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    McProfessions - Lightweight Professions.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Now working with -JHB-</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Look for a snazzy update soon!</font>

    Version 0.1a.
    Screenshots soon!

    This plugin has been tested on jenkins craftbukkit build 617.
    This plugin is a very simple (at the moment), professions plugin!
    Players can select a profession..
    Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Knight, Ranger.

    As of yet there are no main features, except that players cannot join another profession once they have joined their first profession.
    Unless an admin resets them.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    /prof - View the main help messages!
    /prof status - View your profession status!
    /prof list - View List of professions!
    /prof reset - Resets players profession! (permissions coming soon)

    This is not compatible with Permissions, as of yet. I don't really see any need right now.
    iConomy and Permissions support could come in the future, depends on how many people show interest in this.

    Big thanks to NoFear13 for the halpz!
    Version 0.2
    * Users can now reset their profession with /prof reset.

    Version 0.1a
    * released.

    Planned Features
    Different name tags, depending on profession.. [wc],[mn],[fm].. etc.
    Bonus' specific to that profession, eg Knight = little extra health!
    mcMMO support! (bonus exp for your selected profession)
    Different professions can set jobs for other people in their 'field'
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    At the moment, we are doing an OPTIONAL, cooldown.
    So miners will be able to cut 100 logs, and then they will get tired and have to wait for a while.
  3. I think this has alot of potential, and will download it just as soon as perks come with professions.
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    Shouldn't be too long.
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    what about the block-break-permission?
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    We are currently working on a large amount of features.
    Update within the next few days!
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    big update :D
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    :D big!
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    any hints
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    Server runs: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-612-g4c7a9e7-b617jnks (MC: 1.4)
    Using plugins: Citizens, CivilizedSpawn, dynmap, HeroicDeath, Informant, LyTreeHelper, mcMMO, MCStats, Minecart Mania (Core, Automations, Chest Control, Pressure Plates, Sign Commands, Station), MultiVerse, MyHome, PaintingSwitch, Permissions, PluginsManager, PumpkinDiver, RemoteToolKit, SignColours, Simple Barter, TentThis, Vegetation, WorldConf

    Your plugin was in the correct directory, and when I used the commands it did nothing. :(

    No errors where given.
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    I'm suspecting a plugin clash. I'll look into it for you D:
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    If it were the real MCP, then it would probably send you to the game grid.
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    I am very interested!
    I use GroupManager and i need some permissions for each profession.

    I'm waiting forward to welcome the following...
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    what about an option for no profession?
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    Best plugin ever thx
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    Looks very promising, Book Marked. What about Priests that can heal? HAH! :)

    Also can you make it so we can turn off professions if we don't want to? And Also "Citizen Class?"

    What about Ranger -> Agility | <Less Health> | Bit more damage with bow |
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    Instead of no profession, maybe a citizen that doesn't do much
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    Any news on custom jobs
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    The big update coming soon will have a lot of new things, we aim to have custom jobs as part of the whole thing, even if it is in a separerate jar.

    More news soon!
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    Eugene Sedlock

    This is almost just like what I have setup on my server through mcmmo and permissions. Depending on what class they want they have access to around 3 skills or abilities each. Also have a monstertamer class set up to use the monstertamer plugin. I think I have 7 or 8 classes if I remember right, including merchant.
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    This yont replace the permissions plugin.
    It's just for an easy way to choose wich class you want to have.
    If there any additional plugin commands you want to allow you still have to go over permissions.
    but some how we might make that configurable through our plugin.
    If its possible. But this plugin wont be the last we'll release ;P
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    Does this use config?
    Im thinking that you could make a config something like:

    Then people will get to choose any of the things under the "Jobs:" in the config?
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    Could you add in the .yml a place to edit the titles, for example, by default you're a
    knightprofession=knight or _____warrior_____ . x y z

    Even config's to tweak the professions.
    IE default knight's health = 2 hp+, can be changed to -+x.

    Cheers, really looking forward to this, it's better than adding permissions for <X> for classes <Y,Z,A,B>
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    This is close to what it is looking like atm

    You have total freedom how your profession should look like and how its called.
    In a future version we'll add a feature for the chat so you have in the chat: [Profession]Player:Message
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    Hope for the big release soon than!
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    Working on the last class
    just got the problem that neither of use used yml before so we first have to get into that ;P
    also some testing should be done^^
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    l test with you
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