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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Aug 4, 2011.

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    SpoutNinja 1.1 - Be Hidden, like a Boss.
    Download: SpoutNinja.jar


    SpoutNinja lets you turn into a Ninja and hides your name, so nobody will ever know who you are. Very basic feature, but Spout needs to get started somehow.

    Bukkit Permissions
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja (hides your title and adds Ninja skin)
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja show (resets your title and reverts back to your normal skin)

    • Hides your name
    • Changes you into a Ninja
    • Bukkit Permissions Support
    1.10 - Configuration file to define the skin url
    1.00 - Released SpoutNinja
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    Get it now? I sent you a request....
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    I have a suggestion for an awesome SPOUT plugin, if you have time to write another plugin, PM me for the details!
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    Hay .. i still got my cape on ,... okay.. my superman skin is gone .. but my cape is still there :p
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    Ah, thank you. I will fix that now.
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    Great job again Cain :3
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    Can't you keep your actual skin ? Just to get the "no grey bar" above your head ?
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    I'd love to see that option added!
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    dont work for me
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    does Spout needs to be installed on the client side too?
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    any way to override plugins that change the overhead name? we use mchat Essentials so SpoutNinja is changing skin but not hiding the name at all
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    In an effort to help keep things lightweight...

    I haven't tried this plugin yet, but if there's a way to config a custom ninja skin, you can find completely invisible skins on sites like skindex that are 100% transparent.
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    what is spout [flint]+[iron]=[flintnsteel]=[fire]=lolol
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    My thieves approaves this plugin, good job Cain.[cake]
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    Liking this one. It will make for some good RPG.
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    hey, can you please make another plugin which will hide name tags automatically on player join? and then reappear on right click,for a few seconds? (when you right click a player,it shows you his name tag for a few secs)
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    pretty cool idea, but it seem's to conflict with playereditor skins.
    a good idea would be to make several types like this, such as samurai, knight and archer and this could be nice for class's and factions.
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    Clancy Dawson

    Make a pirate version, then servers can have a pirates vs ninjas war or something. :D

    Pirates are better btw :p
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    Yes there is. A config file generates.
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    not compatible with permissions 3.0 yeti :/
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    how does spout help?
  23. It...does everything the plugin needs to do?
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    I can't use /ninja too, because i "don't have the permissions to be a ninja" (lol, i'm the administrator, with spoutninja.use permissions and * permissions :'( )
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    Hello, looks very interesting!
    But could sm1 tell me what happens when on spout server, me with spout client become ninja so my name hides and skin changes, and sm1 else on this server without spout client (cos of not bought game) looks at me? is he going to se my name?
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    To see the effects of the plugin you NEED to have the Spout client mod installed. Spout is free...
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    spout is free, but olny works as a launcher with bought game. When u want play without buying the game on the server that allows it.. u nned to use "special" launcher as far as i know.. so that excludes spout. Even its creator said, that he doesnt want to support "pirated" versions.

    Thx for reply, exactly what i wanted to know :)
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    Question is this any thing like the spy plugin? Or does it just change skin and hides the name above your head?
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    All it does is change your skin to a ninja and hide your name
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    I had another question. Does this need me to have the client side installed as well. If so might want to see how mob one does it for player change and try and take a idea or 2 from it.
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    If you want to see the name get hidden and the skin get changed then yes you do need it

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