don't need the fullname, else you do.
    Zero9195 is online.
    /profile show zero - Will work
    /profile show Zero9195 - Will work
    Zero9195 is offline.
    /profile show zero - Won't work
    /profile show Zero9195 - Will work

    Upcoming Features (open)

    1. Add some Interactions.

    config.yml (open)

    With the new system, there is a new config. First, delete the old one.
    This is the Standard config.yml. If you don't have one, copy this code to your config.yml.
    header: ~~~Profile of NAME~~~
    footer: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Name: true
        Gender: true
        Location: true
        Birthday: true
        LastVisit: true
        Something: false
        Male: true
        Female: true
        Alien: true
        Birthday: D.M.Y
        LastVisit: D.M.Y h:m:s.ms
        Birthday: D:M:Y
        LastVisit: D:M:Y:h:m:s:ms
    You can enable/disable fields by simply changing the true to a false or the over way around.
    Now, you can add and delete profile fields as you want to. Follow these steps to create a new field:
    1. I will use the example field "Something". Add this line of code to the fields section in your config.yml.
                              Something: true
    2. If you want the People to be able to write everything into this field, you are ready. If you want to limit the values you can choose, add the following lines:
                              Something: true
                              Boring: true
                              Some: true
                              Thing: true
      Now people can choose either "Boring", "Some" or "Thing" for the field "Something".
    3. If you want a field to be a calendar, which means a date, a time or soemthing else involving days, months hours, minutes etc., add the lines of code:
                          SomeTime: true
                          SomeDate: true
                          SomeTime: h:m:s.ms
                          SomeDate: D.M.Y
                          SomeTime: h:m:s:ms
                          SomeDate: D:M:Y
      In this example I'm adding to new fields, "SomeTime" and "SomeDate". SomeTime is a time, which displays the time with the format h:m:s.ms. SomeDate is a date which is displayed with the format D.M.Y.
      You have to the calendarformat twice. First in "Calendar:", which is the display format, and then in "CalendarSaveFormat:", where you have to add all values (D, M, Y,...) in the same order as in the display format, but separated by ":".
      Applicable arguments here are:
      • "D" = Days of a Month
      • "M" = Months of a Year
      • "Y" = Year
      • "h" = Hour of a Day (24h) (AM and PM may follow soon)
      • "m" = Minutes of an Hour
      • "s" = Seconds
      • "ms" = Milliseconds
    4. In the standard configuration LastVisit is enabled. LastVisit tracks (what else) the last visit of the player. You can adjust the format if you want or disable it. I just like the Feature :D
    5. You can edit the header and Footer of the Profile page. Just edit the values in the config. the string "NAME" will be replaced with the players name, so make sure you use it.

    • v2.0
      • Complete Redo of how the Profiles are build. Many other bugfixes.
    • v1.0
      • Initial Release
    The ZeroBox Project
    I started the Project myself. I will create Plugins and will unite them all in this Package. As soon as I have more Plugins, you can download them all at once with this link (There is no link, I said later ;) ) Maybe you want to contribute to this Package, then just PM me.
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    Cool, I'll try this :) Very nice Just tried!
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    Is anyone experiencing a Performance Bug after adding this plugin? If so, remove it. It seems there si a critical Issue, but I can't tell if it's my plugin or something else on our server. I'm testing it right now.

    Okay, nevermind, it is something else. Don't know what, but it's not this plugin :D

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    Ok does this plugin allow us to configure what the profile looks like and what profile info will be displayed?

    What I mean is, I am working on an RPG server, and I wonder if this can be used as a Character Profile:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ Character Sheet ~~~~~~~~~~
    Character Name:
    Place of Birth:
    (More etc.)

