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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RazorFlint, May 11, 2011.

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    I <3 You, your that person that has a brain!
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    doesnt work :( not even an error message:,(
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    Well your the only person with a problem so....
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    It's possible to change also the background Color?
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    Background color?
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    Please add your version to the title
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    Not needed.
    Just reccomended Build
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    "Simple" and useful, thats what i need mostly ;D
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    Thanks :)
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    Ok, please keep in mind to that it maybe better to enable editing using rightclick or using a command.

    It happens way to often that one scrolls through his inventory, and thus changes a sign when pointing at one.

    It is actualy the very reason i am not using thi splugin but i am looking forward to use it when permissions and this has been fixed.
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    @RazorFlint we use a similar plugin, we only require people to click on the sign. Then they can scroll-color it.
    It works like this:
    Other than that you stop coloring when x distance away from the sign. (onMoveEvent).

    Is it possible you could support this? It would surely benefit the plugin, and lighten ours. :)
    If you need source, just ask. No intent to release it, would only want to suggest some cool features you could add. :)

    Also, add an option to ignore signs with one line starting with [ and ending with ]. It is a pain when auto-coloring causes a CraftBook sign to go invalid. (And it is irreversibly destroyed from that point onwards)
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    I'm adding permissions support right know give me 20 seconds.
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    damn.. and just when i was gonna use it...
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    If I was a plugin dev, I would put a link to my Github, set email notifications to off and Never look at the bukkit post except to update it.

    I keep seeing Devs flame out due to 100s of "Y U PLUGIN BROKE" posts. Just Ignore the retards and fix what gets reported the correct way and let everyone else pound salt. You dont owe anyone anything. But I hate seeing good plugins go away or become inactive due to this.
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    ^^^ Exactly this.
    But I fear he has already turned off email notifications.
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    Hey.... Loved your plugin..... Can i take over it?
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    He's probably not going to reply. Do what you want.
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