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    McProfessions - Lightweight Professions.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Now working with -JHB-</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Look for a snazzy update soon!</font>

    Version 0.1a.
    Screenshots soon!

    This plugin has been tested on jenkins craftbukkit build 617.
    This plugin is a very simple (at the moment), professions plugin!
    Players can select a profession..
    Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Knight, Ranger.

    As of yet there are no main features, except that players cannot join another profession once they have joined their first profession.
    Unless an admin resets them.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    /prof - View the main help messages!
    /prof status - View your profession status!
    /prof list - View List of professions!
    /prof reset - Resets players profession! (permissions coming soon)

    This is not compatible with Permissions, as of yet. I don't really see any need right now.
    iConomy and Permissions support could come in the future, depends on how many people show interest in this.

    Big thanks to NoFear13 for the halpz!
    Version 0.2
    * Users can now reset their profession with /prof reset.

    Version 0.1a
    * released.

    Planned Features
    Different name tags, depending on profession.. [wc],[mn],[fm].. etc.
    Bonus' specific to that profession, eg Knight = little extra health!
    mcMMO support! (bonus exp for your selected profession)
    Different professions can set jobs for other people in their 'field'
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    I have a simple way of custom jobs its real easy

    I have a real simple custom job idea to use just ask for it

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    Shoot! :D
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    you said you had a simple way for custom jobs?
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    Yeah il tell u wen I'm home
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    Really nice plugin! I'm looking forward to it.
    Here is an idea,
    People who have an assigned job will when they are connected not do their jobs. To prevent that you should try to make a system where the worker has to bring in a chest (which maybe with iconomy could be used as a shop) his actual production from his work.
    Not clear? Here's an example:
    Lets take a lumber jack
    He has a house with a chest in front that could be used as a shop.
    By the end of the minecraft server day, the lumber jack has to bring a certain amount of wood/wooden planks in this chest or else, he has to pay taxes to his superior(an other idea?) Or to a player/admin.
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    What about Blockbreaking Permissions for the groups so just the Minier could Mine. The Woodcutter could cut logs and couldn't mine anything ?

    So people have to stay in their profession.
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    This plugin is really good when it is completely finished.
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    Interesting idea. I'll consider it, but im looking to please everyone with this. However if its a popular idea ill give it a shot.

    I could make it so if they break blocks that arent related to their profession it comes back.. but this would piss a lot of people off on servers. ;/

    Its an ongoing project! I'm not sure :D

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    Ähm... you wrote "Screenshots soon".
    Here i have two screens for you : :)[​IMG]


    And if you need an FTP Server for you files, i have one. Because Mediafire is not the best way :)
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    I use dropbox now :D
    Ill make sure i update the links soon!
    Thanks for these!
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    You've got a lot of nice things in your inventory bar! :D (offtopic, I'm back in...)
    Nice screens and dropbox is way much better than mediacrap!
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    Have an option in the config to decide whether to restrict or not. Personally, I like the idea of restricting people to certain things, like only miners could mine ores, lumberjacks can cut trees, farmers could harvest/grow. It gives people a reason to work together and trade, but it would need to be balanced a little, I thing farmers/lumberjacks might be overshadowed by miners :p

    But the idea of limiting people would be cool, certainly would give iConomy servers a bigger reason to trade, otherwise people would only sell and never buy. Of course, not every server would want this, so maybe if the config is set to false then the appropiate hooks arent started?

    Anyway, I like the idea of this plugin, Ill keep watching :)
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    I think i will be working with -JHB- and you can have a second jar to restict the users, and if this jar doesnt exist they will not be restricted!
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    ok so first the employer 1.Types code to post job /(jobTitle)(Pay)(were)(whoIsHireing)(if interview is required)
    2.Owner sets # of people they r hireing
    3.ability to fire and promote
    Now the future worker
    1. ability to see a list of jobs they can get
    2.ability to accept job or apply for interview
    3.ability to quit
    4.gets a title by name same for owner so like ceo cfo wat eve the owner will set what you get as a title
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    There will be a restriction tolerance you can config.
    So if it's set to mhhhm 10. The Miner is allowed to cut down 10 logs or 10 wheat.
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    :D I think that sounds nice!
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    the custom system

    some major hacking on the server people r flying and spawning stuff well only this guy orangebed

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    Yea thats a nice idea, maybe make it on a user-define period of time? So 10 logs per 4 hours etc, so its not 100% limiting, but its a big advantage to work together :)

    Edit- Also, what happens is somebody 'masters' a profession? Could they start a new one for more bonuses?
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    That iS an idea i like. Say after a miner has mined 250 diamond.
    Woodcutter has chopped 2500 trees.
    Knight has killed 500 mobs with a sword.
    Ranger has killed 500 mobs with arrows.
    Farmer has harvested 1000 crops.
    Not sure how it would work in conjunction with a config file, might have to be brave and whack in some mysql.
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    Very interesting.

    I'd like to see the professions match that of mcMMO. So like the mcMMO has mining skill, and I'd like to see the profession be Miner. I'd like this for all 9 skills.

    Not sure how the exp bonus works, as I actually couldn't get your plugin to work on my server, but I'm sure the next version will be great. I'd like to see something like primary profession and secondary profession. So like the secondary would give the mcMMO exp times 2, and the primary would give mcMMO exp times 3. This would be great.

    Also since there are currently 9 skills in mcMMO, and primary and secondary get bonuses, that leaves 7 left over. So if like 2 or 3 skills chosen at random that the player will get only half the standard amount. And of course the remaining skills would be at normal value.

    Or perhaps something where for every 2 skills they choose to get half the standard amount of experience, they could get a +1 to the times amount added to the primary or secondary profession.

    Just suggestions, can't wait to see it working on my server.
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    Kimberley. You couldn't get my pluton working because you need to update your craftbukkit. The next build of my pluton will have more features.. It will clear up a lot of your issues/questions/Requests
    Actually. Could you paste the error in here? Might be a plugin incompatibility.
    You have the right craftbukkit!
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    I will most certainly follow this.

    - I think the block-break-permission thing should be optional, its wanted by many, but it would grand your plugin so much more if its optional.

    - It might be an idea to look into the 'Roles' plugin, I was planning on using this one, but perhaps I'll wait for this to take shape.

    I also use mcMMO, and divided it into Knight, Farmer, Miner and Engineer, (the engineer gets Craftbook permissions), I think I'll add a ranger as well... anyway I'll just see how this works out.
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    The block break and place will each be optional.
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    for custom jobs can you do a config file so you can give employees certain permissions for the business like the ability to hire people and other stuff or just incorporate it with the permissions plugin
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    i'll mention it.
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    looks promising,
    hope to see more ;)

    mcMMO support and permission would be great :)
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    That will probably come later (we have some new features in the making!)
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    I need this very much.
    iPhysx, please, make it.
    for example
    "SuperProfMod = false / true"
    if false, im miner, but i can farm and cut a tree
    if true, im miner and i cant cut trees and farm.

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