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    RedRemote v0.3
    RedRemote is a simple but effective plugin that can be used to remote control your redstone logics.
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    You have to build something like this:
    This is the sender block, a redstone Wire is in front of it. The side on which you place the redstone wire is important, if thesSignal should be sent north, the wire has to be on the sourthern side of the block.
    This is the receiver block, the lever is required!
    Now, when you give an input to the diamond block, the lever will switch and you have a redstone signal at the other side!
    This works into every direction (up, down, north, east, south, west), so it can be used also to travel a signal up- and downwards.

    Thanks @jamescosten for this nice review!

    Example Configuration file
    Show Configuration (open)

    The config-file has to be created in plugins/RedRemote/redremote.cfg
    If there's no file, the standard configuration will be used.
    The block-type depends on the Material-Enum-Types. You can find them here.

    Source on github.com
    Show Changelog (open)

    Version 0.3
    • Configuration file added.
    • Debug messages removed.
    Version 0.2.1
    • Levers can be used again!
    Version 0.2
    • If there's no lever at the receiverblock, it will trigger a redstone event to support plugins that can handle this event (for example my other plugin MagnetBlock)
    Version 0.1
    • First release!
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    Loose Nut

    sweet, downloading, whats the range limit ?
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    I hardcoded it at 100, so the algorithm should not run into an endless loop.
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    Loose Nut

    works great ! thank you
    sends power in any direction needed, even up or down and through rock

    this is only version 0.1 ???
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    It's version 0.1 because I coded it in 10 minutes resulting from an idea that I had 5 minutes before that.
    When nobody finds any bugs, I'll remove the debug messages and call it 1.0 ;)
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    Can something stay in between the 2 Blocks? So I can make those things trough mountains?
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    Yes, it doesn't matter if something is in between them!
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    Well, then that Plugin is awesome for ControllerBlock. I can finally make awesome Structures with it!

    Awesome good work Narrowtux! :)
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    Thank you ;)
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    can you make it so signs will connect them
    a diamond block with a sign that says line 1 : "send" line 2 : "channel: 7"
    and another one with a sign with that text but line 1 "receive" line 2 : "channel: 7"
    and more receivers/senders can be attached
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    Great idea, anyhow I tried the plugin and it works fine.
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    i like this idea!
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    I am all for the signs version, because then one could make large complex messages systems over great distances.
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    I didn't try it yet but this plugin looks great. Do you intend to make a Config file or something else to change the block type ?
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    Loose Nut

    you mean so you dont have to use a straight line to connect them ?
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    yes, and a longer distance
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    With the signs it could be as compact as a wall sign on a block to send and a wallsign on a block and a lever on that block to receive much like craftbook i suppose then :/ i just want this with out all the other junk i use minecart mania so craftbook would provide very little for me.
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    downloading now... looks awesome
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    This is an awesome plugin, thank you so much for creating this, it works as a remote and repeater, just awesome. I do have a question, is there anyway to have it not send the info comment to the console, if u have multiple blocks it sends a lot of info comments to the console and adds to the server log?

    Again, awesome plugin, thank you so much.
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    Great idea, but think i will wait till craftbook IC gets out, it have more the functions i'm looking for even tho it requires clock input for the receiver. It have no range limit and it dosen't care about the direction and it's the sign that makes a block a transmitter or reciver, not the block :) You just pair them together via sign. if you can change it to do those things, i'm all in for this plugin. (you can keep it to be a specific block+sign, that i wouldn't care about)
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    I could do that, but no guarantee.
    Yeah, I will remove my debug messages.
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    Loose Nut

    hay narrowtux, how about the option to make the receiving block (output)
    - or + depending on how you set the toggle on the receiving block ?

    and i love the fact that no signs are needed for this plugin.
    i have seen to many signs pop off blocks when loading, unloading
    from memory
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    This is awesome! It goes amazingly with your Magnet mod!
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    I wanted it to be very intuitive. Place redstone to the receiver, place redstone to the sender. But I can't simulate a Redstone output block with bukkit, so the thing with the lever is a workaround.
    Yeah, it was designed to have something to have the please put the elevator down signals to travel with. :D
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    so what is this meant to do exactly?
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    is this plugin dead?? the link no longer works :(
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    sorry I removed the file to upload the new version but there has been an error with uploading. in 30 mins Ill upload the new version!
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    I's up now!
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    so, my minecart mania catcher block is diamond
    and with this i can easily create a button that remote sends a signal to the catcher to fire the cart?

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