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    SpoutNinja 1.1 - Be Hidden, like a Boss.
    Download: SpoutNinja.jar


    SpoutNinja lets you turn into a Ninja and hides your name, so nobody will ever know who you are. Very basic feature, but Spout needs to get started somehow.

    Bukkit Permissions
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja (hides your title and adds Ninja skin)
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja show (resets your title and reverts back to your normal skin)

    • Hides your name
    • Changes you into a Ninja
    • Bukkit Permissions Support
    1.10 - Configuration file to define the skin url
    1.00 - Released SpoutNinja
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    if someone isnt using spoutCraft do it will see me using ninja "mode" ?
    like im with spout and erverything them i use the ninja mode for me im invisible but for him my name still appear?
    PS: whatever, it isnt up to date :.(
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    hey i am having problems installing spout to get this plugin on my server could you please give a hand?

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