[INACTIVE][MECH] OneBlock v0.2 - A simple Redstone Block-Setter/Replacer [860]

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    OneBlock - A simple Redstone Block-Setter/Replacer
    Version: v0.2

    • Set hight of the Block
    • Block when Redstone OFF
    • Block when Redstone ON
    • Uses Permissions or OP
    Download: OneBlock

    Creating a OneBlock-Sign:

    Place a Sign with these four lines:
    • 1. Line: [OneBlock]
    • 2. Line: position of the bottom Block (plus+, minus- and zero 0)(+Range)
      • Can someone give me a better discription for this please xD
      • <position>[;<set all blocks up this to position>]
    • 3. Line: Material-ID of the Block when Redstone is ON
      • <BlockID>[:<Demage>]
    • 4. Line: Material-ID of the Block when Redstone is OFF
      • <BlockID>[:<Demage>]
    Example Sign (open)


    to create a OneBlock-Sign you need:
    • oneblock.create
    Creating a OneBlock-Sign Viedeo:

    If there are questions or errors please post them so I can fix them:p


    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.2
    aadded block set range​
    added block demage​
    this time hopefully fixed permissions xD​
    rewrote most Code​
    Version 0.1.3
    fixed inverted permissions >.<​
    Version 0.1.2
    Added Op-only permissions but this time really :p
    Version 0.1.1
    Added Op-only permissions​
    Version 0.1
    Initial release​

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    gunna try and make a cannon out of this looks cool good plugin

    Ive made a auto reloading cannon out of this great plugin and am posting on youtube juts message me for link

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    I would love something like this, but where you could specify a specific block's location, and preferably with a tool to copy coordinates, like QuantumCircuits. I spent 4 hours using your tool to make the word "RAVE!" on a floor, which would've been much easier if I could just specify a block's location. Could you release the source?
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    My server uses groupmanager, and I set the permissions but even as server OP keep getting "You don't have permission to ..." when I try and create a sign. The node oneblock.create is set for the group, and I made other people who are not Server OPs members of that group and they were still not able to create signs.

    Any idea on what's causing this? Is this a failure on our side or yours?


    EDIT: I reset my server ops.txt file and it seems to work for me as Server OP, but still doesn't work for people in the permissions group that has oneblock.create. Once again, we use GroupManager.
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    Thx for your plugin :)

    It's cool if we can add the data value to a id block
    like this :

    for colored wool and more
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    Really a nice mod.

    But I think it would be "nicer" if there would be the possibility to define not only the block above and under a block, but those in front and behind too. For example like [OneBlockV] for vertical changes and [OneBlockH] for horizontal changes.
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    This would be useful, or how about line 2 using a syntax like, " H# : V# " Where H# is the horizontal distance from the sign, and V# is the current Vertical distance. The problem I could see though is since we are working in 3D space, we may need Depth too, for the Z-Axis and then just always change the co-ordinates based on the system already in the game, rather then X-Axis or Z-Axis depending on which side of the block the sign is on.

    I realize that this would probably be a lot of work, but I think it would be really awesome to see this plug in eventually get there.
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    bump :3
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    Cognito guy

    Can you add the ability to spawn mobs with this?
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    Is it just me, or is the spawning inverted? ie: Line 3 = Off, Line 4 = On

    Also, Powering a block a sign is on doesn't seem to work anymore
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    could be :p

    a block a sign :confused: ???
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    Lol, oops. "Powering a Block with a Sign. I forgot a word. I found it was only working when the Redstone was "powering the sign"
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    I don't understand what you mean >.<
    It only work when you power the sign directly.
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    Okay, then what I experienced must have been a bug, but it was an awesome bug :(

    Show Spoiler


    This use to work.
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    loool xD This was NOT planned xD
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    Okay, another possible bug has been reported to me. And after a few minutes of testing I think OneBlock is causing it.

    Players in the Builder group on my server have told me that one they place a sign they are told they don't have permission to do that by permissions, yet they can still write on the sign and place it.

    However, people of the BuilderPlus group, who have access to creating OneBlocks don't get this error. And the only difference between Builders and BuilderPlus is the ability to create OneBlocks, and Access to SuperPickaxe.

    I do also use CommandSigns as a Sign Plugin, but Builders are able to make those, and since simply changing groups gets rid of the "nag" it leads me to believe its being produced by OneBlock trying to detects a OneBlock when the sign is first placed rather then made. (if that makes sense)
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    Cognito guy

    Can you add the ability to spawn mobs with this?
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    hm... I don't think so atm because: 1st this is a BLOCK set plugin and 2nd I don't have the time
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    Can you exploit this by getting a diamondblock for the oneblock block and get a ton of diamonds with this?
  20. can't get it to work, is there a hight limit?
    (i have 113)

    EDIT: Now using a block over not under. (-6 not +113) works perfect
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    the actual height of the sign + the value on the sign shall not exceed a value higher than 129
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    OneBlock won't work properly while more than one block are connected to the same redstone line.
    The first block connected disappear. Others blocks not.

    So try this. PowerUp 4 OneBlocks with the same redstone circuit.

    On > Off. And 3 Blocks won't return to "Off" state.

    Sorry for bad english.

    Here the video bug report.

    The code written on OneBlocks is the same, for all blocks.

    -5 (the level of the blocks)
    0 (cause in OFF state must be AIR)
    1 (cause in ON state must be STONE)
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    could you add support for redstone repeaters. as in you can have a redstone repeater power a sign to trigger the oneblock. That would be awesome!
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    After getting tired of OneBlock bugs, I decided to make own updated version. It's 100% compatible with OneBlock signs format, and it support triggering with redstone power and (optionally) player right-clicking on the sign. I tried with using a repeater next to it and it worked, but it seems to invert the signal so I'll have a look at it later.

    For those of you who run servers with Spout and custom blocks, I have also made a plugin working with custom block id's.

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