[INACTIVE][MECH/SEC]AutoPlant v1.60 - Keep forests alive! CB[740] - CB[440]

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    AutoPlant - Keep forests alive!
    Versions and Downloads
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    Are your forests disappearing over night? Are your new players having to travel for days on end to find a tree to even start playing? Sick of having to replant all those burned down forests everyday? Then this is for you!

    This is a very simple plugin that automatically plants a sapling when a log is broken(or burned) on top of dirt. It keeps forests planted with no effort on anyone's end at all! I've been using it on a server I use to work on for quite sometime and there are still trees everywhere around spawn. Yes is creates extra saplings into the system but since when have they been all that valuable?

    To put it simply. This plugin simulates everyone on your server being kind, caring, and considerate to the other players while still allowing them to be lazy!

    There is a config file that should be made when the plugin is first ran (it's also included in the .zip) that you can modify. It looks like this:

    #Delay from log break to the sapling being planted (in milliseconds)
    Plant_Delay: 1000
    #How long the sapling is protected after this plugin plants it (in milliseconds)
    Protect_Time: 1000
    #When true the plugin will autoplant a burning log
    Replant_Burned_Tree: true
    #If these are true the the text in the variables below will be shown
    Tell_User_Planting: false
    Tell_User_Protected: true
    #The message that is sent to the player when a sapling is added to the play queue
    Being_Planted_Text: A new sapling will arrive in one moment
    #The message that is sent to the player when they try to break the recently planted/protected sapling
    Protected_Text: This sapling is protected from jerks like you!

    • Auto plants a saplings when people harvest trees or when the tree is burned down.
    • Protects these saplings for a time after they are planted.
    • Also protects the dirt the sapling is on!
    • Can send a small message to the player so they know a sapling is coming or that a sapling is protected.
    • All of the above can be changed/modified in the config.yml file.

    Version 1.60
    • Correct sapling type (birch etc.) will be planted when a log is broken.
    Version 1.53
    • Material under the sapling is now protected as well.
    Version 1.51
    • Updated for 670
    Version 1.50
    • Huge rewrite.
    • Moved config to yml
    • Config auto creates itself.
    • Text messages added.
    • Trees replant when burned down.
    • Added sapling protection.
    • Assured that there is no memory leak on my end and there never was one.
    Version 1.03

    • Changed up the timer system.
    Version 1.02

    • Renamed config file
    • Moved config file to better match plugin name
    Version 1.01

    • Removed .bukkit namespace
    Version 1.0

    • Finally made the message optional as it can get annoying when cutting down forests.
    • Plugin released.
    This was the first plugin I made for hMod way back in the day and I just never got around to releasing my plugins. I hope to get my more advanced plugins up here onto the forums in the next few days. Keep an eye out!
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    Looks like a cool plug-in, one question though: is there like a permission, config or feature in which admins/op's are able to break the dirt underneath and the sapling itself?
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    Admin deletion stick! Currently no. I can make it so ops can however.
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    On version 1.6 (with CB 766, dunno about CB740) it spams, zlipperypete is not the only one experiencing this issue. 1.53 however works fine as far as I can tell.

    edit: My guess would be the new birch feature in 1.6 determining whether a normal log or birch log is broken has brought the spam back. ([SEVERE] Block Data:0)
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    Did you try re downloading that version? I realized I gave the wrong link a day or two after release.
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    I re downloaded after you made the announcement it was the wrong one, but I must have mixed up the files or something because I just re downloaded again and it works, my bad :p
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    Good to hear.
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    Please update to 803
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    Have you tried using it on 803?
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    Yes but it appear to not work.
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    Lex Aevum

    Would it be possible to add an option so that unmolested trees will sometimes spread?
    IE: Go somewhere with much dirt but no trees, plant a tree, come back several (real) days later and find a small grouping of trees surrounding the user-planted one.
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    Seems to work fine on RB 818
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    Could you make it that if the person has a permission node, the sappling will not reappear. As i dont want to be bugged by sapplings on my creative world.
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    any way you can make it so this doesn't work for logs that people place down manually and then chop down? only for natural trees?
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    818 support plox?
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    Link seems to be dead. Is this still being updated?
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    Can someone provide a link to the latest version on their server? Link seems to be dead.
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    Can't download broken link! Please fix.
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    Seems like the author cbf about this plugin anymore
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    Is there a replacement out there?
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    Has anyone tested this with RB928 yet I'm going to update today. If not I will test and post back with it.
    Did some fast testing with this on RB928 everything looks to work good.
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    Link is broken!!!!
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    link is down
  26. Here's a link for Autoplant 1.6 HERE - its not updated in any way, just so that people who want to use it still can. I've tried it up to bukkit #910 - it might still work after that, don't know myself.
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    developer not updating anymore?
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    I was updating it on my own. I revamped the config, added some commands for the OP to manage it, made it more customize able, and added some features. But i do not know how to publish a plugin.
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    I think you post it in plugin submissions sub-forum?

    post a link here if you post it :) glad someones updating this
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    This is genius!
    Very handy for me.

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