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    Thomas Bucher

    Dungeon - Creates a World of Dungeons:
    Version: v0.6

    It creates a new World, called "dungeon". After First load a OP has to run the command
    After that everyone can can join the Meetingarea of the Dungeons by type
    There are 3 Mazes / Dungeons waiting for the Player
    - Iron (easy) 200x200 Blocks
    - Gold (normal) 500x500 Blocks
    - Diamond (hard) 1000x1000 Blocks
    If you join the Maze via the Platforms in the Meetingroom, your compass will show to the Exit
    The Exit is a Square on the Ground made with Obsidian.

    - Only OP can place/destroy Blocks in this world
    - There should be no Creepers / Explosions
    - Spawnpoints are located in Rooms, if you reach a Room, there will be some Spawn
    - There are Chests. They are Filled with Loot.
    - Mobs / Chests have a Cooldowntimer in Spawning.
    - For normal / hard, you should get some Torches with you.

    • 3 Different Maze (Seed)
    • Complete separate Spawn / World Rules
    • Lot of Fun

    Pictures (open)




    Download The Plugin
    Source Code on Github

    Config (open)

    gensmall: 200
    respawntime: 600000
    exitz: 0
    exity: 70
    torchchance: 50
    chestchance: 5
    exitx: 0
    exitworld: world
    lootablecount: 5
    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 10
    genlarge: 1000
    maxroomsize: 20
    gennormal: 500
    removedeads: 5
    roomchance: 80
    autosavechunklist: true
    autosaveinterval: 30
    worldseed: 12345
    world: dungeon
    gensmall -> Small Maze Size
    gennormal -> Normal Maze Size
    genlarge -> Large Maze Size
    respawntime -> Respawn Time of Monsters per Room / Chests (in miliseconds)
    exitx, exity,exitz -> Coordinates on the Normal world to Port players to, if the stay on the Stone Platform
    torchchance -> Chance to place a random torch in the maze (in per mille)
    chestchance -> Change to place a chest (Room edges only in %)
    exitworld -> Name of the World the exitx/y/z points too
    lootablecount -> Times it roles per Chest for some Loot
    rarechance -> Chance to get a Rareloot
    maxroomsize -> Maximal size of Rooms
    removedeads -> Times recurring to remove Deadends from the Maze -> 0 is most Difficult after
    roomcahance -> Chance to get a Room in a Position
    worldseed -> seed of the World
    world -> name of the new World

    Check it at our Server: MC.KTN.CH
    Version 0.6
    • Fixed for Version 1.7.2
    Version 0.5b
    • Added Teleport from Roof to Startarea
    • Fixed some Problem
    • Removed Torches on the Dungeons.
    • Fixed Worldname to match dungeon not sphere.
    Version 0.4
    • First Public release
    • Disable /dungeon while in Dungeonwolrd (Configurable)
    • Permissions for build etc..
    • No Spawn at entrance room
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    This looks interesting, I will try it sometime this week.
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    this has some potential. it would be neat if the layout was strictly cobblestone/moss stone (for the bare dungeons, at least). maybe some lava flows here and there for added danger.
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    Installing this right away.. Good job!
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    This is amazing testing it on my server now. Its running great so far with multiverse and multiinv side by side.

    Only problem i see is the lighting isn't generated or something. Weird lighting issues.

    Just noticed I had a world named sphere that was overwritten and used instead of creating dungeon. No big deal cuz I wasn't using it.
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    Hello I have a problem when I type /dungeon, I am tp to -30,0,-30 A idea to fix this?
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    Phantom Index

    Making custom dungeons? I want ^^
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    Thomas Bucher

    This is correct. I has to port you there.
    Did you initialize the dungeon via /initdun ?

    Sincerely Thomas
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    I get no response when i type /initdun... I am an op, but is a message even meant to pop up? If not it's very vague...
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is no response ;-P
    After /initdun the entrance area is built.
    Before, you would die, if you write /dungeon ;-P
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    Oh right :p Thanks

    One more question: When it makes the world, it's called 'sphere' any reason? I thought it was meant to be called 'dungeon' ? Thanks

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    Found a bug, I tried to place torches in the dungeon in the spawn room because it was pretty dark in there. The torches disappeared, but the light sources stayed.

