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    BlockEdit - View/Edit Block Type/Data Now with Permissions!
    Version: v1.31

    This plugin allows you to modify the type and/or data value of individual blocks. I created this for fixing the foobars caused by a bug in Vegetation, one of my other plugins, but I'm sure it's useful for other purposes as well.




    Simply hold an arrow in your hand. Right-clicking will show you the block type and data value of the block you're aiming at, while left clicking will implement the changes you set (see Commands below).​

    • Change any block into any other block type
    • Change any block's data value to whatever you want.*
    * Some values will crash your client and/or server. Know what you are doing before using this plugin!

    • /BLOCKSET, /BSET - sets the block type and/or data value:
      /bset 4 0 - sets the block type to Cobblestone and data value to 0.
      /bset 12 - sets the block type to Sand and the data value (if not specified) to 0.
    • /BLOCKGET, /BGET - Shows you what your block type and data values are currently set to.
    • /BLOCKDATA, /BDATA - Sets the default block data value. The block type will remain unchanged.
      /bdata 1 - sets the default data value to 1. Any block you left-click will have its value changed.
    • /BLOCKTYPE, /BTYPE - Sets the default block type. The block data value will remain unchanged.
      /btype 49 - sets the default block type to Obsidian. Any block you left-click will be changed into Obsidian.
    Now implementing Permissions 2.5.4 - the nodes are as follows:​
            - 'blockedit.use'
            - 'blockedit.set'
    ...to use the BlockEdit magical arrow and/or use the BlockEdit commands, respectively.​


    Download the plugin (JAR) v1.31​
    Download the plugin (ZIP) v1.31​

    Download the source (ZIP) v1.31 GitHub


    Version 1.31 26-Apr-2011
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #733.​

    Version 1.3 19-Apr-2011
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #684.​

    Version 1.21 30-Mar-2011
    * Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #602.​

    Version 1.2 22-Mar-2011
    * Removed rudimentary permissions and added Permissions 2.5.4

    Version 1.1 18-Mar-2011
    * Added rudimentary permissions​

    Version 1.0 16-Mar-2011
    * Created plugin​
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    Thanks for putting this together so quickly. Don't feel bad about the map funkiness we all know that kind of stuff happens. [​IMG]

    Is there a permission node for this? If not, I'll just be sure to only activate it when necessary
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    No permissions at the moment, but definitely planned. :) Would hate for any griefers to get a hold of this on a server!
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    I'll use this on my server when there is Permissions support.
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    Hey weasel, can you make a plug-in similar to BigBrother that lets you right click on a block to see who destroyed or created it? I just thought i might ask because this is similar to this :3
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    Close to what I want, may get it, but I need this two, please someone help finding them:
    FOR INSTANCE, changing all the diamond blocks from the server to obsidian, and so on.
    Only for OP-s , of course.
    The other one:
    an plugin that doesn't allow building in the spawn radius ( 500 blocks ).
    so you can only build if you go 500 blocks from the spawn.
    But OP-s can build in the spawn, this applies only to normal players!
    message me or answer it here, I will check.
    Best regards,
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    1) that. sounds. dangerous.
    2) Try EpicZones or WorldGuard for something like that. Increasing the spawn protection radius in your server.properties might work, too. But I seem to remember issues with that setting...
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    Wouldn't be too hard to implement that. :) But yeah, may be dangerous. I plan to make it so you can tell BlockEdit to change only the specified type of block when you click them, so no more accidentally changing the wrong block when using it..
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    Mitch C

    can u make it so that it dosent change appearance only type for example a glass block look but a cobblestone type so that it looks like u can place things on glass like torches chests etc.
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    I dunno if that's possible without a client-side modification.. Although it may be! I remember seeing some kind of setTexture() type function somewhere, I'll have to see if I can find it again..

    I'm not sure, but I think my CB#602 update is broken, they changed the block interaction event formats with the release of CB#600.. I'll check it out today, it was being weird and unresponsive for me yesterday, though that may have been another plugin exception since half my server's plugins are still b0rked by updating to CB#602..
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    Mitch C

    k thanks
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    Is it possible to disguise dispensers into looking like other blocks?
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.
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    OK :) I updated it, just haven't uploaded it yet. As soon as my power gets turned back on I will upload it and update the thread and follow the usual report-to-get-it-back-in-the-list procedure.
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    Considered inactive.

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