[INACTIVE][MECH] NoDrop v0.2.3 - Control User Drops on Death [602-617]

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    Alex Nolan

    NoDrop 0.2.3

    Download 0.2.3 [602-617] (4/2/11) | Static jar
    Older: 0.2.2 [527-556] (3/22/11), 0.2.1 [526-531] (3/16/11), 0.2.0 [526-531] (3/15/11), 0.1.0 [554] (3/14/11)

    Souce Code (Will be up shortly)

    This plugin came about from a request to keep OPs from dropping items on death to keep from ruining economies, etc, so I decided to take up the challenge. So far it is just very basic: If you are and OP two things will happen - one, you will not drop any items for others to pick up, and two, you will get your items back after you respawn. Plans for the near future include permissions along with a settings file to control both aspects.​

    1. Don't drop items on death for others to pick up
    2. Keep items after death
    3. Very customizable
    4. More coming soon.... (Please suggest some too)

    None planned?
    Settings (If you don't like permissions)
    #options are 'all', 'ops', or 'not ops', select who you want the plugin to effect
    useFor: 'all'
    #use either drop or nodrop (only one), nodrop selects what you don't want dropping, drop selects what you do want dropping
    #custom words: 'helmet', 'boots', 'chestplate', 'leggings', 'equipped armor', 'held item', 'all'
        - 41
        - 266
        - 'helmet'
    #what items should be kept on death
        - 'held item'
        - 'equipped armor'
    None so far :D

    • 0.2.3
      • Updated for [602-617]
    • 0.2.2
      • Fixed old inventory bug
    • 0.2.1
      • Fixed settings, 'all' now works
    • 0.2
      • Fixed a major bug that would crash the client
      • Implemented settings :)
    • 0.1
      • Initial Build
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    Alex Nolan

    Thank you :). I'll be glad to explain anything about how my plugin works, what is important, answer any questions, etc. :D I look forward to working with you in the future after my life settles back down.
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    considered inactive
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    Player lives could be considered an alternative to this for the time being while its down. Hope your mom gets better I went through something very similar not too long ago.
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    I've written a replacement for this, it will soon have configurable drops per Permissions group:

    This suffers from the dupe bug unfortunately.

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    Nodrop BUG ver0.2.3
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    I dont suppose you could revive this for 818? This is a great plugin.
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    I'd love a new version for 818, or 860 now actually
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    Im currently trying to install this to my servercaft server ive followed tutorials exactly but for some reaosn i still drop items the config file says


    - 'drop'

    - 'all'

    any help would be great as i cant find any tutorials that are in english that deal with the plugin or is there an easyier to use one

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, is it possible to cause this plugin to re-spawn you with all items except for one or more random items?

    For example, Jimmy kills Billy who just had a full set of armor and a sword, and he respawns with 2 pieces of his armor and a sword. The 2 items not with him upon respawn were simple removed from the game.

    Thanks, great plugin. c:

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