    Tried it again. Light sources stayed, torches disappeared in the spawn room. After placing a few, the entire dungeon lit up, but any torches placed after that disappeared along with the light source.
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    So do we have to design the dungeons, or are there commands to autocreate a dungeon? A little more explenation on the commands and what they are/do would be very helpful.

    Anything else I need to know using permissions 2.7.4? or 5 whichever it is.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Yeah sorry.. i fixed that.. uploaded a new version now..
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    After delete world and re type /initdun this work
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    Oh, I have a question...How do you exit out of the dungeon world o_o
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    ??? Anything?
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    Thomas Bucher

    After /initdun
    all is ready.
    Write /dungeon and enjoy it.

    There is no Permissions needed.

    Thats Everything
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  19. On my server we are having the problem of the dungeon kinda creates but we keep getting set to like a bedrock roof.
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    When I did the /initdun as instructed it did as it should have I suppose. I was able to use /dungeon HOWEVER when I was TPed to the world. Nothing but a giant land of bedrock. No structures nothing. Completely Flat and bedrock.

    I tried digging down for the hell of it, i dug down about 40 blocks its endless bedrock

    minornote: When using /dungeon to go to or from the world it drops you from the sky...
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    Thomas Bucher

    There are some plugins, set the spawnpoint to somewhere else if you change the world.
    You should try get to -30,4,-30.
    There is the Entrance Area.

    Sincerey Thomas

    PS: Reported by a Serveradmin, that he has MultiWorld, and he also gets Ported to the Roof.
    He Made a Portal into the Start Area, and removed /dungeon command from the plugin.yml

    I will make a Fix tomorrow, witch will teleport you to the entrance, if you are on the roof.
    That will solved those Problems.

    Sincerely Thomas

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    This looks amazing!
    Can we get a video? :3
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    Thomas Bucher

    New Version uploaded..

    Now with Autoteleport from Roof to startarea
    And some other tweeks
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    OMG I was just thinking of making a puzzle dungeon quest in my RPG/PvP Server and then i see this... must be fate? right?
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    Heh working good now :)
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    Ok so I'm wondering about this /initdun command. Do you only have to enter it once right after the world is created. Or just when you login and before you go enter the dungeon command. Also i'm pretty sure i've tried it pretty much everyway I can try it. Sometimes I get to a room with 4 areas that teleport me but most of the time I don't end up there. I just end up in the middle of some desert with bedrock boundaries. It takes like 5 trys to get where you need to be with this command and thats entering the command 10 times back and forth till it works. Its a sweet idea but so far you need to give a more detailed explanation of what to do. I read in someones post about entering the /initdun comand after you delete the dungeon folder but I didn't see that in the main description or in the plugin developer gave for using the commands. If you could get this working or tell me what I might be doing wrong because my users aren't going to try over and over to get this to work for very long.
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    Thomas Bucher

    the initdun has to be made once, after world creation.
    It creates the room with the 4 areas.

    /dungeon teleports you in the Room with the 4 areas. But there are alot of Plugins, that change your startpoint, after worldchange. So if it doesnt work (/dungeon) you should create a portal in the startroom. So players can get there via a portal.

    The Desert thing is because the Server decided to "recreate" some chunks after a reload. To fix this do the following:
    1.) Stop the Server
    2.) Remove chunklist.daat from plugins/Dungeon
    3.) start the Server
    4.) /initdun


    Sincerely Thomas

    PS: Dont delete the Dungeon folder. If you wanna start over, just delete the chunklist.data
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    this is somewhat epic... o.o
    although more reward variety and more dungeon variety would be good :D
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    Is there a way to disable the command /dungeon AFTER you enter the "Dungeon" world? ( It's to stop people from running into the diamond level maze, taxing an item from a chest then teleporting back using /dungeon )
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    Thomas Bucher

    I am sick in Bed atm. I got a buch of antibioticas :-(
    i will not be able to add this in the next few days/weeks.
    I will make this change, once i am able to do so,

    Sincerely Thomas

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