[INACTIVE][MECH] SimpleBarter 1.2 - inventory trading [612-677]

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    SimpleBarter - trade in inventory dialog
    Version: v1.2

    Want to be able to trade items other players with other players without dropping them on the ground (where accidents can and do happen...)? Don't want to use the nasty, easy to forget, easy to mess up command system that other plugins use? Barter on your own terms.


    SimpleBarter allows players to trade items in their inventory with other players easily. Simple tap another player while your hand is empty. They will be notified that you want to trade, and will tap back if they want to trade. A dialog with both of your inventories in it will appear, allowing both players to drag and drop items seamlessly into each others inventories. Once either of the players closes the inventory dialog, both inventory dialogs will close (that way, a sneaky player who leaves it up while you walk away, can not steal stuff. It will close once you leave).

    Other Notes:
    Tapping multiple times rapidly on one player will only give them 1 notification (won't spam chat log). It will tell the tapper to quite pestering other players as well. Additionally, this plugin blocks damage from tapping with nothing in your hand, to other players. Using any item will damage players normally.

    No Commands.
    No messy Configuration.
    No Dependancies.
    No Hassle.


    Download Here
    Source Code

    • version 1.0
      • initial release
    • version 1.1
      • added configuration
      • added right click to trade
      • added item configuration
    • version 1.2
      • Optional backpack support
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    It will be, good things just take time. ;)
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    Is it time for good things? :p
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    766 Has been promoted to the RB yesterday. So Im guessing soon. But stop pestering him, it will just slow him down.
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    Oh man I can't wait for this! Good luck!
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    any sort of news?
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    So the version for 1.5 is done ?
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    lol, nice one!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work :D
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    cb 677 - inactive
  13. I don't mean to nag, but can you update this please -- at least to the latest recommended build?
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    Read up 3 posts he said hes working on it :)
  15. I saw that, but the least he could do is confirm it works with 798 to move it out of inactive.
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    No it does not work with any builds past 677 as far as I know people were reporting errors back in 699 look back a page
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    Can you please update :D. I really like this plugin, despite that people can jack my things while trading :)
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    is he still working on it, i don't think so, it's aa looong time gandalf^^
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    We miss the plugin: (
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