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    NextStation - Version 0.2.2

    This plugin provide you the ability to make a stations announcement system for your subway network. It give you the faculty to announce the next station of your subway network, but also announce a station that you are currently entering.

    How it work:
    The magic of this system, is that you can choose to whether or not exit at the next station. If you decide to, your minecart will be deviated to exit at the station, and the station name will be announced. If you didn't decide to, you will simply continue on your way without receiving any message.

    How to install:
    The only thing you need to do is download the zip containing the jar and unzip it in the plugins directory. But, you will also need to install the Minecart Mania Core plugin.

    How to configure:
    If you want to configure this plugin, edit the nextstation.properties inside the directory NextStation, which is inside the plugins directory. If you want to edit the trigger_block value, use the enum name (from the class Material of Bukkit) or the item ID for this property value. Any undefined property in the configuration file will use its default value. Notice that in the auto-generate properties file, three values are commented because using it will remove the fancy colourizing.

    How to use:
    The operation of this plugin is based on two things, the triggering block and the sign code. You will need to respect these two rules to make your announcement system work correctly. By default, the triggering block is a Log block. You need to place this block under the track to correctly trigger the announcement. After this, you need to set one of these seven signs next to the triggering block:

    This sign will simply display the reset of the text find on the sign. Usefull to display information on the player screen. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    This sign will announce the next station to the player that passing next to it. It will also ask to the player if he want to exit at the next station. The player reply by typing /nextstation (or /exit, /e, /quit, /q) in the chat. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as NextSation, except the the sign will announce the next intersection. No modification are made to the track.

    Same as the NextSation or NextIntersect signs, except that the player will exit at this station. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    If a player ask to exit, this sign will firstly curve the track to the left (if possible) or to the right (also if possible), so the player will exit at the station. Secondly, the station is announced. Notice that if there's no track to the left and to the right of the player, the plugin will ignore this station and will made no modification to the track. If the player didn't ask to exit, it will simply continue is way. If the track was previously curved, the track is reset to the straight position. No question is asked.

    Same as Station sign, except the sign will announce a intersection. The track modification work identically. No question is asked.

    This sign work same as both NextSation and NextTerminal, except it announce a Terminal. No question is asked and no modification are made to the track.

    Example of a next station announcement
    Example of a player that accept to exit at the next station
    Example of a player exiting at a station
    Example of a NextStation sign
    Example of a Station sign

    About the sign content:
    The first line need to be exactly the same as the selected sign code. Notice also, at the second line, the space at the end of the line. In other word, the text of the other three lines will be take and put together to form the station name. The rule to respect is: Always add the proper space at the end of each line if needed. There is an example of a sign content (where "_" is a space):
    About the Station sign:
    The station sign is very picky. For the moment, it will only work in one way. What I want to say, if we take a look again to this example, is in this picture, the cart is coming from the left. If the player have choose to exit, he will be redirect to the bottom track. If he choose to not exit, he will be redirect to the right track. The rule to respect is: The player will always exit at his left or at his right. If there's no track at his left, the plugin will check at his right. If there's also no track at his right, the player won't exit.

    About the /nextstation (/exit) command:
    This command save your name to know when you will arrive to a station or a intersection if it exit you or not. Now you can add the station/intersection name (or a partial station/intersection name) as an argument of this command. You will exited only is the string that you send match the current station/intersection. This command can only be used when you are in a minecart. If you leave the minecart, the command will erase your name from its data, if you have used the command and you didn't exited before leaving the minecart.

    * Todo, etc. on my redmine
    * Add a configuration file
    * Add a debug mode
    * Complete the Javadoc
    * Implement all event hooks
    * Add a tutorial video (if somebody want to make it, tell me)
    * Never make other stupid mistake, ever.