    It would be cool if we can change the profile info in the config,.. so that the players can fill them out as they want. If so, this would be very useful to many RP servers.
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    This is my intention, and I will improve this plugin over time. Nothing is perfect at the beginning^^ But thx for the Idea, I will try to implement it this week. This plugin was requested by someone and I will improve it^^
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    That would really be cool,.. I am looking forward to the update. :D Also, if your up for the challenge, I have a few more plugin ideas relating to RP that will be greatly needed.
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    First let me finish this, then we can talk about new plugins :D
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    I am almost finished with´the new Version. Just a few more bugfixes and then everything should work fine :D
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    Can't wait,.. looking forward to it :D
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    And here it is! Tons of new and improved features. Have Fun!

    And now I'm finished with updating the OP. If you find any Bugs, please report them :D

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    Hey, are you there? I did this all for you xD
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    Can you add 'Licence' for exemple, an admin can give a 'licence' to a player with a simple command like /givelicence <licencename> <playername> (for licence shop for exemple)

    (sorry for bad english) thanks :)
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    Can we also have a way to administrate profiles? For instance, mods/admins/staff can edit a player's profile from in-game.

    And can there be fields that can only be seen by groups?
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    Where you from? germany? write in german because I don't understand what you mean^^
    You can administrate the profiles in the config AFTER the server has stopped. I will add commands later ;)
    Maybe, but I think it's very difficult to code that now... I will think about it ;)
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    Sorry I was in the Hospital a couple days ago recuperating from a bad reaction to a spider bite. I am installing it as I speak!!! :D:D:D
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    No i'm french but in my server we have 'shop license' for allowed the player to create a 'store' but oNLY People who had this license
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    Ah ok, i know what you mean. I think when I'm going to add the admin commands I can make it that admins can edit the fields with any value, so they don't have the restriction. You can just set the available values for the field "License" to "Noone", and then edit it per admin command.

    Oh, then get well soon! And I hope you have fun with the plugin ;)

    I just remembered you had some other ideas for RPG-plugins. If you wanna tell me, PM me or write it down here ;)

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    Ok I wanted to tell you that I installed and ran the plugin and just one word..... AWESOME!!!!!!!

    But I do have some tweak for the Profile plugin. A help file would be great, like if my players write the code in chat, instead of doing nothing, it would show an example of what to type.

    like if I wrote /profile it might say:

    To view a character sheet, please type /profile show (playersname)
    To edit your character sheet type /profile edit (field)
    Fields Available:
    Name, race, creed, something, something else, etc.

    It will also display all available fields that are set to true. This way players will know what to type and if certain fields have been removed.

    Also I do have a lot of RPG ideas actually, here's one of them!

    CHARACTER SHEET (The essential RPG plugin)

    The name of the plugin could be called Character Sheet or /char for short. It would be THE most used plugin for ALL rpg servers. Obviously it would use a lot of the same features that zSociety has available but a few more features as well.

    Currently we are using the Hero's plugin, this is very essential to our Server, however the ONE thing I have yet to see an RPG plugin do, is roll for stats. It would be SOOOOO AWESOME, if you could somehow link the Character Sheet plugin to the Heroes Plugin, and add to the character sheet something like this:

    ~ Traits ~
    Level: 4
    Strength........ [4] + 1 ( Damage )
    Dexterity....... [7] + 2 ( Reflex )
    Wisdom......... [8] + 2 ( Experience )
    Constitution.. [9] + 3 ( Health )
    (+1 to every 3rd trait score acquired)

    What I mean by linking is this, is that just having stats on a character sheet are pointless, if they don't serve a purpose. So the stats I have listed above will have to give a player bonuses. Now it is best if these bonuses tied in perfectly with the hero plugin. The example of a players traits above, is one which everyone should be able to view, and it works like this.

    The player will be required to ROLL for his initial traits. Meaning that when they type /char roll traits it will generate random numbers between 1-6 for each trait automatically. So by typing /char roll traits, all the sudden, each of the 4 traits will have a number between 1-6.

    Here is an example:

    ~ Traits ~
    Strength........ [1] + 0 ( Damage )
    Dexterity....... [2] + 0 ( Reflex )
    Wisdom......... [5] + 1 ( Experience )
    Constitution.. [4] + 1 ( Health )
    (+1 to every 3rd trait score acquired)

    Now there will be limits in the config of max-rerolls which the maximum times a player is alowed to re-roll their traits if they think the roll they have is too low. The default should be 3. After the 3rd re-roll, then they get a message that says Sorry, but you can not roll anymore.

