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    PistonPlugin - Pistons powered by redstone
    Version: v1.3

    I saw this plugin as a client sided mod on the minecraft forums, and I really liked it.
    So I decided to make a server sided one!

    Here is a video of me testing it!

    • Push blocks away from the controlblock using redstone!
    • Diamond pushes a maximum of 25 blocks
    • Iron pushes a maximum of 15 blocks
    • Gold pushes a maximum of 10 blocks
    • Config file to change the blocks
    • Obisidian now blocks the push(Bedrock will too, and inventory based objects such as furnaces and chests)


    Version 1.3
    • Added config file
    • Fixed the amount it can push to +1, because it was 9, 14, 24, heheh :D
    • Fixed a weird glitch
    • Disabled redstone from being pushed, because it could messup alot
    • Default blocks are still Gold, Iron, Diamond
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed the whole obsidian thing, heheh :D
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed the thing where it doesn't set the data(Such as wool color)
    • Added bedrock and obsidian to not move, and chest and furnaces, so they won't loose their content etc.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release!
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    What about cuboids?
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    Are you planning to release source or make obsidian pushing configurable? I wanna make it possible to push obby so that I can use this to make a moveable "hatch" for my movecraft vehicles.
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    Add the launch feature. Please
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    If a lever is placed right next to an iron block (this takes a lot of trial and error), it can be flipped over and over for infinite iron blocks.
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    Steve Cole

    what do you mean?
    like making a wall of pistons?
    i tried it but the closes you can get is a checker board pattern unless you only want like a 2 block wide wall.
    was going to make a trap where both walls close in and smash the target but it didn't work well. might be able to do it if the hallway is only 2x2.
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    I tested piston to push a chest out of a cuboid protection, it works :s
    I have a rp server and I can't install this plugin as long as payers can steal or grief protected zones by moving blocks with this :(

    (sorry for my english)
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    Is there any way to make this more powerful? If not there needs to be...
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    You should add the config file to it's own directory in the zip file and make it auto-generate if it isn't found (like every other plugin).
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    CraftBukkitUpToDate doesn't seem to like the link you've provided - are you sure it's up to date?
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    As long as the older build works with the newer CraftBukkit, I'm not updating.
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    @BasBloem I don't understand; I'm not questioning whether or not the JAR is up-to-date, but rather the LINK to the JAR in CraftBukkitUpToDate.
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    Came to ask this. I tried to build a redstone-controlled toilet but it didn't work :(
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    t's a joke?

    there any explanation on installing the plugin or anything else

    Personally, I put the plug in my server plugin (PP.jar and document PP)

    and impossible to run ... I put a block, nothing that happens ...

    thank you for helping me
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    Can you please have version numbers displayed when your plugin loads?
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    Can you push blocks Upward, like making a vertical elevator? (I didn't read all the posts)
    P.S. Thunderdonkey like to teabag everything as i can see.... xD
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    so how the hell do you make the piston on a server then?
  19. OFT: Valt me op dat toch veel modders nederlands zijn :p
    A lot of modders seem to be dutch :p
    ONT: Nice plugin, i could really use this, lets get building ourselves some Tombs!
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    So, is it just a normal block of metal or diamond, or is there a special recipe? How do you set its pushing direction?
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    cb 670 - inactive

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