    Default configuration file:
    # Triggering block
    # Flag definitions
    # Text definitions
    # Colors flag:
    #  [WHITE]
    #  [BLACK]
    #  [DARK_BLUE]
    #  [DARK_GREEN]
    #  [DARK_AQUA]
    #  [DARK_PURPLE]
    #  [GOLD]
    #  [GRAY]
    #  [DARK_GRAY]
    #  [BLUE]
    #  [GREEN]
    #  [AQUA]
    #  [RED]
    #  [YELLOW]
    not_in_minecart_text=[RED]You are not in a minecart. You cannot use this command.
    you_will_exit_next_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at the next station/intersection.
    you_will_exit_this_text=[GRAY]You will exit/switch at this station/intersection.
    next_station_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_station_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to exit at the next station.
    next_terminal_text=[YELLOW]Next station: [AQUA]
    next_terminal_msg_text=[GRAY]This is a terminal station. You will exit there.
    next_intersection_text=[YELLOW]Next intersection: [AQUA]
    next_intersection_msg_text=[GRAY]Use the [WHITE]/exit[GRAY] command to switch line at the next intersection.
    terminal_text=[YELLOW]Terminal station: [AQUA]
    station_text=[YELLOW]Station: [AQUA]
    intersection_text=[YELLOW]Intersection: [AQUA]
    See changelog (open)
    NextStation - Version 0.2.2
        * Build with Bukkit #716
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #860
        Minor features changes
        * Add colors flag to configuration file
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix the startup error caused by bad implementation of the plugin requirement script
    NextStation - Version 0.2.1
        * Build with Bukkit #681
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #766
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix code for the new MinecartManiaCore version
    NextStation - Version 0.2
        * Build with Bukkit #652
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #670
        Major features changes
        * Added the configuration file
        * Block, flag, text and message can be edited in the configuration file
        * Added Annouce, NextIntersection and Intersection flags
        * The player can now specify the station/intersection that he want to exit
        Minor features changes
        * /NextStation became the main command, /exit is now an alias
        * Added the aliases /quit and /q. The aliases are now /exit, /e, /quit and /q
        * You cannot anymore used the /exit command if you are not in a minecart
        * The /exit command is reset when leving a minecart
    NextStation - Version 0.1.1
        * Build with Bukkit #432
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #493
        Bug fixes/development issues
        * Fix stupid error about mix getDisplayName/getName
    NextStation - Version 0.1
        * First release
        * Build with Bukkit #417
        * Tested with CraftBukkit #455
        Major features changes
        * Added /exit command
        * Exit at a station if you asked for it
        * Next station and next terminal announcements
        * Station and terminal announcements at your arrival

    Download NextStation Version 0.2.2 (zip)
    Download NextStation sources version 0.2.2
    Other downloads (Older versions, release date, file sizes and md5 checksum)
    Thanks to you for supporting my plugin ! ;P
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    Josh Schaffer

    Thanks but when I tried this I got the error message
    [SEVERE] Could not load plugins/NextStation.jar in plugins: null
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.loadPlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:56)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:129)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(SimplePluginManager.java:94)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:59)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:204)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:191)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:131)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:246)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Jar does not contain plugin.yml
    ... 9 more

    Any idea of how to fix it?
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    Would it be possible to add one more sign code?

    Sometimes I want to just announce something, so the code would simply be 'Announce'

    An example would be:
    Now leaving
    Grand Central
    Where all the player would see is "Now leaving Grand Central Station".

    This would basically just be a catch all that doesn't do anything other than announce the given text.
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    Definitely, yes.
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    Please support the auto-updating plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate. To do so please provide a permanent direct link to the author of CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    The below is information they provide
    Show Spoiler

    My Plugin didn't supported, how i get it to work with CButD?
    Give me a permanent link to your Plugin, i will add it. That's all no changes at your SourceCode or something else, all I need is a permanent link to the newest version of your Plugin. A good place for this is http://www.dropbox.com/ or for OpenSource https://github.com/.

    I really enjoy using your plugin and would like to see it work well with the above listed 'updater' plugin.
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    I will support this when the next version will be released.

