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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RazorFlint, May 11, 2011.

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    Link Doesnt Work, Try MediaFire? Or, Megaupload?

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    Ok... Done. :D
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    Ha! Fking Awesome ;3
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    Looks sweet, but would it be possible to add permissions support?

    I'd rather not have people going around changing every single sign to some obnoxious color [creeper]
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    Really? Your Worried about people changing your sign colors to "Obnoxious Color's" ?
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    I kind of agree with MeinerHosen... Permissions or have a Locking System would be nice... :)
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    I am. I'd want to avoid some new guy coming on the server, discovering this function, then changing all the spawn signs to pink or something hard to read.

    Plus this would be an awesome thing to reward people with :D

    Also, how does this work with sign shops? I would think it might screw with their usage :/
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    Hmm I Don't Know yet about shop signs, I'll try it out now on my server and if not I'll do some fixes.
    EDIT: You'll have to try this on your own servers because i dont have any shop sign thingys...
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    Yeah, it doesn't work with the sign shops.
    Does some "error for input string" for prices and such.

    It will also not color if the line of text is full. It's not a surprise, but just thought you might want to know ;)

    edit: would it be possible to keep from switching items when looking at a sign? Very low priority, of course.

    edit^2: Also just found that it doesn't change colors on a sign that says:
    NEW LOTS!!!!!!​
    I expected the top to change, since the arrows take up linespace, but that didn't happen :/​
    Edit^3: Tried to change a wallsign underneath another wall sign. It changed the top wallsign.​
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    This does work you need to be far away so it notices the other sign.
    Not. Far away.... But 2 blocks? yeah.
  13. Nice work man. That's a beast plugin!
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    Yeah permissions Support would be nice. I would like VIP's on my server to only use this.
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    Permissions and u´ll be my hero <3333
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    Agreed. :)

    (gotta realize, we who run ze servers are ze ones who makes ye popular =D haha)
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    I'm Don't Use This Now But I'm Use This In Feature
    Awsome Men ;)
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    Bad grammer but Thanks.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Awesome :)
    I like this :D
    Thanks for commenting on my thread :b
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    Just A bit of friendly Suport :)
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    Can you add OP only or Permissions?
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    That's what im doing right now :)
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    :) Neerly Done...
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    How's it going? ;)
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    I' will jump all over this when its Permissions compatible.
    Another incentive to get Premium. ;)
  27. Some news?
    You'll wait Minecraft 1.6 (for a compatible bukkit)?
    I wanna some permissions for this great plugin :)
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    awesom but still waiting for permission :p
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    Yeah Guys sorry about permissions, i had to completly rewrite the plugin and im now just figuring out permissions.
  30. Awesome :)
    That a good news so i'll wait for it ^^ .
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