[INACTIVE][MISC] AchievementUnlocked v0.1 - Unlock All Achievements [860]

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    AchievementUnlocked - Unlock all Achievements easily!
    Version: v0.1
    AchievementUnlocked should be self-explanitory as it unlocks all of the achievements in your client for multiplayer and singleplayer. It includes permissions support and if you don't have permissions it should default to OP only.

    • Unlocks All Achievements
    • Permissions / OP Support
    • Tested and working on builds up to 820
    Download AchievementUnlocked
    Source Code
    • /achieve - Unlocks all Achievements
    • achievement.use - /achieve
    Version 0.1.1
    • Fixed colors
    • Forgot to remove some debugging info :3
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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  2. Nice Idea but its only a plugin for lazy people because the achivements are not so hard :/.
    But i like it so good job :)
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    Um......I feel this is for lazy people :oops:
    Looks good though, very well done sir :)
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    Ya, I know it's for lazy people. If I'm not mistaken this should work forever unless Bukkit changes the API for Achievements. This may come in handy when Notch adds more achievements that ARE harder. ;)


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    YAY! Developer! Thanks whichever mod gave me this... :D
  7. It's not called an achievement if you don't actually "achieve" anything.

    Should call it "Automatically Toggle Bits In Your Client That Have No Meaning Now"
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    As I said before. This will have much more use when Notch adds more features and harder achievements.
  9. So you need a plugin to complete non-difficult achievements.

    Or are you implying that using a plugin to "complete" difficult achievements is suddenly an achievement <_<
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    This was simply a proof of concept.
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    wow "joy" if you dont like dont get geez
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