[INACTIVE][MISC/FUN] Chairs v1.4 - Use stairs as seats and sit down on them [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by spoothie, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Nice, approved.
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    sooo... how do you sit down again?!
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    Rightclick on the chair. If you have the "sneaking" option in the config.yml enabled, you have to sneak while rightclicking.
    I see, I have to add a small "How To" to the op. ;)
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    Amazing plugin, my friends love it. [cake]
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    I'm sorry, I didn't realize I had to press shift to sit down :p Awesome plugin thought!
    Definitely one of my favorite plugins!
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    Mabe you should add a option that heales you slowly, since I can't imagine someone never sitting down and living :p
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    This is amazing, useful for some machinima's.
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    I would like to inform you that your permissions are not currently working. Only op's have the ability to sit in chairs. Even the owner rank on my server does not have permission. I have even tried adding the chairs.* permission and it still does not work.
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    What perms do you have, I use bPermissions and my perms work fine.


    I love this plugin, Been waiting for a chair plugin to work for ever. Sometimes the player appears to be standing half a block down in the chair but sometimes their legs stick out (how it should be) and you cannot sit on chairs that are on top of fence post (bar stools) just thought you should know. Like I said I love this plugin!
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    I use essentials permissions. None of the other permissions plugins I found actually worked correctly.
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    Well Ive Used PermissionsBukkit and currently on bPermissions, Id reccomend getting off of that one because it will hardly be supported, If you watch the TuT videos for permissions they actually help you learn on how the plugin works
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    Ok I'll give it a try, But I doubt that I will actually be ale to make it work.
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    Great Plugin , But can we sit in the chairs without anythings in our hands ( not to be obliged to have a lever ) ?
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    I can sit in chairs without levers, my config i think is default except sneaking
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    I will try to add this in the next version.

    That's because fence blocks are no solid blocks, so you would likely fall through the fence (because the item you are sitting on will fall down).

    The "item"-option in the config is not for the item you have to hold in your hand to sit down. It is the item you are sitting on (that's the way the plugin works). It can occur that you sometimes see the item floating through the player's body, that's why you can configure it. A lever (the default value) is quite small, so you won't really see it.

    Can you please tell me if it worked for you after you have tried it out?
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    I keep getting pushed out of my chair.

    I'm suspecting that one of my plugins are interfering with it but I don't know what.
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    _CandleJack_ , If you think it has to do w/ your plugins, then why don't you list the plugins that you have?
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    Orebfuscator, Banreport, Vault, Multiverse-Core, TopPVP, DynMap, Chairs, Disguisecraft, BlocksonGlass, Openinv, mcMMO, CleanroomGenerator, Citizens, Minequery, Worldedit, Towny, Multiverse- Inventories, Bettershop, PermissionsEx, CombatTag, Logblock, Questioner, WorldGuard, SignColours, TreasureHunt, iConomy, BKCommonLib, Nocheat, FalseBookCore, SimpleHat, Essentials, Mobrider, WorldBorder, NoLaggTNT, Multiverse-Portals, NoLaggItemStacker, Register, NoLagg, FalseBookIC, FalseBookExtra, Dynmap-Towny, FalsebookCart, TownyChat, FalseBookChat, EssentialsSpawn, FalseBookBlock, VanishNoPacket, LWC, NoLaggMonitor, ChestShop, DeathTPPlus, ecoCreature.

    It actually teleports me out of the chair but I think it's because it can't push me out while in sitting position. I know it pushes me out because when I try covering myself with sand it does that.
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    I can't seem to get steps to work, I don't suppose you could provide the item codes? I'm currently using this;

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    I was talking to redstorm about trying BPermissions, And I have tried the plugin. I can not get the permissions to work. Only ops have the ability (literal ops) to sit in the chairs. I use Essentials Group Manager by the way.
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    One more bug if you are on the chair and you click the buton F5 to see your face you get up from the chair. :)
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    spoothie I got the plugin to work. Yes, I think your permissions are defective. You can't sit with the chairs.* permission. You have to use chairs.sit. But anyway, I got it working on my server. Thanks.
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    Awesome, sitting that works! Is it possible for a mod like this to support movecraft? Thinking about trying to make edits myself if it's even possible :p ChairCraft would keep me stationary even as the craft moved, which was dangerous.
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    Me too, doesn't work. Config verified
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    Why is the "item" set as a Lever? and what purpose does it serve?
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    Why it doesn't work ?
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    what does the item: in the config do
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    Absolutely love this plugin and the fact it works far better than the old chairs plugin someone else made.
    No longer will I be seen UNDER the chair.

    1 slight bug though.
    It seems we cant sit on stairs if there isnt a block directly under it.
    Is there anyway to fix that?
    I have seating directly above a redstone game and if the chairs are any higher, the players wont get to see the action. And i must have redstone to properly power the pistons below it.
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    Works fine now, but I don't know why :/
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