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    PistonPlugin - Pistons powered by redstone
    Version: v1.3

    I saw this plugin as a client sided mod on the minecraft forums, and I really liked it.
    So I decided to make a server sided one!

    Here is a video of me testing it!

    • Push blocks away from the controlblock using redstone!
    • Diamond pushes a maximum of 25 blocks
    • Iron pushes a maximum of 15 blocks
    • Gold pushes a maximum of 10 blocks
    • Config file to change the blocks
    • Obisidian now blocks the push(Bedrock will too, and inventory based objects such as furnaces and chests)


    Version 1.3
    • Added config file
    • Fixed the amount it can push to +1, because it was 9, 14, 24, heheh :D
    • Fixed a weird glitch
    • Disabled redstone from being pushed, because it could messup alot
    • Default blocks are still Gold, Iron, Diamond
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed the whole obsidian thing, heheh :D
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed the thing where it doesn't set the data(Such as wool color)
    • Added bedrock and obsidian to not move, and chest and furnaces, so they won't loose their content etc.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release!
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    I know, but I just missed this in SMP. So I decided to add it to SMP.
    And it won't be in 1.5 I've read. So I decided to do it anyways :)

    Btw, update to 1.1 for some block blockers :eek:
    Such as bedrock etc. and I forgot to set data too, which is now added too :)
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    Ah, it looks to work slightly differently also.
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    What do you mean? :p
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    The PistonMod only has iron form, and it appears to work unlimited amount of times.
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    Well the amount of times used doesn't matter, but a gold block has less 'power' to push than diamond, so it's limit is lower :)
    It can still push after 1237 times, but when the amount of blocks it needs to push is higher than the limit, then it won't push :)
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    Ahh, I mistook that for amount of times used, not how far can push.
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    Would it be possible to mimic the sliding bookshelf feature with this mod? It appears as though these pistons only slide the block once in the direction of the button, which wouldn't accomplish being able to have a secret bookshelf room in a house. This is what I'm talking about:

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    Isn't that done with two sets of Pistons? one for one side and another for the other? ie something that could be done with this as is.
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    It is done with two sets of pistons, but is it possible to wire up four blocks so that they move in unison like that? Otherwise pushing a 1x1 block aside won't allow you to do a passage.
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    They do it with 2 sets yes, but mine won't be able to do that, because it takes the direction the redstone comes from, and 2 redstone pieces above eachother is impossible, unless..*Let me test something*

    Works, scroll down :D

    I think I did something wrong in the update too, I will check that out...too...xD

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    Ahh, please forgive me, seem to be on a bad streak today.
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    I think if you put it this way:
    T = Redstone torch
    R = Redstone
    IR = Piston block
    Ai = Air
    Bu = Button
    D = Dirt
    Let me get through it:
    The button will be pressed and trigger the torch on the other side of the dirt block, the redstone torch will power the redstone under him, AND the iron block, and the redstone under the torch will power the iron block.
    This way, you CAN have them above eachother :D

    Yes, it works, just pushed 2 blocks as an example:
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    can u make a propeties file so i can turn off certian blocks or make only certian blocks due to in conflicting with minecart mania:)
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    Hmm, I will look into that tomorrow, setting the max blocks and the block ID's ;)
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    Oh wow, amazing. I'm glad to know you got it to work. Do you think you could publish a small video showing the results? It's not that I don't believe you, it's just that I'm really inept at wiring redstone. I'd love to use this to create some interesting rooms in my houses. >:3
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    Also, one of the things missing from the SP mod is the ability to push things upward
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    what's the id's for them
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    not to be really rude but, i would love more pictures about that more than 1 piston on top of each other setup.
    it's because i'm really stupid when it comes to Red stone wiring :$
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    i might be able to help with that when i get a chance to finally get on my own computer:) ... but really the redstone is simple to move bookshelves... place 2 blocks then space then the pusher block then the bookshelf..


    d=dirt (or whatever, a= Air, p=Pusher block, b=Bookshelf, and g = ground

    no with that you will be needing 1 redstone dust,1 button, and 1 redstone torch


    Now looking at above is same as i just posted as above... with a added layer on first part to allow for button and the redstone placement added:

    | = Button on the side of the dirt block , _ = redstone dust on the ground linking the button block to the pushers, <T = a torch on the Dirt block on the block above the button block.

    No really that should help a lil i know some might not understand it and some might... but well that is what i seen on the above pic he put up:)
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    It will be awesome to be able to change (by editing a config file ?) wich type of block is used as piston.
    Or at least to disable one kind of piston.
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    how the heck do you craft this? I tried the same recipe as the SP mod but it didn't work.. :(
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    It's not using a recipe because it's a server sided mod. Check the video out for a better explanation :)
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    Pushing stuff up would be epic
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    How do you set the direction?
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    First, thanks for the awesome plugin - just added it to my server and we're all getting a lot of use out of it.

    Def. would love to see the ability to push up and down. Maybe up if a powered redstone wire is below (or a red torch), down if a powered redstone wire is above? Would make my week, let alone my day.

    EDIT: While I'm going on with listing feature requests, would love it if you could talk to the CraftBukkitUpToDate guy and get him to add your plugin to his database. Thanks!
  30. Oh my god I love you (No homo)!
    But, on a serious note: AMAZING PLUGIN! My server would now be tortured without it! (So please update when updates are out, lawl!)
    Me server love you long time! XD

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