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    SignEdit v1.4.8 (LWC, GroupManager & Permissions support)

    Built against:
    Latest recommended CraftBukkit #617
    LWC 2.1
    GroupManager 1.0 alpha 5
    Permissions 2.5.4

    With SignEdit you can edit the text of a sign without having to re-place it.
    You can register names for the signs to edit them whithout seeing them.
    This is very useful for sign-plugins like CraftBook!


    • Use colors on signs!
    • Edit whole signs you´re looking at.
    • Edit only some lines of signs.
    • Edit signs out of range with a self-set name.
    • Clear signs with ease.
    • Add/Edit/Remove names for signs to edit them from everywhere.
    • Full LWC & GroupManager support
    • Much more planned...
    • Switch between texts by clicking the sign. (if wanted)
    • Switch between texts of another sign by clicking the control sign.
    • Redstone-Wire the control sign.
    • Save texts & sign-names per player.
    • Allow multiple signs per name.
    Using it:
    The main command is /signedit or /se
    ( <> = needed; [ ] = optional )
    Add an ID to the sign you´re looking at:
    /se add <name/id>
    Edit the ID of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se edit [Name/ID] <newName/newId>
    Remove the ID of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se remove [Name/ID]
    Clear the text of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se clear [Name/ID]
    Set the text of the sign you´re looking at:
    /se set <text>
    Set the text of the sign matched by it´s ID:
    /se setid <name/id> <text>
    Save the text of a sign.
    /se save [Name/ID] <SaveName>
    Load a text on the sign.
    /se load [Name/ID] <SaveName>
    Remove a saved text.
    /se rsave <SaveName>

    Syntax of <text>:
    "first line" "second line" "third line" "fourth line"
    - Two quotes mark one line.
    - You dont need to put a space between the quotes.
    - A line can contain any character except for a quote.
    - A line can be empty
    - You dont have to set all lines.
    Setting specific lines:
    2"second line" 4"fourth line"
    - The number before a quote is the line-number. (1-4)[/size]
    - None-set lines will keep the text they have.

    signedit.add - Add Sign-IDs
    signedit.edit - Edit Sign-IDs
    signedit.remove - Remove Sign-ID´s
    signedit.edittext - Clear/Set/Edit signs
    signedit.savetext - Save sign-texts
    signedit.loadtext - Load sign-texts
    signedit.removetext - Remove saved texts
    See http://wom.thatgamer.com/colorguide.php for Color-Codes.

    Example commands:
    /se add MyPluginName
    /se edit MyPluginName MyNewPluginName
    /se remove MyPluginName
    /se set "First line" "" "Third line"
    /se set 2"Second line" 4"Fourth line"
    /se setid MyPluginName "First line" "" "Third line"
    /se setid MyPluginName 2"Second line" 4"Fourth line"
    Change Color of a line:
    /se set "[ColorCode]"

    Download v1.4.8 #617:

    Download v1.4.7 #602:

    Download v1.4.6 #556:

    Changelog (open)
    V 1.4.8
    - again
    - Latest Bukkit and LWC 2.1
    - Compiled with LWC 2
    - And again
    - Built with latest Bukkit, GroupManager, Permissions & LWC.
    - Built with latest Bukkit, GroupManager, Permissions & LWC.
    - various bugfixes
    - Added Multiworld support for name-based sign editing.
    - Updated to b493jnks
    - Update to GroupManager 1.0 pre alpha 3
    - Update to Permissions 2.5.2
    - Changed to new save-format for sign-names
    - Added Permissions 2.5.1 support
    - Added Save/load/remove of sign-texts (atm only one savefile for all users)
    - Added GroupManager support
    - Recompiled with new bukkit
    - Fixed TSLPC
    - Temorary disabled permissions (LWC still active)
    - Added LWC-Protection support
    - Added Permissions support
    - Rebuild with new bukkit rev.
    - Colors now usable without the command (Right-click sign after placing)
    - Registered ID´s will be removed if the signs get destroyed.
    - First release

    Reuploaded... sry 4 missrelease ^^

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    awesome to see sign colors implemented!

    would be great if colors could be applied directly while making signs too like SignPainter did in hMod.
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    Should already be implemented but the event didnt work for me.
    Im working on that ;)

    New Version!

    - Colors now usable without the command (Right-click sign after placing)
    - Registered ID´s will be removed if the signs get destroyed.
    I still miss an event so you´ll have to right click the sign after placing it. Then the colors ´ll be parsed.


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    would it be possible to put like. a text generator in there that you can do rainbow text with.. or really. any way you can do rainbow text.
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    Ill integrate permissions when they are implemented directly in bukkit. There are different permission plugins and i cant integrate all of them.
    Rainbow-text sould not be a problem. Comes with next update.

    Also included in the next update is save/load of complex sign texts.
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    Looks good. I like the colors :3. Just out of curiosity, what texture pack were you using in the screenshot? It looks neat.
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    I really recommend this one over all the other Colored Signs (theres not that many :p). It is very easy to use once you understand the commands and has great features! Great job! Hope you make more awesome plugins!
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    What kind of resources does this plugin use?
  11. Could you update this please :)? The commands don't work on the latest CraftBukkit.
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    There is really only 1 permission plugin worth anything and we don't know that bukkit will ever implement an official one.
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    Seconded. Though I am pretty sure that Bukkit will eventually implement one, but no one really knows the time frame.
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    Third-ed. At least add some sort of list where I can specify who can use it... Please?
    Does that already Exist?
    I know Third-ed isn't a word.
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    sry for the long wait time my notebook was broken ^^
    Im back now and i will update SignEdit as soon as possible to get it work.

    I´ll try my best to integrate the permissions in the next update.

    EDIT: For now i uploaded a new version that works with the current release of craftbukkit.

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    Heyho @.$pIrit

    can you talk/look @Hidendra LWC Plugin?
    If anyone protects his sign with LWC, others can use SE and edit it.

    SE works with #302 ;-) But Permission Support would be great.
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    Short Update:
    LWC integration complete
    Permission integration nearly complete
    Till next release i´ll add bette logging to who edited what sign and such things.
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    Hi, your plugin is very useful !

    Could I beg you to add the possibility to edit multiple signs in one command ?
    Maybe by letting multiple sign get the same id.

    Thanks ;)
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    Can't wait for the next release, where is it? ;)
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    Sry no time the last few days.
    V1.2 is out with Permissions & LWC support.

    Missed Admin-Permissions like can edit all signs etc. I´ll bring them the next days.

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    Added this today fantastic plugin keep up the great work!!
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    Seems to be cutting off end of lines when multiple colors per line used...
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    Hm not 4 me. What bukkit version do you use?
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    CraftBukkit 432

    Try looking after a relog
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    2011-02-25 14:24:21 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.bukkit.sp1rit.signedit.SignEdit(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of SignEdit to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)

    Please update.
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    Update with actual bukkit tomorrow.
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    Looking forward to it!
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    Good and bad news ^^
    I fixed some mini bugs and compiled everything with last recommended bukkit & newest LWC.
    BUT i removed permissions support for now. Newest permissions didnt work for me and does anybody know if permissioons 2.4 is approved by Nijikokun?

    Which permissions versioon or permissions plugin (group manager?) do you use?
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    does it work with groupmanager?

    did you post the update? it still says it has a stupidly long constructor

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    GroupManager isnt supported atm but im going to add it today.
    Constructor message should be fixed. Try to download this version again. Maybe my ftp was a little bit to slow.

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