[INACTIVE][MECH] TorchBurn v1.2 - Carry torches rather than placing them [556,565]

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    Ryan Carretta

    Version: v1.1/v1.2

    I've thought for awhile now that it's rather silly you can place torches all day long, but can't do something as simple as carry one around. This plugin adds that functionality to MineCraft.

    Features and Functionality:
    . Using a torch 'lights' the torch for one minute, during which you can carry it around as a light source.
    . To use a torch, sneak (hold shift), then right-click in the air (so as not to place it) with the torch in-hand.​
    . Hitting a creature or player with the torch will set it on fire for five seconds.​
    . Torches have an indicator that will 'tick down' as the torch expires.
    . By default, torches will go out when you submerge in water or lava
    . Dropping a lit torch in any way will immediately extinguish it and the torch will be lost.
    . Lit torches cannot be placed.

    v1.1 and v1.2 support the exact same functionality. v1.1 should be used with the recommended builds less than or equal to 556. v1.2 should be used with current but non-recommended craftbukkit builds.


    Version 1.2​
    . Bukkit appears to have changed/deprecated some of the event hooks TorchBurn uses. v1.2 merely fixes this.​

    Version 1.1​
    . Added configuration file support
    . Burn duration is now configurable
    . Added support for infinite torch burn time
    . Light intensity is now configurable
    . Falloff of light is now configurable
    . Added support for requiring the user sneak to light a torch (configurable)
    . Added support for extinguishing a lit torch when a user is submerged (configurable)
    . Torches igniting mobs is now configurable
    . Fixed a bug that would remove the wrong torch when a torch was extinguished

    Version 1.0
    . First release



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    Finally. Yes. Add an animation? :D
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    Ryan Carretta

    Hmm, an animation on what? Originally I had the 'turn on' effect trigger on swing (arm animation), but it was triggering on placing a torget (as that animates as well). Since placing torches isn't allowed while the torch is 'burning', to place any number of torches you would need to place one, which would light one, discard that one, place one, etc.

    Or did you mean a clientside animation? Because that isn't possible.
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    right-click isnt a good idea imho as in caves you can easily misplace it on walls and stuff, change it to left-click plz or make it configurable

    otherwise: good job! gonna use it when I can set left-click to lid it =)
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    Ryan Carretta

    As far as I can tell left click won't work. I don't know of any event to trigger the light off of that won't trigger unintentionally on other events (ie animateArm). Plus, if you place it on a cave wall, you can grab it right off and try again. Using onPlayerAnimate you'll go through 2 torches for each one you place.
  6. Dropbox or MediaFire links please, Megaupload isn't good for those who don't have premium accounts, as they have to wait a minute to download.
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    Ryan Carretta

    Added DropBox link.
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    Love it! I was looking for something other than the Flashlight plugin that used the torches. I'll give it a try.
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    Ryan Carretta

    Thanks! Let me know what you think.
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    Hmm, I have to try this one!
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    Minecraft 1.3 and CB 450 works great!
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    This is excellent! My suggestion would be to allow you to change the length of time for which the torch may burn.
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    Great plugin! :)
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    This is awesome! I've been trying to get Flashlight and Permissions to work with older CB builders with no luck, and this work great with 450!
    I'd also really like an option for a bigger radius of light, and an option for administrators to set their timer to a longer period (or turn the timer off completely).
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    Ryan Carretta

    Because the plugin works by looking at the sphere around the player, an increase in radius may have severe performance implications. If enough people are interested in this, I can add it though.
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    Alright, I understand that. What about the part with the longer timer though? That would be just as helpful so I don't have to keep clicking. Also, it may be a bug or a feature, but keep this a feature!: you can use it underwater as a great light source and with /god on, it's great for underwater exploring!
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    Ryan Carretta

    Yeah, I decided, at least for now, not to deal with underwater stuff. I just wanted to get something out, honestly. In the future if I can figure out how to do it it'll be an option. I do intend to add a server option to change the burn duration.
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    Ahhhh bad bug! If you use it and walk over halfsteps, the half steps become permanently as light as daylight.
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    Ryan Carretta

    Hmm. I'll look into this, that shouldnt be happening.
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 3:34 AM ---
    If you encounter any lighting bugs placing a torch next to a permanently lit area will force a recalculation.
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    Soul Reaper

    this is real hard to relight in a small cave >.> but I guess thats just a limitation. Would be nice for a command to trigger it though

    Any way to let us place torches in our stack when u light the 1st one up?
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    Ryan Carretta

    Unfortunately, no. Minecraft won't stack anything with durability damage with something that doesn't. It could be possible, in theory, but I think it would probably be kind of cludgy. I'll mull this over though and see if I can come up with a better solution.

    I can implement a command to light it, that's fairly simple. I'll chalk it up on my to-do list.

    Side note for anybody getting client-side lag: turning off the new lighting system in options->video settings may help alleviate that.
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    seems kinda laggy when the light is on. similar to flashlight. Probably a mc issue.
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    Ryan Carretta

    There are two kinds of lag possible when using this. The first is client side and has to do with blending everything as part of the new lighting system. That can be turned off.

    The second is serverside and has to do with the server not running fast enough to keep up. Basically this recomputes lighting values for 1000 blocks when you have a torch running every time the player changes blocks. If you have a slower server or many people using the plugin this could become pretty intense.
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    Nice to see some serverside implementation of this concept! I know it's been done for SSP, real glad to see some chance of getting this going for SMP. I look forward to seeing it get adjustable duration. A minute seems a hair short to me - at that point it feels like one may as well just plant a torch. The lag possibility does concern me a little though.
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    I've tried both with the torch on, and the torch off, and I cannot place torches at all when this plugin is enabled. they are removed the moment I place them, and the stack count reverts as well. When I've disabled this plugin I can place them fine, so I know it's not a building permissions thing. I'm using Craftbukkit 478
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    Ryan Carretta

    Hi Johannes, thanks for the feedback. Can you check to ensure your torch isn't 'on' at the time you try to place the torch? This is not supported, because it would essentially allow the torch to burn infinitely. If the torch is on, throw it away either by selecting another issue, or drop the torch by pressing 'q' to drop an item. After this you should be able to place torches. If you are still having this issue please let me know and I will look into it. :)
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    I just realized another thing: Sometimes I do not want torches to take damage and burn, so would it be possible to get everlasting torches? May be possible with item spawning but I haven't tried. Could you release a special version of your plugin for that, so it won't use up the torches or just add configuration? :) Thanks.
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    Ryan Carretta

    Hi Juze,

    Thanks for your feedback. Some other users have requested a mechanism to configure the 'burn' duration. What I'll do is allow this to be set to 0, at which point the torch will never run out until you toss it. No special version necessary!

    I've been busy with another plugin, but I will add this feature soon. Promise. :)
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    Glad to hear!
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    Yes, I tried it at night, both when I had the halo of light around me (meaning the torch was on) and when it wasn't. In both cases I could not get the torch to stay.

    Also, wouldn't it make more sense if you have a lit torch and you right click, that it places that torch, but the one you are holding then (so the next one in the stack) is off? Essentially you'd be putting the burning torch down. I find it much more intuitive.

    For example, If I was in a cave in real life with a torch or some other kind of lamp, I wouldn't blow it out, put it down and then try to light it on the floor/wall in the dark. Rather I would put down my currently lit torch, and then pull out a new torch that I would have to light manually. no?

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