    What do players level up?

    Firstly I should mention that the players ALL start at level 1. Now they gain experience by how long they play on the server. Like every 5 minutes they are online, they get 1 experience point. ( ALL CONFIGURABLE). Every time they gain a level they get to ASSIGN 1 point to to any ONE of the 5 skills they have. So lets say I reach level 2, I get a message that says, You have reached level 2, type /char add (trait) to increase one trait. Lets say I type /char add trait Wisdom, here is an example of me level 2 character sheet.

    ~ Traits ~
    Strength........ [1] + 0 ( Damage )
    Dexterity....... [2] + 0 ( Reflex )
    Wisdom......... [6] + 2 ( Experience )
    Constitution.. [4] + 1 ( Health )
    (+1 to every 3rd trait score acquired)

    As you can see, because my Wisdom is now 6 instead of 5, so I got a +1 bonus to gaining experience.

    What do the Traits do?

    Strength: Adds a + .5 damage to killing mobs!
    Dexterity: Add a + 5% chance to dodge attacks
    Wisdom: Adds a + 1 to gained experience
    Constitution: Adds a + .5 automatic heal for every 60 seconds.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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    @Phealoon Wow, Those are some amazing ideas! I wouldn't mind seeing some of those in my RPG server. T'would make it just like DnD.
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    @ Smidds, Thank you, I have played AD&D and a bunch of other Table-Top RPG's for years.
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    omg, awesome ideas. I have to take a look at heroes, do they already have a level system? If so I don't need to create my own one^^ anyway I will take a look into this. Really awesome ideas :D But it may take some time, especially because we're moving in the next week ;) But I will definitly do this! Thank you for killing my boredom! :D
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    Thank you! When the New Wraithaven is finished, I will supply a link if you want to check it out. The Heroes plugin is very large and extremely involved, but If this is something you think you can do,.. that would be so greatly appreciated. In fact, If you can do this for us, I will make sure to advertize your plugins on Wraithaven.


    If we can, perhaps Wraithaven can help donate for your services, I will look into that.

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    Ok, I will code my own leveling system until they are completely finished and offer a modding API. Wish me luck :D
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    But user can't choose the value of 'license" field ?
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    Oh, I forgot to say that there is a new command. "/profile list" It shows every field and the available values for them. I will add them to the list above ;)

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    I'll totally use it. Just because you have exactly the same birthdate i have :O
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    I wanted to add another pluging idea to the "rpZ" box. This one might be a little more simple to design, if you are intertested in working on it before the Character Sheet Plugin.

    Narrator Plugin

    This plugin allows the admin to set information up when a player clicks a block, or walks into an area. The information would be stored in a notepad, so that it would make it REAL easy to edit information or add more.

    For Example:

    Lets say that while playing, I walked over and clicked open a door to a Tavern, and this text shows up in my chat window:

    ~As you open the tattered oak door, your suddenly captured by the aroma of cooked pork and honey glazed bread. Your eyes squint through the haze of smoke to unveil a single empty table near the back of the room.~

    All the admin would need to do is write whatever description or information he wanted and save it as a text file in notepad and drop it in the Narrator Folder. Then while in game, type /Nar add (Filename) and click whatever block he wanted or even had his cross-hairs on. Now anytime another player interacted with that block, it would show the text of the file that block was linked to.

    This would GREATLY improve game play for RP servers. And that would make 2 plugins for you soon to be "rpZ" box set. :D
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    The idea isn't bad, but I don't know how to read from textfiles... I will take a look into that^^
    Oh, and it woulöd be great if you could sed me your future Ideas per PM ;)
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    2011-07-25 15:47:17 [SEVERE]     at de.Zero9195.zSociety.Main.zSociety.onEnable(zSociety.java:60)
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    2011-07-25 15:47:17 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
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    :D Nice!!!

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