[INACTIVE][MISC] BananaMapRender 1.6 - generate a flatmap image render of your world [1000]

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    a lightweight dynmap alternative - fater than ever

    • Player names and faces on a map
    • ZOOMING!
    • Gorgeous map rendering
    • Monsters on a map
    • Monster spawners on map
    • Signs on map if the first line of the sign is [BMR]
    • Shows time of day
    • Super light on resources
    • Super fast rendering
    • Full multithreading support
    • Worldguard Regions
    • Worldborder borders (circle and square)
    • Permissions support
    • Configure everything the way you want it
    • MultiWorld support
    • Toggleable icons
    Version: 1.6
    Download: Download Link
    Commands: /bmr [value between 1 and 4] /bmr length
    Example Render: Here

    Instructions: These assume that you are running BukkitHTTPD as the web server on your host. If this is the case you don't need to change anything. Otherwise, please configure the correct directory for your web server install.

    • Place in plugins/ folder along with all the included libs and extra folders in the zip. The plugin will not create its own if these do not exist!
    • Start the server, then type bmr 1 into the console - wait for this to complete then continue running your server as normal!
    • Players will automatically generate the entire map over a period of weeks as they explore it, but if you wish, you can forcefully render areas of the map using /bmr in-game.
    • Navigate to http://yourip/worldname/
    • If you wish to have certain signs displaying on the map - have the first line of the sign be
    is a
    Some more information:
    • The plugin keeps each 512px tile for 1 hour after creation. After this they are flagged for updating, either by your players as they wander around your map, or by you using /bmr [value]
    • Each bmr value is equal to (mcregion file+1)^2 so be careful when using large values as bmr 10 renders over 5k by 5k tiles!
    • The plugin will print a report when it is done rendering. It will look something like this.
    2011-08-04 14:31:37 [INFO] Map rendering: 1 1 DONE
    2011-08-04 14:31:37 [INFO] Rendering complete: Took 190s to complete : 288 chunks rendered in total
    Live Examples:


    Credit Where Due:
    • clone1018 for minotar.net
    • Nijikokun for suggestion I use leaflet as the map system, and for the css and coding help
    • Demonen for all the testing and for writing a couple of functions for me
    • All the folks on the United Banana Empire for being super patient with me as I tested this plugin
    • Protected for doing a complete rewrite of some of my code for 0.3 - thankyou so so so much - I don't know what I'd do without you on my team! ^^
    • K900 for all his anti-noob nyan work :)
    Coming soon: progress on GitHub

    • Fun filters (not done)
    • Fix wierd chrome bugs (possibly done)
    • Flash based site (partially done)

    • 0.0.1 - 01/06/2011 - released privately to beta testers.
    • 0.1 - 04/06/2011 - released publicly after adding lots of shiny features.
    • 0.2 - 06/06/2011 - implemented multiworld and added more entities.
    • 02.1 - 07/06/2011 - implemented biomes, changed mob formula, changed how ice looks to be more "icey" added sign and mob spawner display.
    • 1.0 - 09/06/2011
    • 1.1 - 15/06/2011 - added all sorts of anti-noob nyanerry - thanks K900!
    • 1.2 - 19/07/2011 - removed NMS references - increased performance - hopefully fixed sign bug
    • 1.5 - 04/08/2011 - new index.html - new rendering method - new chunksnapshot method increased performance - decreased lag
    • 1.6 - 16/08/2011 - reordered rendering logic, cleaned up memory leak, took out the cat, introduced the neighbors to my girlfriend, slowed down rendering so you don't even notice its happening when the server is running. Also it's a lot prettier.
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    Oh btw is this realtime or still image please tell me before I download I tried dynmap and it was good but too big for my server :(
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    Keep reading! You're almost there! :p
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    That's not true.
    I did the same (disabled signs in config, removed world and world_nether folders completely) and all signs went away. Version 1.2, CB1000.
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    Maybe this is world-specific. As for me, I have a building with more than 300 signs on my main world (yes, it causes lag like hell) and maybe this circumstance stresses the plugin to a unhealthy level, as they still are processed I assume even if they wouldn't be shown. Are the contents of the signs in your world also saved in the player.js file in the bukkithttpd folder?
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    Habe ein Problem. Ist ein Deutscher hier,der mir helfen könnte?
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    I'm not sure because as i said i disabled signs completely. Right now players.js is only 1Kb and nothing inside it relates to signs.
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    Hello again, I took the time to try again with the newest BukkitHTTPD (fresh install, even deleted the old stats-files) and the current BananaMapRender (also fresh install), still the same problem. For debugging purposes I have uploaded a copy of my player.js file. After I looked through it myself, I've seen that it still is only a few of the signs that get added (not even close to those, that are placed in my world), only one of them had the [BMR] tag although there are about 3 to 4 [BMR] Signs on my main world. Also I've seen there are many "marker entries", yet I haven't ever used markers in any form, only a few saved teleports with CoorTeleport, some Worldguard regions and the player homes through "simplehome".


