[INACTIVE][MISC/FUN] Chairs v1.4 - Use stairs as seats and sit down on them [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by spoothie, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I don't kown the usefulness of "lever" can you be explicit ?
    Bug :
    - our caractere is always top of "chair" but we see the other player has the right height.
    Suggestion :
    replace in config the NAME of block by Name OR ID_item

    Otherwise very good work that has strongly can sit on any object (especially the step).
    Other suggestion: Add "press_key" for seat anywhere. (eg "u" character for the seat)
    PS :For me it's work on my server in 1.2.5 !
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    i cant sit on chairs im a op and all other also cant :S i really dont know why, this is my config file (maybe because my server is 1.2.5 but i dont really know).

    # Configuration of the Chairs plugin for Craftbukkit
    # ------
    # A list of all compatible block and item names: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    # ------
    # allowed-blocks: Set the blocks you want to be able to sit down on. Currently, only stairs-blocks are working.
    # item: Set the item you want to sit on.
    # auto-rotate: If set to true, you are automatically rotated to the descending face of the stairs-block when sitting down.
    # sneaking: If set to true, you have to sneak to sit down on a chair.
    # max-chair-width: Define how many blocks a chair can be long (set to number <= 0 for unlimited width).
    # sign-check: If set to true, you will only be able to sit down when there are signs on both of the ends of the chair.
    # distance: The maximum distance between the chair (the center of the block) and the player to be able to sit down (to prevent glitching through walls, etc.).
    # sitting-height: Set how high you are sitting 'in' the stairs block (default is 0.7).
    # ------
    item: LEVER
    auto-rotate: true
    sneaking: true
    max-chair-width: 20
    sign-check: false
    distance: 1
    sitting-height: 0.7
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    I have the same problem, it says bukkit has loaded it but it never works when i use the qualifications to actually sit on the chair.
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    Hello, can you add a regeneration when we are sits ? It's the good way to push the players to sit down and to add a technical interest without abuse.
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    Add the permission : chairs.sit in your permission plugin ;) for your membre can sit.
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    same problem .... cant sit on chairs even tho i am op
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    I use PermissionsBukkit It's the most compatible et stabe
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    Would it be possible to make the plugin restrict the users ability to look around? Not hold it still, like on a bed, but just so much so that the character doesn't appear to be spinning around in his or her chair. Allow so much of a distance in either direction you can look, without actually turning the character body so much to make it look unrealistic with legs sticking out of the sides or back of the chair itself.
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    How do you make it so non-ops can sit down too? There is no permissions about sitting down, yet when I am op, I can do it, but when I'm not, I can't:/ Where is the chairs.sit permission thing?
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    Can you remplace names of blocks with ID:value instead ? I use spoutcraft and I 've some blocks (as chairs) and I would like to sit on... but the plugin doesn't reconize them.
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    Sorry guys for being inactive for so long. I plan to update the plugin within the next week and try to fix all the bugs (especially the permissions) as well as add some new features like support for custom blocks.
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    Cool plugin!
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    it wont w0rk for me, when ever i sneak and hold right click it wont work, when ever i just right click, still wont work..... any help?
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    It works fine for me but when my friend try right click on the chair with shift etc it doesnt work for him
    yes we got the perfect distance and checked the config anybody got any idea? please help,

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    can someone help me, regular non op people cant sit in chairs.........
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    Read my post above yours.
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    i put this in my permission file, chairs.sit and i restarted server and still only ops can sit down, any advice?
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    Since you can't read, no, I don't have any advise for you.
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    i did read it, my permissions file says INVALID YAML FORMAT
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    Is it possible to do that not only op's can sit on the chairs?
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    I know i want that too, why dont u just make it easier on us and make it to where the plugin automatically lets everyone sit in chairs?
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    Why don't you just make it easier on me and read this:
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    yes i HAVE read all of your posts but i dont see why you want me to install your other plugin when all it does is let you sit on anything, as far as i know its alot easier to allow non ops to sit on stairs or make it configurable than it is to argue with all of your downloaders about it. just please change it and we can all download the plugin and love it! ...thanks, i hope...
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    This one still works for me.. Just give people the permission -_-
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    Comfort is a rewrote of the Chairs plugin. It is better in many different ways, most important that you don't need any item drops or something similar anymore as it uses packet handling to achieve basically the same. All client side 'glitches' that were encountered in Chairs don't seem to be existent in Comfort anymore. I neither mantain nor support this plugin anymore. If you are missing features from Chairs in the new plugin, you can request them on the Comfort thread or BukkitDev page. If you still got any reasons to not use Comfort, get used to the bugs in Chairs or look for another plugin.

    I requested to lock this thread.
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    Locked per request.
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