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    McProfessions - Lightweight Professions.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Now working with -JHB-</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Look for a snazzy update soon!</font>

    Version 0.1a.
    Screenshots soon!

    This plugin has been tested on jenkins craftbukkit build 617.
    This plugin is a very simple (at the moment), professions plugin!
    Players can select a profession..
    Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Knight, Ranger.

    As of yet there are no main features, except that players cannot join another profession once they have joined their first profession.
    Unless an admin resets them.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    /prof - View the main help messages!
    /prof status - View your profession status!
    /prof list - View List of professions!
    /prof reset - Resets players profession! (permissions coming soon)

    This is not compatible with Permissions, as of yet. I don't really see any need right now.
    iConomy and Permissions support could come in the future, depends on how many people show interest in this.

    Big thanks to NoFear13 for the halpz!
    Version 0.2
    * Users can now reset their profession with /prof reset.

    Version 0.1a
    * released.

    Planned Features
    Different name tags, depending on profession.. [wc],[mn],[fm].. etc.
    Bonus' specific to that profession, eg Knight = little extra health!
    mcMMO support! (bonus exp for your selected profession)
    Different professions can set jobs for other people in their 'field'
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    mcMMO and iConomy support would make this plugin super-duper awesome :p. Permissions would be nice too

    Woodcutting - automatically given access to the mcMMO WC skill.
    Mining - given access to the mcMMO Mining skill.
    Farming - given access to the mcMMO Herbalism skill.
    Knight - given access to the mcMMO swords skill.
    Ranger - given access to the mcMMO archery skill.
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    I'll try and do this.
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    Lord Chaos

    Sounds really awesome and has great potential. Could be used in conjunction with things like Towny and NPCs to create a living world :) Please develop more on this.
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    Im going to use this I think it sounds very good :)
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    At the moment its just aesthetic, im adding some features soon! enjoy :D

    Dont worry, i really want to carry on with this!

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    Dude not set ones players set custom jobs or we going to work on that for a dif plugin like the employer post the job add
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    hey opie, i'm having to rework that feature, but it is on the to-do list!
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    Send me a file for eclipse il see what I can do u work on it 2
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    ok, so far there is no actual job system coded. If you were feeling confident, you could have a peek into it?
    im trying to get McMMO and iConomy support done now :/

    By the way. the jobs might be a different jar.
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    that's fine just keep working
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    Ill get it done to a certain degree asap :D
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    Good work mate.
    Form my point of view there should be a possibilty to change your professions. Maybe a config?
    Another thing I like to emntion is the posibility to create own profesions build on your system.

    But I'm definetly trining this out :D
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    I am adding a permission for people to type /pr reset
    this deletes them from the professions file so they can select again!
    I am going to add a system so people can customize the professions..
    but there will be a limit of 7 professions, just for tidy-ness :D
    make sure you check back soon!
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    I sure will :D
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    another idea; to ceep players doing their job you can make it so that if they go aginst it(ie, miner cuts wood) that its a low chance that he will get anything
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    I would love to have this with support for Mcmmo and BOSEconomy.:p
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    BOSE would not be a high priority, however i plan to do mcmmo!

    Maybe a little complicated/unusual. They can't select two anyways, I don't think I will allow people to change just so the admins can punish them :)

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    My server runs an advanced RP system. We have over 15 different professions. If your plugin would let me customize them to some extent and let them set the profession themselves (24 hour cooldown?), I'd deffinately use it. Keep up the good work, a profession plugin hasn't existed yet, so the only way to create professions was combining levelcraft, mcmmo and permissions to set groups. Good luck with your project.
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    Cody Boker

    I'm really new at this, this being Minecraft, server admin, and here on the forums.
    I'm not so new to java however.
    I would like to help, but I have a few questions about the plugin.
    Is this a plugin to restrict players from going outside their field? So far it doesn't have this effect.
    Or is it simply for Aesthetics?
    My friends would like a plugin similar to DwarfCraft and I would be willing to help if I knew the direction you were going. Is this another DwarfCraft with more features or simply a friendly server plugin for having players idetnify with each other?
    I understand the boost in the profession which is a bonus but I would like to restrict players from building too much.
    Or even if you don't like that it could be an option. More power to the admin or players, I believe, the better the plugin.
    Don't have everything I wanted to say here but just a few ideas to have you think about.
    Thank you,
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    I like it, I am waiting for the update..
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    Noctis Akatsuki

    Love this plugin, but could you change the commands inngame, since they intervene with my permissoins(Also using the quickcommands /pr) :)
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    Ok guys, a quick update!

    I will be changing this!

    At the moment this is just for players to identify each other, they cannot change their profession as of yet, but i will be adding permissions support so admins can give people the permission to reset their profession so they can try again. Very soon i will be adding more features, such as McMMO and maybe even levelcraft, so players will get bonus exp for their profession!

    /***** reset?
    thats all i can probably go for at the moment!

    I will be releasing an update later today, hopefully it will add some mcmmo features and permissions support!
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    Idk but for the basic one with out custom set jobs and pay like the names shouldn't be so cheesie and like woodcutter- lumber jack

    Also many have a limiter for some jobs so like only a certain number can join that one

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    I don't understand. The people want customization.
    The people shall get customization!

    Hmm, that would be good, i suppose that would need a config file, because if it didn't and the server was large, nobody would be able to join a profession!
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    That's wait was thinking I don't want every one being a knight a the others have no one
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    Sure, ill add it to the todo list!
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    This plugin has HUGE potential Make it permissions and iConomy compatible. I will <3 you forever.
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    I plan to in the coming days!
    Right now im working on the resetting professions feature :D

    Plugin has been updated. Grab the latest .jar in the main post now :D
    (view the changelog!)

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