    Hope this helps ya!
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    Any way to add script refreshing? So the players actually move on the map and tiles are updated without needing to manually refresh the browser.
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    Just open the index.html and edit the opening <body> tag.

    Change it to something like this:
    <body onload="javascript:setTimeout('location.reload(true);',30000);">
    This will reload the page every 30 sec.
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    Also wondered about that. I told my users the map was "semi realtime" but if we have to keep refreshing manually to even get that much it's a bit closer to a static map a la Cartographer.

    Are we still getting our "huge update" or are you still "looking into" the sign issue?
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    The huge update is still coming - if you know me you'll understand why its so slow - I have about 50 other plugins to look after too.
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    No problem, just wanted to touch base on that. I don't mind waiting for good stuff :)
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    I'm using apache instead of bukkithttpd. BMR generates the html files (from the templates in the plugin folder) AND generates the rendered map png files... but when I access the web front end, it does not show which players are online or the rendered map. It does not show the attribution. (please see screenshot)


    My config.yml has been edited:
    attribution: 'WE LOVE BELCHKNIFE'
    #Directory tiles world folders are placed in.
    directory: '/home/user/www/craftyserve/'
    I didn't see any errors in the server console output.

    Ubuntu 11.04 (server)
    apache 2.2.17
    Ubuntu 10.04 (client)
    Chromium 12.something
    Firefox 3.6.something

    I asked a Windows using friend to check it out on his Win 7 box with whatever the newest firefox is and he sees the same thing. What am I missing?

    Here's a direct link so you can see for yourself:
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    I checked the javascript console. The error is coming from this line.
    marker.bindPopup("SQUAREPENIS<br/>THIS IS THE<br/>HOUSE OF A MAN<br/>WITH A 19"
    DICK < br / > ");
    So you have two options:
    1. find that sign and remove it, and others containing the " character
    2. disable signs until I work in a fix for this
    My apologies for not coming across this bug sooner - I guess not many people use that character on their sign. Apart from that, everything is working fine.
    So, disable signs, and get back to me, I expect it to work fine.

    I'd just like to say thankyou for a really well put together bug report. That took me all of 20 seconds to find out what was wrong. If more users were like you, plugin development would be an altogether more rewarding experience.
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    lol awesome... I was not expecting that sign to make it into a forum post.

    thank you for the prompt response!

    you may add my server's BMR url to your live examples section on the main post if you like

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    another issue: (has been mentioned a few pages ago already by smo else)

    When the BMR plugin is active it spawns pictures out of existing pictures.. in our world sometimes the entity count can exceed 12-15k then - steadily rising until the server becomes totally unusable and crashes afterwards.

    I have isolated the problem beeing related to this plugin, but am still using it a few times a week to refresh the map.

    I am currently using an outdated version of the plugin and now no duplicates are happening. (it does still update the entitys on the map, but not the map itself - there it crashes with "exception java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: g")

    thanks in advance
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    How do I shot web?
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    I've been having trouble with this plugin for the past few hours. I think it has to do with my IIS setup.

    I have all the config setup, but when I get to the web page for the map, it doesn't show the images for the map. The images exist, they have the actual map on them, but then nothing shows up. Any ideas? I've included links to the map and then to one of the images.



    Is there any other details you would need to know?
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    Same bug as above. Disable signs.
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    I disabled signs, still nothing.
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    You need to regen after you disable signs.
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    I did. Stopped server, changed config to disable signs, started server, regenerated map, still nothing.

    If it means anything, there's people on the server right now but they don't show up in the players online section.
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    Look at the javascript error console.
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    I would really love to use this but there is a problem: I installes BukkitHTTPD and this and setted all up. Then I logged onto the server and executed "/bmr 1". After some time I get kicked off the game (time out) and the logs didn't tell anything usedfull. So I had a look the map but BukkitHTTPD lists me only three files:
    world.js  (64 bytes)
    players.js  (50.95 KB)
    0,0.png  (51.54 KB)
    What's wrong? :(

    //EDIT: And on another map I have the same problem as Nincodedo.

    //EDIT²: http://pastebin.com/xPPGAQEh
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    sorry? I don't get what you're meaning with your reply..

    edit: just to clarify - i know the meme, read the whole thread, tried a few things to resolve the errors and would consider myself not to be a "noobish" server admin

    if I'm wrong and there is a simple solution - please just point me in the right way, thanks!
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    If you updated to the version that fixed the "no field found 'g' bug" rather than stubbornly staying on an out of date version and asking me to fix it for you... that would help
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    You should dump the first picture in the OP. The giant brown area looks... messed up. The second picture is pretty though :D

    And that's my useless contribution for the day :p
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    The giant brown area is from one of my unreleased plugins :p
    DONT use it with nether enabled... or with more than one world enabled... heh

    Other than that - just place one block of soul sand, and let loose the dogs of hell!
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    Ohhh neat. I guess I'm just suggesting to put the prettiest BMR pictures up there so when people come in they understand what they're getting (and how pretty it is).

    *strokes your pretty hair*

    Ok that was frightening.


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