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    Sponge - making Sponge work again:
    Version: v1.3

    The title says it all.
    Put Sponge.jar in your plugin folder.
    Aaaaaand you're done! congrats!

    Place a sponge block (Id 19) near lava / water, and poof! magic.

    After running the server once, a folder named "Sponge" will be created inside your server folder. inside is the configuration file.
    Open config.yml with your favorite text editor (notepad for windows is the easiest, though I prefer Notepad++). the settings are:

    lava-sponge-working=true - Sponge sucking lava is enabled by default.
    water-sponge-working=false - Sponge sucking water is disabled by default.
    sponge-radius=3 - Change the radius of suction.

    • Sucks water and lava.
    • Configurable sucking radius.
    • Redstone Support(To be added?)
    Download Sponge
    Source Code

    Version 1.3
    • Added the ability for turning off suction of lava.
    Version 1.2
    • Added water support.
    • Added option for configurable radius.

    Comments about coding and ideas is more then welcome :3
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    Rory Crispin

    Could you add fire to the sponge, Its not really natural but what sponges can soak up molten lava! This would allow you to make your wooden houses safe from fire.
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    Please update this, i could really use this!
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    You should make this work with redstone to :D
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.
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    Still works fine for me, what needs to be updated about this plugin?
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    Steve Cole

    it still works but it could use more feature, like redstone power or customizable radius per sponge.
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    Psycho Robot

    The inactive tag doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't working, its just that the bukkit build tag in the subject is from too long ago. All the dev needs to do is change the subject to indicate it works on a more recent build
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    Ok, makes sense. I actually like the fact that this plugin is super simple. It would be just fine with me if it didn't have a config file at all and simply re-added the original functionality of the sponge.
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    Steve Cole

    i think notch should do that. and make them spawn naturally with about the same rarity as pumpkins.
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    The only problem with the sponge is that you can use one to destroy large amounts of water and create vortexes and stuff in the middle of the oceans. What I did on my server is have it so that sponge is a relatively rare drop from sand (0.8% or something), but then when you break a sponge block it doesn't drop anything. That way, you cant use one sponge to screw up a whole bunch of water.
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    Steve Cole

    yea i use iwatch to prevent people from using sponges except myself. i wish iwatch supported permissions or something because right now i just have people message me to have me build their sponge related structures for them but if it supported permissions i could just type a few words to enable/disable people from using sponges.

    also worldedit has a fixwater command that would fix and vortexes or things like that in the oceans or lakes.
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    can you update it to 670+ i rely on this plugin for anti lava griefing T.T
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    Can you release the source? I can try to update this.
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    it still works great its just "outdated" im praying they update the numbers to RB... dont make me do the computer nerds ritual by fire by bench marking crysis on my processor to appease the gods
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    I'll update it when the next build comes out (for 1.5_02). sorry for my in-activeness :(
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    It still works, i use it on a 714 server.
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    I love this mod!
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    Yyyyeap, water doesn't come back. :D

    Try taking a page out of Sk89q's toggleable blocks, and have it 'toggle' the water in an x by x by x area, then untoggle when it's done. A bit of work, but it'd make this plugin worth a lot more.

    Edit: This entire thing was supposed to be a question. I know nothing about java, so I'm not even sure if it's possible. Just a logic-type suggestion.
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    I'll use this once I know it works with CB 733. I was about to download it but saw that it's very outdated. D:
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    Now we just need a way to get sponge without cheating...
    Maybe you can get the chunk, where the player is on or moving in and if there is water in range you let sponge spawn in a chance of 5% or so. Don't know how sponge actually spawn.
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    Is it possible to make custom crafts? String would work to make sponge, methinks.
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    I use otherblock and have sponge be a 4% drop from sand.
    Ideally, it would only work with underwater sand, but the plug-in would have to handle that.
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    It doesnt work for me. i cant craft it, and when i gave it to myself it didnt do anything once i placed it in a pool of water. what could i be doing wrong? And YES it is in my plugins folder, and yes i set the values to true on both lava and water, and set the radius to 5
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    dude the download is broken. :oops:
    anyways great job with the mod, i'l use it if you fix the download. :D
    [diamond] diamonds for you [diamond]

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