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    Edward Hand

    SignColours v0.3

    This plugin allows all players on the server to add coloured text to signs. Simply use the # character followed by a hexidecimal digit (0-f) to give the rest of that line a colour.


    Colour codes are the same as chat message colours:
    using a # in a sign in any other circumstances will keep the # symbol

    As an example, adding the text to a sign:

    #6Land Mines
    so be #Ecareful
    (or #fdie#0)

    results in:


    (and as you can see it shows up quite well at night)


    To customise permissions, you can add any of the following to your permissions plugin config.yml (permissions subsection):

    #Allow user to use the colour yellow (e):
    - 'signColours.e'
    #Allow user to use all colours:
    - 'signColours.*'
    #To avoid offending anyone's sensibilities, American spelling works too (here for allowing red):
    - 'signColors.4'

    Permission Notes:
    • As many or as few colours can be added as desired
    • If someone without permission uses a hash-code, the hash-code will remain there unchanged
    • Anyone who can use any colour will automatically be allowed to use black too
    • In permission definitions, the hex digits must be lower case (a,b,c rather than A,B,C). Signs are not case sensitive, however
    • If the permissions plugin is not installed, colours are enabled for everyone
    Feature Summary
    • Allows players to easily add a variety of colours to their signs
    • Compatible with the Permissions plugin
    (source code is included)

    Change log:
    version 0.1
    • Plugin Released
    version 0.2
    • Added Permissions plugin compatibility
    version 0.25
    • Compatibility bug-fix
    version 0.3
    • Major Bugfix (eliminating possibility of sign corruption)
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    Thanks :D
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    I now maintain this plugin. You can download it in the link in my signature.
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    How you maintaining a plugin that has never broke yet :p
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    I added bukkit permissions, change some stuff around...make sure it works for future bukkit versions...give support....
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    Ahh cool. Sounds good I might switch over. Was not trying be negative. Just amazed this the only few plugins that has like never broken. That and Sign Lifts :p
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    Still works for 1.0.0. :cool:
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    My version is tons better. It supports a new colour and bukkit permissions. I highly recommend you switch.
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    If it supports bukkit permissions then im switching.
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    It does.
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    Could You Make A Plugin Like This One? (Sign Colours) This One Has Went Inactive for 1.2.5 and i need a reliable sign colour plugin, could you basicaly ... continue this plugin for me? :) And Make Sure: If You Make this plugin again, Make sure if i do &4Welcome , Welcome Will come up in red IN THE MIDDLE of the sign line, not 2 spaces out of the middle :)
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    It's broken in 1.2.5?
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    This. Epic. Plugin. Doesn't. Work???? It shows up on the plugin list, but nothing else?
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    Does it work in Craftbukkit-1.2.5-R4.0 ?
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    Update this plugin pls!!
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    Still works with 1.3.1, and probably won't break for a long long time since it's so simple.

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