[INACTIVE][MECH] NoFarm v0.1.1 - Prevents mob farms. Only mobs killed by players drop items. [860]

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    NoFarm - only mobs killed by player drop items
    Version: v0.1.1

    Just put in plugins directory away you go.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 860.

    • Prevents players from building mob farms by only allowing items to drop from those killed by players themselves.


    Version 0.1.1
    • Updated to CB 740
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release
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    Does that do the same thing so players can still get item drops?
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    @Kainzo Only from PvE, not from grinders, such as cacti, drowning, lava, etc.
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    Very nice - I'll have to check that out then.
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    @Kainzo @Leospaceman

    For those still using this. I recompiled it against 740. Seems to work on my test server fine now. Redownload it and you hopefully will be good to go. Lemme know if you still have problems with it.
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    I use it because people make mob farms and then sell the items which is way too easy.
  8. Request: Multi-world support, separate config per world.
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    I spawned 20 skeletons and 20 creepers. Needless to say, there were still records, bones, arrows, and gunpowder littering my floor after I tested this plugin. CB 803
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    @Kalais How did they die?
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    From killing each other.
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    @Kalais Ah yeh. The damage done to entities by players is the same type as they do to each other. It never really happened frequently enough, naturally, to worry about.
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    Well, I have users making creeper/skeleton farms which produce records and records are fairly expensive in our economy. So, nothing can be done about it?
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    @Kalais Oh there is almost always something than can be done. I'll add some checks to make sure it is def a player that kills it.
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    Bump for a great plugin

    Keep up the good work.

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    Tested in 818 (not extensively). Still working decently.
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    Please update your plugin version report to correspond from in game correctly to the version reported in the forum.

    Forum: v0.1.1
    /Version command: v0.1
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    Works fine on 860.
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    And whats with cacti farms?

    I think cacti farms are eating very much server performance
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    And yet, no link to the source. :p

    (I don't actually need it, works fine the way it is, just happened to notice.)
  21. Question: Do mobs killed by player owned wolves drop loot? If not, can that be made a configurable option?

    Is it possible we could get a config file for this that:

    1. Configure whether or not mobs being killed by other mobs is acceptable.
    2. Set mob by mob which can be killed by non-player means, and which can't.
    3. Set which forms of non-player death are ok (Lava, Fire, Drowning, Falling, Sunlight)
    4. Configure death by Wolf being ok/not ok. (For both tame and wild)

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    Please update to build 1000! This plugin is so useful and I would hate for it to go to waste.
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    anyone know of an alternative? does it work on #1000?

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    It technically should still work, @Ratchet
    If you want I can recompile, again for #1000.
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    would be nice, you planning on making your own topic for it or keeping it unofficial?
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    Keeping it unofficial, but again, I make no changes to the code as it doesn't need to be changed...
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    apparently shooting mobs with a bow yields no drops, is that something you could change/fix ?
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    I'll take a look at it.
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    any luck? ^^

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