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    ShatterGlass - Glass breaks when fell on at high distance​

    This plugin breaks glass when you fall from a certain distance.​
    The plugin will generate default properties (shatterglass.properties).​
    You may edit them (such as the distance required for fall, turn on sending a message when it breaks, and enable debugging)​
    Change log:
    Version 1.4:​
    • New efficient system which has a delay formula to calculate the time of shatter.
    • You now fall through multiple glass blocks depending on the distance jumped.
    Version 1.3:​
    • Added debugging (useful for developers) which is also toggeable
    • Redone property-loading system
    Version 1.2:​
    • Added (property-changeable) message on glass shatter.
    Version 1.1:​
    • Created properties file which you can change fall distance.
    • Edited default distance to 5.
    Version 1.0:​
    • Base, with 3 distance.
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    I know I could download and check this, but for issue of clarity towards future users, what is the default fall required to break the glass?
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    5 :p So if you fall 5 or more blocks onto a glass block then it shatters.
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    Well I am going to add it to my server and test it. I know this was a request so on behalf of everyone I thank you for your hard work.

    Edit: lol I just tested it. A silly effect, but functional. To others that wish to know. You fall on it, take the damage, then the glass quietly poofs.
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    Nicei added it to my server im going to make some cool traps
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    So if you fall 10 blocks you break 2 glass blocks, and if you fall 15 blocks you break 3 glass blocks etc?
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    Have you thought of including fall damage modification in this? (like a fall that breaks glass gives less damage than a regular fall of the same distance)

    That might be a little too much complication, but it could be interesting.
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    Also, it would be a lot more awesome if you'd hear the 'shatter' sound when the glass breaks, instead of it just silently disappearing. :3
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    Yes that would be very easy to do.

    I've held a discussion about this and we are trying to logic a way to send a packet from the server to client in order to simulate real block breaking :D
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    please update to latest RB
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    tha d0ctor

    can you make this so it works with ICE too please?

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