[INACTIVE] RegrowingSheepcoat v1.1.5 - Shorn sheep regain their wool after a while/Sheepfarm [1576]

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    RegrowingSheepcoat - Shorn sheep regains their wool after a while. Great for a sheepfarm
    Version: v1.1.5

    Normally, shorn sheep doesn't regain their wool.
    In Minecraft 1.8.1, animals doesn't despawn anymore.
    The result of this: after a while there are a lot of shorn sheep on the streets, which have to be killed. But really, this is barbarous!

    With this plugin, shorn sheep regains their wool after 30 minutes.
    So it is possbile to create useful sheep farms.

    Of course, the fur color of a coloured sheep will remain the same. :)

    Additional info:
    For the big minecraft server and community ultimine.net I added the functionality of this plugin to the main workflow plugin. Because this could be really useful for other server admins, I decided to split this function to an own plugin and distribute it here.

    In the new release of Minecraft 1.0.1, jeb added the feature of wool regrowth to sheep.
    This means, you don't need this plugin anymore for having non naked sheeps.
    But you can use this plugin without problems in the new version of Minecraft.

    • Shorn sheep will be hold in a cache and regain their fleece after 30 minutes
    • Player will be optionally informed, if a sheep shorn by him regains fleece .
    • Player will be optionally informed, if a sheep shorn by him died, whats the cause and when it would have regain wool. If it was killed by a player, he will be informed by which player it was killed.
    • Player will be optionally informed, if he killes a sheep shorn by another player and when its wool would have been regain.
    • It's possible to list all shorn sheep or to filter by a player.
    • It's possible to regrow wool of sheep in cache manually.
    • If a sheep is currently in a not loaded chunk, it will stay in cache and marked red in the list.
    • Permission support for Permissions 3.1.x and PermissionsEX
    • Multilanguage support with two language packs by default. Other language packs can be added easily.
    • Configuration file
    /ssheep - Lists all shorn sheep currently in the cache
    /ssheep <Playername> - Lists all shorn sheep of a player currently in the cache

    /ssheep regrow - Regrows the fleece of all sheep shorn by the player currently in the cache.
    /ssheep regrow <Playername> - Regrows the fleece of all sheep shorn by the given player currently in the cache.
    /ssheep regrow all - Regrows the fleece of all shorn sheep currently in the cache.

    /rs changelanguage <de|en> - Changes the current used language to the given language pack
    /rs reload - Reloads the configuration file

    This plugin uses the new configuration API, so it requires the bukkit build 1337 or higher to work.
    It has been successfully tested with Bukkit build 1576 and PermissionsEx 1.16

    regrowingsheepcoat.shearedsheep - Allows to show the cache of shorn sheep
    regrowingsheepcoat.shearedsheep.others - Allows to show a filtered view of the cache
    regrowingsheepcoat.regrow.own - Allows to let the fleece of the own sheep regrow manually
    regrowingsheepcoat.regrow.others - Allows to let the fleece of the sheep shorn by a specific player regrow manually
    regrowingsheepcoat.regrow.all - Allows to let the fleece of all shorn sheep in the cache regrow
    regrowingsheepcoat.admin - Used to change language or reload the configuration file

    Important information:

    The cache, red marked sheep and unloaded chunks:
    The plugin holds all shorn sheep in a cache, to hold persistent mapping between player, time and sheep. If a sheep is in a unloaded chunk, it cannot be find by the plugin. In this case, it can't regain wool and will be marked red in the cache list. Sheep in unloaded chunks will be hold as long in the cache, as they have to be.

    Multilingual support:
    This plugin has a multilingual support. On first start, the language files de.yml and en.yml will be generated for German and English language. Additional languages can easily be added to the language folder.
    The language can easily be changed by a command.

    Download the current version here

    Version 1.1.5
    • Fixed a bug, where the configuration file has been overwritten with the current loaded configuration on disabling the plugin.
    • Added the command /rs reload for reloading the configuration
    • Updated for PermissionsEx 1.16 and tested with Bukkit Build 1576
    Version 1.1.4
    • Fixed a bug, that the configurable minutes to wool regrow was only affected in the messages, not in the function. :)
    Version 1.1.3
    • Implemented a setting to define a time in minutes after wool of shorn sheep regrows
    • Implemented a setting to enable or disable the check for new version and/or its information message.
    Version 1.1.2
    • Fixed a bug occuring on a sheeps death
    • Improved configuration handling
    • If a new version is available, it will be written to the logfile on startup
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixing Bugs caused by the changes to Version 1.1.0
    • Removed useless spam in log file
    Version 1.1.0
    • Added configuration file to store the current language pack and enable or disable different notifications.
    • The cache of shorn sheep is now persistent and will be stored to a file.
    • Improved English language pack. (Thanks a lot to Seán Ó Séaghdha)
    • Changed the command /shearedsheep to /ssheep
    • Support for Bukkit build 1337
    Version 1.0.9 BETA
    • Added multilingual support
    • Added permission support
    • Added commands for listing the cache and regrow fur manually
    • Don't forget sheep in unloaded chunks, which cannot regain fur
    • Support for Bukkit build 1240
    Version 1.0.0
    • Split the function from the ultiMinePlugin v0.2.11 to an own plugin and released it here
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    For example on my server I have a job system. My idea will allow only farmers to have regrowing wool.
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    Fix this please :(
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    bukkit 1566 and this plugin 1.1.4 - Major server break down on the startup. It makes PermissionsEX 1.16 take a super dump which makes all other plugins take a super dump.

    Anyway to update this to work with permissionsEX 1.16 ?
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    i just updated the plugin to version 1.1.5.

    Yes, this was a bug in the code. On disabling, it has always overwritten the config.yml with the current loaded configuration. So changes in the config.yml while bukkit had been running didn't affected.

