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    PowerArmour - Supercharge your armour abilities!
    Version: 0.2.1
    Download: Jar File | Source Code
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    PowerArmour is a fully customizable plugin that lets you give superhero abilities to certain armour combinations. You can set up configurations that allows people wearing leather boots and holding a feather to take no fall damage, or people wearing all gold armour are completely fireproof!

    The plugin is completely configurable, and you can set any combination of headgear, chestplate, leggings, boots and held weapon give protection against only specific types of damage.

    To install, simply decompress the contents to your plugins directory. Then, copy powerarmour/config.sample.yml to powerarmour/config.yml and edit away!

    Here is a quick sample configuration that defines two special armour abilities:

        armourdamage: true
          body: IRON_CHESTPLATE
        armourdamage: false
          head: GOLD_HELMET
          body: GOLD_CHESTPLATE
          - DAMAGE_LAVA
          - DAMAGE_FIRE
    The following values can be used to specify what sort of protections each armour configuration can offer:
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.2
    • Added protection from entity targeting (0.2.1)
    • Complete configuration overhaul - now you can create your own completely flexible armour loadouts! (0.2)
    Version 0.1
    • Rebuild for MC 1.4 ( - no repo changes)
    • Compatibility patch (0.1.3)
    • Added damageable armour (0.1.2)
    • Moved to sample config file to reduce confusion (0.1.1)
    • Bufgix for blank item slots - now valid (0.1.1)
    • First release (0.1)
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    Could you please explain what each ability does exactly? I can guess, or I can test it out, but would be nice to know in advance. thanks.
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    Apologies, yes, edited the original post.
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    This looks promising! I'll try this out soon. Oh and you might wanna pay attention your OP.
    You put OtherBlocks...I'm guessing you copied and pasted for the format?
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    Thanks... it's late and I'm tired...
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    Do you have plans to include permissions support?

    My server has groups with special abilities which is why i ask. Otherwise it looks very nice.
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    I'm fresh.

    Mind giving a detailed instruction on how to implement this into the server and editing the config file?
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    I shall, although I don't know what the prevailing mood on right-management plugins are. Is Permissions still the most popular?

    Just unpack the archive (.jar file and folder) into your plugins directory. That's all you need to do to install it.

    As for editing the config file, it has this kind of hierarchy (note that whitespace is important):

            head: SOMETHING
            body: ANOTHER_THING
            head: SOMETHING_ELSE
    The "ABILITY" strings you can use are those mentioned in the OP - FIREPROOF, WATERPROOF, BOMBPROOF, MONSTERPROOF, FEATHERWEIGHT and INVINCIBLE.

    Under each ability, you can specify a required item for the "head", "body", "legs", "feet" and "hand". They are all optional. The strings you can use to specify what items are required are specified here: http://cliqr.org/V
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    Permissions as far as i know is the most widely used plugin of its kind. Theres also group manager which is compatible with permissions.

    Permissions has a new developer, so its still being maintained and updated.
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    Armor powers work for me as an admin, it seems, but not for any players. Any idea why that is?
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    Thanks, and it works.

    As for editing, I'm not exactly sure with what you said from "whitelist" to "String/threads" and how to exactly open the .yml file.
    And for the link you gave me, I'm completely lost, but it gave me a small thought for coding basics of MC.
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    The config.yml is just a plain text file laid out in a specific way. You can open it in GEdit, Notepad, whatever. The indentation of the sections has to be the same as in my example: "powerblocks:" against the left hand side, each "ABILITY" four spaces in from the left, and each subcomponent ("head", "body" etc.) four spaces in further again.

    For each ability such as "ANOTHER_ABILITY:", replace it with the word (string) you want, e.g. "FIREPROOF:".

