[INACTIVE] NoCivilSpawns v1.4.7 - allow/deny mob spawns in areas + world specific opts +whitelist

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    Version: v1.4.7
    Cancels spawning of creatures on trees, or inside player-made areas like CivilizedSpawns.

    WARNING: Because of Minecraft's Architecture and how it creates entity spawns, this plugin is highly discouraged for Production-Level servers and those which regularly run more than 15 users online at a time. Using NoCivilSpawns on high pop servers will most likely result in massive Tic degradation and an unstable server. You have been warned.

    Download: See Warning!
    Source Code
    Download the NoCivilSpawns.jar and place it in your /plugins/ directory.

    See source code page for the readme on configuration options​
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    I, too, would like to see an update :).
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    Well we did get around to updating the blocks, simply:
    -go to https://github.com/Sleaker/NoCivilS...er/NoCivilSpawns/WorldSpawnConfiguration.java
    -append with new blocks:
    private static final Set<Integer> blacklistIds = makeSet( new int[] {4, 5, 20, 22, 35, 43, 44, 45, 53, 54, 62, 64, 65, 67, 85} );
    -overwrite the old .class file in the plugins folder.

    Course the problem now is if it's no longer functioning on 1.2.3, that and the possible performance drop with the height increase.
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    sintri - I stopped updating this plugin because it stresses servers out. If you cancel a spawn MC attempts to spawn that mob again with very little wait time, so it ends up negatively impacting performance quite a bit. I don't recommend anyone manually update this.
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    Would suck a bit though, only two alternative's either going back to lighting up everything or employing stuff like WorldGuard which is quite a bit less flexible. But still really a bit of a shame to lose it, specially on smaller servers where the performance impact isn't enough to warrant trimming.
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    Are there alterantives to cancelling the spawns, negating the effect of trying to spawn that mob again right away? Something like setting the mob to die right away anyhow? :confused: I cannot imagine going back to lighting up everything. Just doesn't work out in cities with streets designed to be in shadows :eek:

    You know, we came to love this automatism NoCivilSpawns provided ... *sniff*

    Does the Spout server handle the spawns like the Bukkit Server? Is there any sense in switching to Spout / a Spout based plugin?
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    Could be wrong, but pretty sure it has to do with the fact that on each spawn event, you'd have go through and check the surroundings to make sure if the mobs can spawn in the first place, which does take a bit of calculation.

    I guess maybe something that'll automatically peruse through each chunk every now and then and create a table for whether spawn should be canceled or not, so it'd only have to check the data tables on whether a location is spawnable enough rather than running checks every time something wants to spawn.

    Guess first try check the table if a spawn value exists, if not run the algorithm and insert the new value into the table. I suppose if you're gonna use SQL or some sort, you could also insert a field for last update. So every time a creature wants to spawn, just check the table for if it's spawnable(yes/no) and the last update time. If no value exists or last update time is a set amount of time since, run the algorithm and insert the new value into the table.

    At worst you'll need to check for each spawn (when you first run it and when your server's been off for ages) which isn't really any slower than right now minus any database processing time. At best you'll simply have to go to the tables and check if the location is spawnable, which in theory should be alot faster than search every block each time. Haven't entirely sure the speed needed to run through an SQL or other data table of the sort.

    Still slightly concerned on the database size, even a 5000x5000 map is 6,400,000,000 locations.
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    region based (wg) is just far superior to individual block iteration.
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    ... hence the comfort on-the-fly checks while spawning attempts bare ;). At least I don't want to make a region for every remote house or village hidden in the forests of my server or torch-spam all the athmosphere out of every shady location.

    Well, I'll start excersing with WorldGuard then ...
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    PreciousStones may be a good alternative for your players to do something like this (pretty sure it can do something like this)
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    Oh, thanks, I'll have a look at it :)
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    Is this the "Safe Zone" and "wildenress" plugin?
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