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    Thomas Bucher

    Trampolin - Jump higher with a Trampolin:

    Version: v0.6

    You can Jump High or even Higher with this Plugin and a Stoneplate and a Block under it.

    • Use Ironblock to Jump "High"
    • Use Goldblock to Jump "even Higher"
    • Use ... Block to Whatever
    • Keep bouncing if you stay on
    • Now Configurable which Block which Height
    • No Falldamage for a amount of time (configurable)
    • Command to Adjust Block boost (temporary for testing)
    • Boosts Minecarts
    Download The Plugin

    Source Code is n the Jar

    Video of Usage..

    Vertical and Horizontal Boosts Video

    Sponsored by iffa ;-)

    • Place a Gold or a Ironblock or any Block configured..
    • Place a Stoneplate on the Block
    • Walk over the Block and get a Heightboost
    • You can use /trampolin if enabled in config to test block adjustment
    useredtorch: false
    nodamagetimeout: 3000
    nodamage: true
    - 41,75,0
    - 42,50,0
    - 49,120,60
    playeronly: false
    usecmd: false
    boostminecarts: true
    useredtorch is not yet implemented.. ignore.

    Each line contains: Block,Boost,Verticalboost
    See the Example, which is the Default.
    If boosts is not in the Configfile, it uses internal Defaults.
    nodamagetimeout: time where player receive no fall damage after usage of the Trampolin (in Miliseconds)
    playeronly: if set to true, only player gets boosted, if false all Entites will jump and bump

    For Vertical boosts try something like:
    - 48,0,2000
    With a Mossystone under the Pressureplate.. ;-)

    usecmd: This enables ingame command /trampolin
    /trampolin blockid boost verticalboost

    This is temporary, you can test values.. if you find the values needed, enter them in the config.

    • Add Permissionsupport (use / build)
    • Alternate way to Trigger Jump..
    • speedboost linked to the redstone
    • Minecart Jumps?
    Version 0.6
    • Boosts Minecarts now..

    Version 0.5c
    • Added Command /trampolin and usecmd ind config File
    Version 0.5b

    • Optimized, who is lifted / jumps by the triggers.. (small fix)
    Version 0.5a

    • Add other entities than players to get speed as well..
    Version 0.5

    • No Falldamage from Trampolin (Falldamage Timeout after usage..)
    Version 0.4

    • Fully Configurable Blocks!!
    Version 0.3

    • Keep Bouncing if you stay on it
    • Added Vertical Booster
    • Fixed a small bug
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing of the Plugin
    Special Thanks to Thomas Müller for this Idea

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    Thomas Bucher

    Here another Video of both..
    With this Config.

    useredtorch: false
    nodamagetimeout: 3000
    nodamage: true
    - 41,75,0
    - 42,50,0
    - 49,120,0
    - 48,0,2000
    playeronly: false
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    Thanks - I made a demonstration video, uploading to YouTube later...

    Here is the small demonstration I made earlier... :)

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    Thomas Bucher

    May i link this onto Post 1 ?

    Its very nice ;-)

    Greetings Thomas
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    Go on :!

    Just wondering, can you make the config editable in-game? I don't feel like reloading all the time when I test the changes.:confused:

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    Thomas Bucher

    It is possible.. For that i have to add Permissionsupport and a Playerlistener. Also i would have to change the way i read and write the yml, because windows will suck with the Filelocks.

    One thing i can make easy, would be to add a command, witch is disabled per default, to change the values of a predefined block ingame to see what happens.
    If you then have the values you need, you can enter it in the config. How would that be ?

    Greeting Thomas
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    Thomas, we are starting to add your plugins one by one to our Event Server, they are just PERFECT for a little fun inbetween! Thank you :)
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    That would be great!
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    you don't need a player listener.
    if you look in the JavaPlugin class, there's an overridable function "onCommand" that is called when a command listed in the plugin.yml is used

    as for yaml read/write: bukkit has a configuration class that works for me (see my signrotater source)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Dindnt know that ;-)
    I will give that one a try. Thnx
    This is what i use. After write the Config, i am not able to Delete the File or rewrite it. (Just under Windows) the File keeps busy somehow. Thats what codes some Problems in my other Plugin GeoCacher.
    I know, i dont have to delete it anyhow. But i like to keep this Plugin permission free and as simple as possible..


    All right, its in. 0.5c has a config var called usecmd
    set this to true and ingame you can
    /trampolin blockid boost vboost

    Sincerely Thomas
    Hope you like it.

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    Thanks for another update, I got a zombie on my trampoline! :D

    Had to reupload...

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    any possibility for Permissions?
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    Thomas Bucher

    You like a private trampolin ?? I mean is there any reason to have permission ?

    Sincerely Thomas
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    well not so much a private trampoline .... more or less a means to have only ops.txt make the jump style blocks - and if this was already possible I misread it
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    Thomas Bucher

    You can use Blocks only available to Ops (like sponge).
    If you really need permission support for building, i can add it. So i just cancel place the plate, if it would create a trampolin.

    I start a Poll about that ;-)

    Write +1 for Adding Permission
    Write -1 for No need to add Permission
    Vote Ends 30.4

    Sincerely Thomas
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    I'm going with +1. Also, once I have time, I'll make a real quick "easy editor" for this plugin... (web based, PHP)
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    The sponge method would work actually - up to you to put them in or not.
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    I think your plugins just might be the best!
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    This might be difficult, but would it be possibly to have this launch minecarts too? Could make some amazing rides with that... Fun mod though!
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will Check, what i can do for you :)

    Greetings Thomas
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    Man is there anything coding cant do your nice for taking requests
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    thanks for adding minecarts! I found though the vertical part works perfect, but if you alter the horizontal boost on any blocks, you do a 90 degree turn instead. Still very fun!
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    Thomas Bucher

    Horizontal Boosts work as expected. They allways boost you in the direction you are looking.
    So if you look to the right in your minecart while cross a horizontal boost, you will be "doomed" to the right.
    I think there are enought "boosts" Plugins for minecarts, so the only usable thing left with this is the jump ;-)

    But i was able to jump over a lavariver easy.

    Happy Jumping
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    Great mod.. Although i am mostly using it as its unintended do to the horizontal boost. Put - 4,0,2000 in the config file and you can make some great hassle-free cobblestone roads.
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    Can anyone confirm this works with 818?
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    Thomas Bucher

    It does

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Thanks! I may have posted this already but here it is again: Your plugin, along with a bit of craftbook has made the Fight! arena on my server awesome.
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    amusing bug i've found: if another player is standing near a trampoline (2 block radius), and it is activated (entity/player), they are also launched
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    Thomas Bucher

    Works as designed ;P
    If you jump near a person on a trampolin, it will boost both..

    Sincerely Thomas
  31. Any chance for Permissions support? :)

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