    As for the link, at the top of the file there are a whole bunch of words in capital letters which correspond to each type of block in Minecraft, each on a new line. This is just so you get the wording right for each tool / armour component, e.g. the gold shovel isn't called exactly that, but if you look through the start of that file you'll see something called "GOLD_SPADE". That's what you'd want to write, e.g. "hand: GOLD_SPADE"
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    I can't open it up with notepad. It maybe because of my OS.
    I'll try GEdit soon, so I can try editing the abilities.

    I appreciate your patience with me. :p
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    Great plugin. By default, diamond set is just overpowered though, especially in PvP. Going to change that. :p
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    If you're using Windows, right-click the file, Properties -> Opens With (Change) -> Choose notepad.
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    I did, after that, it became a null entry. I'll look into it if I can.

    Can I also hope for other abilities like arrow proof, and monster proof (which was not included). I have some strange item combination for them... :p
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    Why don't you just make a God Mode that works?
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    Monsterproof does exist, I just haven't put it in the example config for some reason. Protects against arrows, spiders, zombies etc., but NOT creepers.
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    A lot of your plugin ideas will be used in our RPG pluging developed. No fall damage, anti fire, etc.

    I'd like to talk more with you about these things :)
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    Sure, I'm scratching my head for expansion avenues at the moment...
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    I like the idea and it works great with more blocks but its a little unfair for my server, is there a way to make it cost something? like if you fall while having fall-proof on it takes away a feather, or if you get hurt from an explosion it takes away some gunpowder. I dont know if its possible in bukkit but if it is it would be a great feature to add on!
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    Nice idea.

    For waterproof, you must take the durability of the armor, but the amount taken can be set.
    Fireproof, The bucket (IF POSSIBLE) is set to a amount and for every fire damage taken, it decreases (As if you're using water to stop burning).

    What level of coding are you at?
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    Seriously though, the problem with this system is that "the bucket of water" is purely an example configuration - I didn't mean it to be concrete. However, I do like the idea of whatever's handheld being consumable - if it's something that can take damage (a tool) it gets damaged, otherwise it just disappears. This could work quite well for things like feathers, but buckets o' stuff don't have damages. I shall have a think... as for right now I'm a bit drunk so I shall deal with all this tomorrow night.
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    Yeah dude you need to get more steps on the installation process I extracted and then when it comes to setting the items doesn't work
    # For each ability, specify a required item
    # for head, body, legs, feet and hand.
    # Each component is optional.
    # For a list of available items, see http://cliqr.org/V
            head: CHAINMAIL_HELMET
            body: CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE
            legs: CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS
            feet: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS
            body: CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE
            legs: CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS
            feet: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS
            hand: LAVA
            head: CHAINMAIL_HELMET
            body: CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE
            legs: CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS
            feet: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS
            feet: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS
            hand: LAVA
            head: CHAINMAIL_HELMET
            body: CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE
            legs: CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS
            feet: CHAINMAIL_BOOTS
            hand: LAVA
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    Please do not just say "it doesn't work", I can't help you with that. Does the plugin not load? Are there server log error messages? What are you hoping for it to do? What does it actually do? Those sort of things.

    As for the installation process, I can't add more steps as there aren't any. Unless you mean configuration, in which case see this post.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 7:49 PM ---
    Updated to 0.1.1 which should fix a few bugs, as well as supplying a sample config instead of a ready-to-run config to reduce confusion.
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    How about fireman? The ground turns on fire two seconds after stepped.
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    I haven't tried this out, but it looks excellent. One quick question - While the player is invincible to all or certain types of damage is the armor still damaged? If not, could that be included as an option for balance?

    Also an option to have armor being worn in these specific configurations to just degrade over time with a settable tick of degradation would be nice.

    And finally may I suggest a HEALING effect?
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    Currently no damage, but not for long - toggleable option in next update.
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    Awesome. How 'bout an option for

    head: NOTHING
    ... etc.

    So say, for FEATHERWEIGHT I can force players to be wearing nothing and have nothing in hand.

    Oh, nm. I see it can be set to AIR. Double awesome!
    Also, SNOW_BALL might be an interesting consumable for inflammability.

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