[INACTIVE][MECH] Sponge v1.3 - Make sponges work again! with lava! [602]

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    Sponge - making Sponge work again:
    Version: v1.3

    The title says it all.
    Put Sponge.jar in your plugin folder.
    Aaaaaand you're done! congrats!

    Place a sponge block (Id 19) near lava / water, and poof! magic.

    After running the server once, a folder named "Sponge" will be created inside your server folder. inside is the configuration file.
    Open config.yml with your favorite text editor (notepad for windows is the easiest, though I prefer Notepad++). the settings are:

    lava-sponge-working=true - Sponge sucking lava is enabled by default.
    water-sponge-working=false - Sponge sucking water is disabled by default.
    sponge-radius=3 - Change the radius of suction.

    • Sucks water and lava.
    • Configurable sucking radius.
    • Redstone Support(To be added?)
    Download Sponge
    Source Code

    Version 1.3
    • Added the ability for turning off suction of lava.
    Version 1.2
    • Added water support.
    • Added option for configurable radius.

    Comments about coding and ideas is more then welcome :3
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    Yes! Sponges should work for both.
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    Yeah, make it for water aswelL!!!! :D
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    Fixed the "bug". stupid me forgot Block_Flow event ><
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    Yes, please make it work for both water and lava!
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    Nope. no commands needed. and yes, normal sponge - just place near or in the lava.
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    When do you expect to have water added?
    because i could really use this, at my lan. Tonight, For atlantis
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    Author: Do not release a version with support for water.
    That's what WorldGuard's version does. To do so would undermine sk89q, as you can disable all of the other features of WorldGuard if that's all you want.
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    no fuck that. worldguard sucks. I shouldnt have to disable 40 other things. It should just work. like lava sponge does.
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    I don't really mind if water is added.

    However, there's nothing to disable in WorldGuard. Everything's off by default, except sponges.
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    I have no meaning to "undermine" Sk89q. as he said so himself, he has no problem with that.
    I thought it would be nice to have a small plugin that would make the sponge work, without the need to download WG just to use the sponge option. there are some who prefer "Guardian", or will prefer any other server protection plugin.
    as of the usage of it with worldguard (when sponges turned off)...I'll set up an option to enable the water sucking sponge. (Default will be disabled).
    Thank you all, and a special thanks again for Sk89q :3

    probably a-lot of grammar errors. sorry ><
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    Umm i already added water if you dont wanna change the code
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    Nah, it's good for practicing java, but thanks :3
    Updated to 1.2!
    new stuff:
    *Sponge radius in now configurable though config.yml (created automatically after running the plugin once)
    *Support for water! it's not working by default. can be changeable via config.yml

    a new folder named "LavaSponge" will be created inside your server folder. inside it is the config file.
    again, if you have anything so suggest - about coding or features - I would be delighted.
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    Is there a comand to adjust radius or does it require a restart every time
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    Requires a restart. making it work by-command is a bit tricky, especially with changing radius.
    but it's not that bad, as you can always place water blocks after putting the sponge. the water won't flow, but it will stay there.

    Quite a few changes;
    *Name changed from "LavaSponge" to "Sponge" (thanks, secret admin! =D ), as it is no longer 'only' for lava. unfortunately, that means editing the server.prop file and deleting LavaSponge's folder. sorry =(
    *Updated to version 1.3. now sucking lava can be disabled. it's true by default.
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    dude, when u remove the sponges the water doesnt come back
    theres just this whole with water up against, Fix!
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    This, lol.

    I was like "YES! DIE WATER!!!! ..... *kills sponge* ......:confused:; wtf? ..... I bet moses never had this problem....
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    As far as I know,it's a bug in bukkit, as blocks don't get updated unless triggered by something else. :(
    at first I thought something is wrong with the code, but then I checked and it happens in WorldGuard sponges too.
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    yep ive tried the worldguard also so i think youre right ;/
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    just for the heads up, I'm working on making it react to redstone, didn't have much time this week :(
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    Xav Kearney

    Link down, account suspended apparently
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    Dude I have been in a terrible mood all night bc my server wasn't working properly (working now) and this just fixed my night...I nearly fell off the bed laughing. [​IMG] Btw Tsurara thnx for the plugin...needed this greatly bc I do lots of underwater/sneaky cave entrance work and I am constantly having near-death experiences. [​IMG]+[​IMG]=[​IMG] gotta love it. [​IMG]
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    Doesent work on newest version :(
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    Updated to work with latest version. Redstone support will be added soon :3.
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    I've been compelled to nag you
    2011-02-23 18:15:11 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.bukkit.tsurara.Sponge.Sponge(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of Sponge to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    2011-02-26 11:33:50 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.bukkit.tsu
    rara.Sponge.Sponge(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, Clas
    sLoader) is no longer recommended.
    Go nag the plugin author of Sponge to remove
    (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    Updated, thanks for nagging :p
    I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates, I'm really sick and rolling from one doctor to another, but I promise I'll do the most I can.
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    Has the link in the first post been updated?
    It's not in the changelog if it has been...

    Also I hope you recover from whatever ails you soon!

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