    @Josh Schaffer: I found your problem. Mac OS also extract the content of the jar. That's why you getting everything but the jar. To resolve easely this problem, just extract the jar with the terminal. Like:
    $ unzip NextStation-0.1.1.zip
       Archive:  NextStation-0.1.1.zip
         inflating: NextStation.jar
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    is there a way to get the plugin to reload the settings file, would like to make changes to it without server restart if possible.
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    From the plugin, no. But I think there is already a existing plugin made to reload plugin.
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    Please add Intersection /NextIntersection signs :) Same functionality as Station/NextStation, but with a different text so we can easily build crossing lines =)
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    Ok, but with or without modification made to the track ?
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    with track modification :)

    its for something like "You are now intersecting at Southern Crossroads, type /switch /intersect /whatever etc. to switch tracks" So ppl can build up intersection that dont feel like crossing lots of stations ;P

    Maybe even with something like /intersect left and /intersect right to be able to choose directions for advanced trainline intersections =)
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    Ok, interesting. Can you send me a printscreen of how do you see the intersection, with the intersection sign ? Because, you are telling that this will be a crossroad, so how the plugin will know on which direction send the cart ? Or, are you thinking that will work the same as the Station sign, and will redirect the cart on a "ramp" that will lead the the next line ?
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    Does this mod work on CB versions 510+? Im using 531 but seems like it doesn't work at all.
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    Josh Schaffer

    Nothing I try seems to work. Is there anyway you can upload the .jar, not a zip. I really want to get this to work.
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    since this doesnt seem to work to good. is there any plugin close to this?
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    Acknowledge. I will check in the week-end and submit a new version.

    Is not working good because of the new version of CraftBukkit, or because you can get it work ?

    I will check about a jar download. But you cannot extract it with the unzip command in your terminal ? Because, I have asked to a friend who is a mac user, and he confirmed the bug. But, the unzip terminal solution has worked.
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    Josh Schaffer

    For some reason unzipping in the terminal never worked so instead I downloaded an unzip program. Finally got it working. This is a great plugin.
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    I didn't mean to offend your work. I didnt even try it. I just assumed because of the other commentarys. I just thought you stopped developing this.
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    Do you think about, make the announce speaked with Loquendo or other program. May be nice.
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    Great job ! ;)

    No I don't. I'm just very busy. I will take time this week-end and check each of my plugin to see if they still up2date or not, and release the proper patch.

    Yes it would be nice. But CraftBukkit don't give us the possibility to add sound to the game.
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    What about that.

    Text to Speech using Java Script on Windows XP

    Hi ,
    I have installed WINDOWS Xp on my machine. SAPI (Microsoft Speech API) is in built in WINDOWS Xp. I am trying to implement Text - To - Speech using a java script. But i couldnt succeed.

    Following is the code snippet i am running.

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    var VoiceObj = new ActiveXObject("Sapi.SpVoice");
    var my_test = "my test for you today is an amazing example";
    function SpeakText() {
    VoiceObj.Speak( my_test, 1 );

    Above script is failing at the following line :
    var VoiceObj = new ActiveXObject("Sapi.SpVoice");

    Error Says : Automation server cannot create object.
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    Simple, usefull and perfect plug ! Thanks. ;)

    Only one thing, what i found ..

    [INFO] Not able to update NextStation.jar check if URL https://redmine.djdch.com/attachments/download/233/NextStation.zip correct. If not ask the Author to give me the new one
    .. this shows up when CraftBukkitUpToDate try to check & download updates.
    U should send to NoFear13 (author) a correct link. Little suggestion - link .jar file directly, no .zip/.rars :p

    TY again!
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    change your pic so people don't think this is music related :p.
    Codisimus likes this.
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    so are there any good videos on how to setup a station... like a good layout
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    there is a train station/boomgate style plugin which goes well with this, when i remember what its called i will post its name, i think it should be integrated into this.
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    I hav'nt gotten around to test this yet, but can the sign be positioned bellow the trigger block and still work?? (so the sign is hidden and I can keep a tight tunnel around my track) ...if not then this is my REQUESTED FEATURE.
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    Is this plugin still working with CB 602?
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    Zach Hinchy

    Right now when I load the plugin it says "Cannot find Minecart Mania Core plugin", but the MinecartManiaCore plugin is enabled and working. :|
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    ditto :(
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    I really wish this would get updated to 670, Its the best way to make subways...

    I fixed this issue myself and heres the jar, btw great plugin, very simple to use yet does everything i want

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