[INACTIVE][MECH] Sponge v1.3 - Make sponges work again! with lava! [602]

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    Sponge - making Sponge work again:
    Version: v1.3

    The title says it all.
    Put Sponge.jar in your plugin folder.
    Aaaaaand you're done! congrats!

    Place a sponge block (Id 19) near lava / water, and poof! magic.

    After running the server once, a folder named "Sponge" will be created inside your server folder. inside is the configuration file.
    Open config.yml with your favorite text editor (notepad for windows is the easiest, though I prefer Notepad++). the settings are:

    lava-sponge-working=true - Sponge sucking lava is enabled by default.
    water-sponge-working=false - Sponge sucking water is disabled by default.
    sponge-radius=3 - Change the radius of suction.

    • Sucks water and lava.
    • Configurable sucking radius.
    • Redstone Support(To be added?)
    Download Sponge
    Source Code

    Version 1.3
    • Added the ability for turning off suction of lava.
    Version 1.2
    • Added water support.
    • Added option for configurable radius.

    Comments about coding and ideas is more then welcome :3
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    I've fixed the current version to work again, will remove it once the author can continue work on it :)
    Source include in .jar

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    Thanks Onza, and yes, it is updated. didn't thought of adding it to the change log as it doesn't really add any features.
    If it doesn't work still...well, I do suck at java '-'.

    Thanks for the fix Silence, but is it going to work with the current namespace? com.bukkit.* is not allowed anymore :S

    edit: Oh, the server I'm hosting the file at didn't seem to update it, weird. Fixed :p
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    Thanks ^________^
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    Need Redstone Support
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    Do not need redstone support.
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    Agreed, I'm happy with it being simple.
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    Hey thanks for the plug-in I was wondering for the installation though.
    Where you have to add "Sponge" to the plugins line on server.properties.
    I cant find the plugins line, what should I do?
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi risinglotus. It seems I'm mistaken, and you don't need to add "Sponge" to the server.properties file :p sorry 'bout that. I'll edit the main article now.

    Hm, can you announce if you want Redstone support or not? as it will be pointless to add it if no one wants it xD
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    Got the plugin running on my server and it works great!

    /me is interested in the source code, could I read through it, please? :)

    EDIT: Couldn't find it in the .zip file neither, could I please read it through?
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    Sure you can. I need to open a github already xD
    Download source
    Open with your favorite IDE.
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    Thank you very much!
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    I have a bug or a plugin conflict, not sure. When I place a sponge, it removes the source water blocks, but flowing water fills right back in. I'm using craftbukkit 440 and sponge 1.3
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    my friends and I would like the Redstone option. we are working on a boat loader and would like to have the option of draining the dock with ought having to replace sponges all the time.
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    Woot, yeah, really sorry about disappearing, finally have some time!
    I'll update it today, I'm really sorry :(
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    You just made my day.
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    yeah! great to have you back. all my WIP under water bases have been slowly collapsing since this got out dated now i can begin work again! thank you so much
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    Updated the link in the main message. sorry for taking so long :3
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    any chance to get this updated for 602? I need sponges back XD
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    Updated! should work on 602 nao.
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    confirmed working on MC1.4 - CB605... thanks!
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    Psycho Robot

    Can you update the plugin so that it creates the directory with the config file in the plugins folder and not the root folder? It just bugs me that its... there... mocking me....
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    Update it plz!
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    Steve Cole

    can you make it so the sponge folder is in the plugin folder instead of the root folder.
    otherwise this is a great plugin.

    also i have a suggestion/feature idea, don't know if its possible but make the x y and z axis separate so one sponge could clear a 10x3x4 area this would very useful if it could be controlled by a sign on the sponge. so default would be a radius of 3 but people could change it by placing a sing on the sponge like so:
    i doubt this would be possible but also being able to control which direction it goes in so instead of having the sponge in the middle of the dry area it could be to the side or in the corner of the dry area. also this would only be useful if it could be controlled by a sign so like:
    x=03 north
    y=04 up
    z=10 west
    x would only use north or south
    y would use up or down
    and z would use west or east

    having the above features would make this a simple antigreif tool and make it very useful if building under water/lava.
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    Could you post it somewhere else, or some give it to me? My country has it blocked for the key word \.il\/. in the url. Also, add it so that it restores source blocks
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    Psycho Robot

    Ask and ye shall recieve

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    Oh I thank yee great Psychotic Robot from the future :)
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    Psycho Robot

    No sir, YOU are in the PAST
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    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this.
    Works fine with Bukkit 670.

    However one suggestions, please PLEASE put the "Sponge" config directory INSIDE of the plugins folder.
    Super OCD, having it in the root directory is quite a bit annoying.
    Other than that, great job!
  31. Anyone provide me a link for the 1.2 version of this please ?

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