    Nice workaround! ;)

    I fixed this issue now.

    The major breakdown was maybe a problem of the specific bukkit build?
    So I added the new version of PermissionsEX API in the plugin and tested it successfully with Bukkit build 1567 and PermissionsEx 1.16

    This function isn't planned now... Because the regrowth of wool has been added to the new Minecraft 1.0.1 and there is still no wool regrow-Event, It's currently not possible to disable the regrowth by permissions.
    I could do it - like you said - by not adding the sheep to the cache, but Minecraft would let the wool regrow anyway. :)
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    Thankyou! the update works AWESOME! no more issues with PermissionsEX now. Thanks again!
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    Wow....This really bothered you a lot.
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    Hey, i'm trying your plug in and I have an issue: I put the .JAR on my plugins directory and i'm using bukkit #1597. I saw lot of shorn sheeps but when i type /ssheep the server tells me that there is no shorn sheeps in the cache? What did i make wrong?
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    this plugin can only control and regrow the wool of sheep, which has been shorn after the plugin was installed.
    If you shear a sheep now, it will added to the cache and will be listet with /ssheep.

    Naked sheep, which has been shorn before aren't in the cache, their wool won't regrow.

    But you can try a trick:
    If you have the permission regrowingsheepcoat.admin, you can type /rs globalregrow.
    With this command, naked sheep in loaded chunks will get back their wool instantly.
    A german, global message will be broadcastet.
    I haven't listet the command, because it was only an old development test, but you can use it to regrow wool of sheep, which aren't in the cache. ;)
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    You are just AMAZING !!!!!
    Thanks a lot! It works perfectly
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    Should add a config file for having the sheep regrow its natural fur color rather than any dye that had been used on it. Would be nice if that aspect could be made compatible with: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-mendels-sheep-1579.47590/

    Haven't tried to add both plugins yet so I don't yet know if they mess with each other.
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    Hi, do you think you could make droping more wool and make it configurable ?
    I dont know server where wool would be obtained normal way tho its needed for constructions a lot so only option is to sell it. Droping 32 wool per sheep could make it interesting for players to even bother farm sheep.
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    Actually that statement is incorrect. Sheep do NOT regrow their wool in 1.0.1 or any official release (official meaning available through the launcher at some point in time). The fixes mentioned in that tweet can only be found in the weekly snapshots. 11w49 is the first snapshot to contain the fixes in that tweet.

    Some people claim they did before 1.6 then it was removed in 1.6 but I've never seen any proof of this myself. All I've heard is the random mentions by a few individuals.
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    wait, so is this plugin inactive since apparently Jeb_ added the regrow (doesn't really seem like it)
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    just wondering if this plugin works 100% for RB1.0.1-R1 and not create any bugs?
    Refering to the RB build not being mentioned in the title, as people to look for new releases accoriding to tipic titles :)
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    Works perfect for me, no bugs.
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    This is complicated. At the time, a sheep is shorn, I know only the current color of the sheep.
    The one thing I can do, is to store the original color of a sheep on dying, and let the sheep regrow in the color before dying.
    In general this plugin should not be incompatible with Mendels Sheep.
    Hi, of course I could. But is this needed in this plugin? Is there no other plugin, who make this. Because a higher dropping rate is not really the main meaning of this plugin ;)
    Oh, okay. Thanks for this advice, didn't know.
    Wool never regrowed. But before 1.6, the animals weren't consistent, the despawned and new animals spawned with new wool.
    But since animals doesn't despawn, the problem with the non regrowing wool was perceived.
    Ah... yes, this plugin works perfektly for the current build and uses the current recommended Bukkit-API.
    (Notice to me: Update this thread)
    No, this plugin isn't inactive. :)
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    Thanks for re. Tehere is lot of plugings that can change droprate from killed mobs but not one that can change how much you gain by shearding sheep . But killing sheeps and using moded droprates is kind of workaround also
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    I use this plugin with tie-dye sheep plugin. When bred/spawned, the sheep do get colored, but not when wool regrows. Not the fault of a plugin, just telling what happens when both are used. I would love if you could A) set a flag in a config to allow or B) just make it default that sheep regrow the last color they had when shorn. As it is now, all my sheep do regrow, but are all white. Defeats the purpose of setting % of spawned colors with another plugin.
    Not the fault again, of any plugin. Just that now they regrow, it would be nice if either yours allowed same color to regrow, or one of the other plugins would hook into the regrow action and not just the spawn.

    But yes, the plugin is great, and I love it! Works, no errors, and very happy you made it. Thank you!
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    Hi there, I fixed Mendel's sheep in a way that should make it compatible, however Xordaii reports it isn't (Haven't tested it myself yet though). Would you mind revealing relevant part of your source code? (The part where you actually renew the sheep's wool). What I do now is revert the color to the sheep's natural color when setSheared(false) is called, so unless you change the color after calling this function, it should work fine.
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    is this still anygood for minecraft version 1.2.3 or higher?
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    I never set a color to the sheep. When the wool regrows, I only call setSheared(false), and a green colored sheep will remain green. :)

    No, sorry. :)
    1. Since there has been major changes in bukkit plugin development (For Example events), this plugin doesn't work anymore.
    2. Since the sheeps wool regrow when eating grass, this plugin makes no sense anymore.
    3. Because I have not very much time anymore for plugin development, and because of Point 2, I decided not to update this plugin for current bukkit versions.

    So this plugin is inactive now.
    Should I make it OpenSource?
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    No, like you said don;t wast time anymore with this plugin. If you want to though you could look into to making some type of team deathmatch type of game or something. Where theres a set map and you kill each other with a timer and scoreboard board and minimap on each players screen. Theres a good challenge for a plugin.

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